marketing chapter 16 final

Which of the following is true with regard to personal selling?
Personal selling entails personal presentations by a firms sals force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships
A(n) ________ is an individual who represents a company to customers by prospecting, communicating, selling, servicing, information gathering, and/or relationship building.
Which of the following is true about the sales force of a company?
Salespeople represent customers to the company and manage the buyer-seller relationship.
Which of the following would most likely improve coordination between marketing and sales?
Salespeople should participate in marketing planning sessions by sharing firsthand customer knowledge.
At Price & Wallace Inc., a pharmaceuticals company, members of the sales force and marketing department tend to have disagreements when things go wrong with a customer. The marketers blame the salespeople for poorly executing their strategies, while the salespeople blame the marketers for being out of touch with customers. Which of the following steps should the higher management at Price & Wallace take to help bring the sales and marketing functions closer together?
appoint a high-level marketing executive to oversee both marketing and sales
________ is defined as analyzing, planning, implementing, and controlling sales force activities.
sales force management
In the ________, each salesperson is assigned to an exclusive geographic area and sells the company’s full line of products or services to all customers in that region.
territorial sales force structure
Which of the following is true about the territorial sales force structure?
Travel expenses are relatively small as each salesperson travels within a limited geographic area.
If a company ________, it should adopt a product sales force structure, in which the sales force specializes along product lines.
has numerous and complex products
Which of the following is true about the product sales force structure?
In a product sales force structure, salespersons specialize in only a particular product line as the company produces numerous and complex products.
In the ________, separate sales forces are set up for different industries.
customer sales force structure
Which of the following is true about the customer sales force structure?
Separate sales forces are set up for different industries, serving current customers versus finding new ones, and serving major accounts versus regular accounts.
Which of the following helps companies in setting sales force size?
workload approach
Kevin is a salesperson working for a company manufacturing gardening tools. He is involved in door-to-door sales and travels everyday to call on customers. In his company, Kevin is most likely a part of the ________.
outside sales force
Robin works in a manufacturing company in Ohio. She sells products and handles customer requests via the company’s online live chat feature. In her company, Robin is most likely a part of the ________.
inside sales force
Kelly works as a sales representative at Ginner Machine Works. She uses the phone and the Internet to identify prospects and make sales. Kelly calls customers and explains the products offered by Ginner and the advantages of using them. If requested, she also mails the customer product information brochures. Which of the following is most likely Kelly involved in?
Amanda Perkins is a senior sales manager in Arlington Steelworks. As the customer base of her company has grown larger and more demanding over the last few years, Amanda insists on ________, or using groups of people from various departments such as, sales, technical support, engineering, and even upper management to service complex accounts.
team selling
Which of the following best explains why companies are adopting the team selling approach to service large, complex accounts?
Products have become too complicated for one salesperson to handle a large company’s needs.
All of the following are disadvantages of team selling EXCEPT ________.
team selling reduces the overall efficient of the selling process
All of the following are problems associated with the poor selection of salespeople EXCEPT ________.
fewer training expenses
Eric Brown is a human resource manager in a company selling and manufacturing personal computers. Who among the following is Eric most likely to hire as a salesperson if his objective is to minimize training costs post recruitment?
melissa, a proven salesperson rom a competing firm
hich of the following abilities would LEAST likely be measured when recruiting and testing applicants for a sales position?
accounting skills
The purpose of a training program for salespeople is to teach them about all of the following EXCEPT ________.
industry goals
Which of the following is a primary reason that companies use e-learning to conduct sales training programs?
E-learning cuts travel and training costs
All of the following are basic types of compensation plans for salespeople EXCEPT ________.
salary plus company shares
More and more companies are moving away from high-commission plans because ________.
salespeople tend to become pushy which affects customer relationships
Which of the following is most likely a true statement about sales compensation in economically tough circumstances?
Cutting sales force compensation is usually a last resort for firms that want to maintain positive customer relationships.
Which of the following sales management tools helps a salesperson know which customers to visit and which activities to carry out during a week?
call plan
(n) ________ shows how much time is spent selling, traveling, waiting, taking breaks, and doing administrative chores by the salesperson.
time-and-duty analysis tool
Which of the following is the best way for a company to increase selling time?
simplifying administrative duties
Which of the following involves computerized, digitized sales force operations that let salespeople work more effectively anytime, anywhere?
sales force automation system
Which of the following is an advantage of using a sales force automation system?
eliminates employee attrition
Which of the following is a potential drawback of using Web-based technologies for making sales presentations and servicing accounts?
web-based technologies can intimidate salespeople or clients who are unfamiliar with them
________ describes the feeling that salespeople have about their opportunities, value, and rewards for a good performance in a company.
organizational climate
________ refers to the standard that establishes the amount each salesperson should sell and how sales should be divided among the company’s products.
a sales quota
Which of the following refers to a positive incentive intended to increase the sales force effort?
sales contests
A(n) ________ is a written representation of a salesperson’s completed activities.
call report
Ultra Tech Inc., a company manufacturing gardening tools, has decided to switch to a territorial sales force structure. Which of the following benefits is the company most likely to gain as a result of this decision?
As each salesperson travels within a limited geographic area, travel expenses would decline.
Johnson Business Solutions maintains one sales force for its copy machines and a separate sales force for its computer systems. Johnson Business Solutions utilizes a(n) ________.
product sales force structure
Morrill Motors splits the United States of America into 10 sales regions. Within each of those regions, the company has separate sales personnel selling the company’s full line of products. Which sales force structure does Morrill Motors use?
Sigma Inc. has 2,000 Type-A accounts, each requiring 35 calls per year, and 1,000 Type-B accounts, each requiring 15 calls per year. What is the sales force’s workload?
85,000 calls
Stahl Inc. has 1,000 Type-A accounts, each requiring 30 calls per year, and 3,000 Type-B accounts, each requiring 10 calls per year. If each salesperson at Stahl Inc. can make 1,500 sales calls per year, how many salespeople would be needed to meet the total workload?
Which of the following is true with regard to the inside sales force of a company?
Inside salespeople provide support for the outside sales force, freeing them to spend more time selling to major accounts and finding new prospects.
A hybrid sales rep ________.
is a modern cross between a field sales rep and an inside rep
Hannah Adams is a senior sales manager in Elmo Corp., a rapidly-growing company manufacturing personal computers and printers. In order to handle sales effectively, Hannah insists on using the services of different groups of people from different departments within the company such as, the sales, marketing, technical support, and finance departments. In this instance, Hannah makes use of ________.
team selling
Mary Conti, a sales manager at National Computer Training, wants to evaluate the performance of her sales force in the New England territory. Which of the following would Mary most likely use?
expense reports
Travis Computing Systems earns most of its revenue from sales and in-person computer services. The sales force at Travis recently began telemarketing and Web selling. How would telemarketing and Web selling most likely benefit Travis?
Travis sales reps would be able to service hard-to-reach customers more effectively.
Cravenshaw Metalworks has witnessed a rise in the number of its industrial customers in recent years. The company uses different groups of people from the sales, marketing, technical support and finance departments for servicing large, complex accounts. In this instance, Cravenshaw Metalworks uses ________ in order to enhance the quality of its customers’ buying experience.
team selling
At the beginning of each year, the management of Dee Decor states the exact amount a salesperson should sell. This specific sales target is also known as a ________.
sales quota
Which of the following is the first step in the personal selling process?
prospecting and qualifying
In the ________ stage of the selling process, a company first identifies qualified potential customers.
Prospects can be qualified by looking at all of the following characteristics EXCEPT ________.
occupational mobility
During the prospecting stage, a salesperson needs to identify the good leads and screen out the poor ones through a process known as ________.
Before calling on a prospect, the salesperson should learn as much as possible about the organization and its buyers. This step is known as ________.
pre approach
In which of the following steps of the selling process is a salesperson most likely to meet the customer for the first time?
During the ________ step of the selling process, the salesperson tells the value story to the buyer, showing how the company’s product or service solves the customer’s problems.
________ refers to the sales step in which a salesperson asks the customer for an order.
Which of the following refers to a closing technique used by salespeople?
reviewing points of agreement
Which of the following is the last step in the selling process?
hich of the following steps in the selling process is most focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business?
Which of the following is true with regard to value selling?
value selling refers to delivering superior customer value and capturing a fair return on that value
A sales person of a manufacturing company has qualified a number of leads. Which of the following is most likely the next step in the selling process?
learning as much as possible about the qualified prospects
Melissa Price is a member of the sales force at Urban Fashions, a Houston-based manufacturer of women’s apparel. Melissa is preparing for a first meeting with a wholesaler who is a potential customer. She is learning as much as she can about her prospect and his organization. Melissa is in the ________ step of the personal selling process.
pre approach
Which of the following is true with regard to prospecting?
salespersons identify qualified potential customers
________ refers to a practice in which salespeople drop in unannounced on various offices.
cold calling
Jason has been recently hired as a salesperson by Matrix Inc., a company selling consumer durables. He is currently working on his first sales assignment. After identifying a good prospect, Jason is now learning everything about his prospect via online sources and common acquaintances. Which of the following stages of the selling process is Jason in?
pre approach
Richard, a saleperson, works for Wellington Steelworks. After researching a qualified lead, Richard is preparing opening lines for meeting the customer for the first time. Which step of the selling process is he about to enter?
Capitalizing on the customer’s complaints about the previous detergents she has used, Sheila, a salesperson, explains to the customer why her company’s detergent Swish is better and how it can be a one-stop solution for everyday washing. In which of the following steps of the selling process is Sheila in?
After successfully overcoming a potential customer’s objection to buying the vacuum cleaner he was selling, Terrence, a salesperson, asked the customer for an order. Terrence is in the ________ stage of the selling process.
Right after closing, Joshua, a senior sales manager at Halcyon Technologies called up the customer to ensure that she was satisfied with Halcyon’s products. By calling the customer, Joshua also wanted to ensure repeat business. In this instance, Joshua is in the ________ stage of the selling process.
________ consists of short-term incentives to encourage the purchase of a product or service.
sales promotion
Which of the following factors has most likely contributed to the rapid growth of sales promotion, particularly in consumer markets?
declining advertising efficiency
________ weakens a given promotion’s ability to trigger an immediate purchase
Which of the following is the most effective—but most expensive—way to introduce a new product or create new excitement for an existing one?
________ are offers of a trial amount of a product.
________ are like coupons except that the price reduction occurs after the purchase rather than at the retail outlet.
Which consumer promotion tool requires the consumer to send a proof of purchase to the manufacturer?
In ________, the producer marks the reduced prices directly on the label or package. These offer consumers savings off the regular price of a product and are very effective in stimulating short-term sales.
cents-off deals
________ are goods offered either free or at low cost as an incentive to buy a product, ranging from toys included with kids’ products to phone cards and DVDs.
________ are useful articles imprinted with an advertiser’s name, logo, or message that are given as gifts to consumers.
promotional products
________ include displays and demonstrations that take place at the point of sale.
pop promotions
A ________ calls for consumers to submit an entry to be judged by a panel that will select the best entries.
Creating a brand-marketing event or serving as a sole or participating sponsor of events created by others is known as ________.
event marketing
________ refer(s) to sales promotion tools used to persuade resellers to carry a brand, give it shelf space, promote it in advertising, and push it to consumers.
trade promotions
A manufacturer that offers cash or gifts to dealers for encouraging the purchase of its products is using ________.
push money
Which of the following is used to generate business leads, stimulate purchases, reward customers, and motivate salespeople?
business promotion
Trade shows most likely help companies to ________.
find new sales leads
Which of the following questions would help a marketer evaluate the return on a sales promotion investment?
did the promotion attract new customers or more purchasing from current customers?
Which of the following is an example of trade promotion?
manufacturers offering free merchandise to resellers who feature a certain flavor or size
Bose offers $50 cash back to customers who purchase a new speaker and send in a proof of purchase. This is an example of a ________.
Monty Boyd, an account manager, travels frequently on West Coast Airlines. Monty earns points for every mile he flies, and he will soon have enough points to receive a free airline ticket. West Coast Airlines is attempting to build a strong customer relationship with Monty through a ________.
frequency marekting program
Renee’s, a company selling winter clothing in Chicago, ran a preseason promotion on some of its fur jackets, offering cash refunds if the snowfall in the customer’s market area turned out to be below average. This exemplifies ________.
a rebate
A five-feet-high cardboard display of Terry the polar bear, mascot of Terry’s protein shake, next to the shelf containing Terry’s products in a supermarket is an example of a(n) ________.
point-of-purchase promotion
Kirk Wilkins renewed his cell phone contract with Zip Wireless Services and purchased a new cell phone through the Zip Web site. If Kirk mails Zip Wireless Services his transaction receipt, he would be eligible to receive $50 as cash refund. Which of the following types of sales promotion is evident here?
Happy Pet is a large pet food company that has convinced the retailers and the wholesalers of the New England area to resell its products. Happy Pet promises to reimburse the advertising costs to its retailers and wholesalers for advertising its products. This is an example of a ________.
trade promotion
Orion is planning to give away free mouse pads imprinted with the company logo and name to anyone who enters their store on the day they launch their new laser mouse. What kind of sales promotion is Orion planning?
advertising specialty
Waldo Stores will reward an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii to anyone who correctly guesses the date on which Waldo Stores was first established in the Boston area. Which type of sales promotion is evident here?
Blue Fizz Inc. sponsors every race that takes place at the Sears Racing Track in Orange County, California. The high-octane racing at Sears is perfect for Blue Fizz to sell its energy drinks and to establish the desired brand image of the company. Which type of promotion is evident here?
event marketing
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