Marketing 330: Exam 1 (Set 1)

The tune of Britannia “Ting tin t-rin” is a classic example of:
The Mikes Hard Lemonade commercial starts off with a doctor testing a patient with an ultra sound machine. Inside his stomach you see some kind of snake or monster. The doctor says he does not have long to live so they both go out and buy a Mikes Hard Lemonade. The slogan they use is “A Hard Day calls for a Mikes Hard Lemonade”. The ad here, that tries to associate a hard day with drinking Mikes Hard Lemonade is an example of:
classical conditioning
Which of the following statements about the psychoanalytic theory and motivation research is true?
It is used to determine the consumer’s purchase motivations.
At the age of 55, Ron feels lonely and wishes he had made more friends. Which of the following hierarchy of needs is been referred here?
social need
Shock advertising that involves shocking the customers through an ad is often done to create interest among the individuals to watch a television ad or to attract individuals to notice an ad. This is done to overcome which of the following filtering acts of a consumer?
selective attention
Cadbury has come up with a new strategy of advertising in which it has taken television slots of 40 seconds after every 15 minutes between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Star World for an entire month to play its ads. It is indulging in _____ as it wants to be in the consumer’s _____.
reminder advertising; evoked set
Gilbert was dissatisfied with his old phone because its battery had a very short life-span. He realized that he wanted a phone that had a good battery life. Gilbert is in the _____ stage of the consumer decision-making process.
problem recognition
The demand for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Louis Vuitton etc. is so strong among image conscious customers that their sales are generally unaffected by economic downturns. Which level of human need do these brands tend to satisfy?
Nike’s tagline ‘Just do it’ is suitable to those who put great stock in physical exercise as a way to self improvement. Which level of human need does it cater to?
self actualization
Most of the roll-on deodorant ads show that using them would help people avoid embarrassing situations and help them get closer to other people in a group. The advertisers make use of _____ theory to do so.
operant conditioning
Patrick purchases a Skoda, on the recommendation by his friend, and falls in love with the car. He likes the speed, the smoothness and the comfort. After a few days, he comes across an ad of the car and visits the website and reads the various reviews of individuals about its performance and other aspects. He feels contended and realizes that he made the right choice by picking the Skoda, even though it was a pinch in the pocket. Which response hierarchy model best explains this situation?
Attribution model
The zoo-zoos used in the Vodafone ads which help customers to identify and retain ads is an example of:
Visual image personality
Simon wanted to purchase a new fridge. While he was switching channels, he saw an interesting Whirlpool refrigerator ad and the next day, saw a detailed ad about the same refrigerator in a newspaper, which created an interest to purchase the product. He went to the Whirlpool showroom where the salesperson showed him the model and presented its benefits. Finally when the salesperson gave him a good deal, he purchased the refrigerator. Which model of response process has been described here?
AIDA model
Goatallgo, a new company, has come up with pasteurized goat milk for consumers who are allergic to cow milk, which is an extremely small group. These groups of consumers could be referred to as:
Market niches
Television advertising and publicity are _____ channels of communication.
Non personal
After watching a print ad of Hyundai Xing that claims that the car’s on road mileage is 30kms per litre of petrol, Mr. Roger states, “This is impossible. I don’t believe the car’s mileage could be that much.” This is an example of:
Mrs. Snider saw an ad for a microwave oven in the newspaper and then visited the given website to get all the details about the microwave. Which of the following stages of the response process is she in?
Cognitive stage
In the ad of Johnson’s baby power, a mother informs the audiences that the product helps keep the baby’s skin dry and soft. The mother is the _____ of the communication process.
After watching a commercial on the television, Severus took the phone to dial the toll free number in the commercial to book a kitchen appliance. This act would form which part of the communication process?
Intel recently approached many customers and individuals randomly to participate in making ads for Intel in which they were asked to sing the Intel jingle i.e. ‘Bong, Bong bong bong bong’ in their own styles. Those interested could also create their ads personally and post them on the Intel website, some of which were aired on television. Through this Intel was involved in:
Buzz marketing
The endorser of a car states the following in the ad -“I can tell you that there is a high likelihood that our product will cost more than others you may consider. The reason is we use the highest quality parts available to reduce the number of breakdowns and ensure a longer useful life for the product.” This is an example of:
Two-sided message
Jane was asked to survey 10,000 people in Chicago in order to find out how many of them liked the performance of Nikki Reed in the movie ‘The Twilight’, and found out that only 33% of the people knew who she was. Here, the 33% is indicative of the:
Familiarity Score
Drew Barrymore appears in the ad for Cover Girl mascara, in which she states, ‘Do your lashes want volume or length? How about both? Introducing Covergirl lash blast fusion, a mascara for lashes that want it all.” Here, Drew Barrymore would be an example of:
Direct Source
The strongest arguments in an advertising message when placed at the beginning or end of the message have greater impact on the audience than when they are placed in the middle of the message.
During a recent survey, Greg found out that most people remember the first ad that appears in a commercial break between the soaps that one watches. This could be explained by the:
Primacy effect
Alice knew that her boss was crazy about Angelina Jolie. Alice had also seen her boss having good relations with all her other colleagues who were fond of Angelina Jolie since they all had something common to discuss. In order to get into the good books of her boss, Alice gifted her boss a perfume endorsed by Angelina. She also watched lots of Angelina movies and picked up magazines which contained Angelina articles just to impress her boss and project an image that she too was crazy about Angelina. In this case, the influence process occurs through a process known as:
The ‘Brain on Drugs’ campaign came up with an ad in which a fried egg was shown to represent the damaging effects of drugs on teenagers’ brains.Which of the following was used in the ad in order to receive a favorable response?
Fear appeal
After watching an ad in which Leonardo DiCaprio endorses Suzuki Wagon R. Burt, who is a big fan of Leonardo and believed that he would endorse only reliable and good products, immediately purchased a Wagon R and also strongly believed that as DiCaprio said Wagon R was the World’s number 1 car and would always remain so. This is indicative of a process known as:
A person is more likely to remember what he ate in breakfast this morning than what he ate for breakfast a week ago. This could be explained by which of the following concepts of advertising?
Recency effect
Anne purchases almost all products that are endorsed by Jennifer Aniston. In fact, Anne has also adopted the way Jennifer dresses and the products she uses. However, recent bad publicity against Aniston led to the development of a negative feeling towards her and Anne stopped finding Aniston attractive and trustworthy. Hence, she stopped purchasing any of the products’ endorsed by her. This is indicative of which of the following persuasion processes?
Marketing mix
product, price, promotion, place
Integrated marketing communications focuses on what part of the marketing mix?
Different promotion methods
advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, interactive/internet marketing, pr/publicity
What is the IMC plan?
1. SWOT Analysis
2. Define Objectives
3. Target market
4. Implementation
5. Evaluate and measure
What is the first step in the IMC plan?
SWOT analysis
What is the second step in the IMC plan?
Define objectives
What is the third step in the IMC plan?
Target market
What is the fourth step in the IMC plan?
What is the last step in the IMC plan?
Evaluate and measure
What is marketing?
the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives
What is integrated marketing communications?
comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines and combines these disciplines to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communications impact
Strategic marketing plan
the planning framework for specific marketing activities
Market opportunities
where the company believes customer needs and opportunities are not being satisfied; identified by carefully examining the market place and noting demand trends and competition
Competitive advantage
something unique or special that a firm does that provides an advantage of its competitors
Target market selection
1.Identifying markets with unfulfilled needs
2.Determining market segmentation
3.Selecting a target market
4.Positioning through marketing strategies
Market segmentation
dividing up a market into distinct groups that: (1) have common needs and (2) will respond similarly to a marketing action
Market segmentation 5 steps:
1.finding ways to group consumers according to their needs
2.finding ways to group the marketing actions-usually the products offered- available to the organization
3.developing a market-product grid to relate the market segments to the firm’s products or actions
4.selecting the target segment toward which the firm directs its marketing actions
5.taking marketing actions to reach target segments
Different segmentation groups
geographic, demographic, socioeconomic, psychographic, behavioristic, benefit
Psychographic segmentation
personality, values, lifestyle (VALS)
Behavioristic segmentation
a method of segmenting a market by dividing customers into groups based on their usage, loyalties or buying responses to a product or service
Benefit segmentation
a method of segmenting markets on the basis of the major benefits consumers seek in a product or service
Selecting a target market
1. Determine how many segments to enter
2. Determine which segments offer the most potential
Undifferentiated marketing
Marketed to everyone
Differentiated marketing
marketing to a couple of segments
concentrated marketing
market to one segment
the art and science of fitting the product/service into one or more segments of the broad market in such a way as to set it meaningfully apart from its competition
Ways to position
•Positioning by product attributes and benefits: how does this benefit the customer
•Positioning by price/quality
•Positioning by use or application: how is the product used?
•Positioning by product class: comparing product classes to show how your product is better
•Positioning by user: who’s using the product? How can we make it more relevant to them?
•Positioning by competitor
•Positioning by cultural symbols: iconic association
occurs because of declining or stagnant sales or because of anticipated opportunities in other market positions; difficult to accomplish because of negative perceptions toward brand
Determining the position strategy steps
1. Identifying competitors:
2. Assessing consumers’ perception of competitors:
3. Determining competitors’ positions
4. Analyzing the consumers’ preferences
5. Making the positioning decision:
6. Monitoring the position
Brand equity
The intangible asset of added value or goodwill
that results from the favorable image, impressions of differentiation,
and/or the strength of consumer attachment of a
company name, brand name, or trademark
Promotional push strategy
A strategy in which advertising
and promotional efforts are targeted to the trade to attempt
to get them to promote and sell the product to the ultimate
Promotional pull strategy
A strategy in which advertising
and promotion efforts are targeted at the ultimate consumers to
encourage them to purchase the manufacturer’s brand

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