Margaret Mead New Guinea Gender Roles

Where are the three tribes from
New Guinea
Where did Margaret mead study
In new guinea she studied tribes
Margaret Mead studied what tribes
Arapesh, Mundugomor, Tchambuli
What did Margaret mead find out about those three tribes
That gender roles varied
T or F? Sex is biological and gender roles is cultural
What does courting mean
The Mundugomor have kinship form based on gender aka ropes
True, ropes means when dad is related to daughter , mother related to son , it switches
What did mead argue in 1930 about Arapesh society
That Americans would think Arapesh men behave feminine
Arapesh society
Both women and men grow food & care for children. Being aggressive is discouraged and being passive aka feminine is encouraged
In what society do men experience pregnancy
Arapesh, male pregnancy is called Couvade. The men start feeling same symptoms as pregnant women but the men are NOT pregnant
In Arapesh society what do they think about sex
Arapesh Sex is embarrassing
Mundugomor society
They have a rope kinship where children are only related to the opposite sex
Mundugomor men & women are encouraged to what
Flirt, show sexual interest and have sex
How do Mundugomors act
Aggressive and independent
T or F? Americans think Mundugomors are masculine
What does Mead argue
Culture plays in powerful role in gender behavior biology is not the only factor
Tchambuli society
Women are economic providers and do all the fishing =money
Where do Tchambuli live
Next to lake chambuli that’s where women take canoes and fish
Tchambuli marriage is asked by who?
The women are the ones who propose & the only ones who can ask a boy to dance
What happens if Tchambuli girls don’t ask a guy to dance
The guy says he’s going to suicide in lake
What do Tchambuli men do
They spend hours in bachelor hut getting ready for the dances
T or F? Americans think that Tchambuli have reversed gender role it’s a parallel universe