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U.S. History; The Americans Chapter 12, Politics of the Roaring Twenties (Sections 1-3) Chapter 13, The Roaring Life of the 1920’s (Section 1-4) Chapters 12-13 Study Guide
27 Sep 2020 Database

question Why did Attorney General A Mitchell Palmer launch a series of raids against suspected communists? answer He believed that there was a communist revolution brewing in the U.S. question What were the mail goals of the Ku Klux Klan at this time? answer harass any group unlike themselves, promote Americanism and driving Roman Catholics, […]

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FBLA Priciples: Procedures

question Font style used in Tomorrow’s Business Leader answer Chicago Manual question How many times a year is Tomorrow’s Business Leader produced? answer 4 question What regular articles are included in Tomorrow’s Business Leader? answer President’s Message, Officer Notes, Alumni Spotlight,Member Spotlight, Chapter News question Membership deadline for fall publications and chapter/state membership awards. answer […]

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Business Law 38;39

question Articles of organization answer filed with a central state agency. Usually the secretary of state’s office. question business trust answer created by a written trust agreement that sets forth the interests of the beneficiaries and obligations and powers of the trustees. question cooperative answer A business that is owned by the members it serves […]

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Flashcards and Answers – Whalen Quiz- 11/20
20 Sep 2020 Database

question William Howard Taft’s support for the Sixteenth Amendment opened a period when answer the federal government expanded its activities and responsibilities. question William Howard Taft lost his support of the progressive Republicans because of his answer support of the Payne-Aldrich Tariff question Why were Mark Twain are other critics wary of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidential […]

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Unit Exam 4 Chapter 11-13

question Marketing is basically a form of selling. answer FALSE question The marketing concept refers to a company-wide customer orientation with the objective of achieving long-term success. answer TRUE question Personal factors that influence consumer behavior include individual needs and motives, perceptions, attitudes, learned experiences, and self-concept. answer TRUE question Government statistics are examples of […]

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Total Wellness

question Which of the following statements is an example of negative self-talk? A/ “I wonder why my boss wants to see me. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.” B/ “I’ll have to start working on my next paper earlier so I can do a better job.” C/ “I won the speech contest, […]

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Test 2 Chapters 5-8

question Using the term crippled in business communications is an example of___? answer The “you” attitude. Disability bias. Emphasizing the positive. None of the above. question Identify the voice in the following sentence: “Based on negative client feedback, the marketing department abandoned the campaign.” answer Passive. Active. Vocative. State of being. question For effective document […]

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Structured Self Development Level 1 SSD1 Module 3 Exam

question Collecting material, isolating key points, and selecting visual aids occurs at which stage of the briefing process? answer Construct question Which of the following includes steps followed during the ‘construct a briefing’ stage? answer Collect material, select visual aids, arrange key points, establish wording question When delivering a briefing, ‘volume and rate’ are classified […]

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Snapshot Unit Review

question Communist command economies are most likely to experience which of the following problems: A) High income taxes B) Surplus of consumer goods C) Poor quality products D) Shortage of capital investment answer C) Poor quality products Most communist governments pay their workers based on the quantity, not the quality, of what the workers produce. […]

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Rights and Responsiblities

question As a pedestrian, when crossing on a roadway where there are no intersections or marked crosswalks, the _______ answer A: Pedestrian must yield the right-of-way to vehicles. question A pedestrian using a white cane or guide dog always has the right-of-way on the road. answer A: True. Drivers must always yield to pedestrians with […]

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Ap Psychology Practice Test

question who was the founder of psychoanalysis? answer Sigmund Freud question Which theorist stressed the importance of self actualization? answer Abraham Maslow question of the following theorists who is not associated with psychodynamic theory? answer Carl Rogers question The five factors of personality include neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and answer extraversion question Which […]

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Practice Exam 6, Practice Exam 5, Practice Exam 7

question Who of the following represented the American notion that through hard work, even a poor immigrant could become tremendously successful? a. John D. Rockefeller b. Andrew Carnegie c. Thomas Edison d. Jay Cooke answer b question Why was the strike by steelworkers at Homestead, Pennsylvania, significant? a. The strike was the culmination of a […]

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Part IV

question annual stockholders’ report answer a report made available to stockholders and other interested parties that includes a variety of financial and descriptive information about a firm’s operations in the recent past question arbitration answer a procedure used to settle disputes between a brokerage firm and its clients; both side present their positions to a […]

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OAD 232 Word 2010 Chapter 3 Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table

question Business documents can include all of the following answer Resumes, proposals, and newsletters question An effective business document should answer have a professional appearance, convey its message concisely, and convey its message clearly question A letterhead should contain answer the complete legal name of the individual or company, the telephone number, and the mailing […]

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MNGT 4800

question Strategy Levels answer Corporate Strategy, Business (Unit) Strategy, & Functional Strategy question Strategy answer A theory of how a firm will compete. A framework within which action can be taken. A collection of goal-directed actions that aim to gain, sustain, and leverage a competitive advantage. question Corporate Strategy answer Involves decisions made at the […]

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Quiz #1 – Tx Constitution/Federalism

question The system of distributing powers between states and central government is called: A) federalism. B) constitutionalism. C) checks and balances. D) separation of powers. answer Federalism question What is the most important difference between the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions? A) The U.S. Constitution contains no checks and balances. B) Civil Rights are not […]

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MIS Final Exam: Chapter 17
25 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question System Development Life answer understanding the basics of software development projects to help organizations and potential software development question Legacy System answer old system that is fast approaching or beyond the end of its useful life within an organization question Conversion answer the process of transferring information from a legacy system to a new […]

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MIS 200 Mod 6

question T/F Companies use B2B e-commerce application for purchase orders. answer True question A Web page displayed when the user first visits the website is called _____. answer splashscreen question Using the _____ model transfers the old retail model to the e-commerce world by using the medium of the Internet. answer merchant question _____ is […]

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MGT 405 Ch. 4 TB
20 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question According to the text, for most of the 20th century, managerial efforts were directed more toward the efficient allocation of labor and capital, which are the two traditional factors of production. answer True question The importance of human capital has decreased in recent years. For this reason, many firms have placed greater attention on […]

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mgmt464 t3 ch7

question The most widely pursued corporate directional strategies are those designed to achieve growth (TF) answer true question With taper integration, a firm internally makes 100% of its key supplies and completely control its distributors (TF) answer false question As defined by the text, synergy is the concept answer that two firms can generate more […]

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Medisoft Chapter 1 and 2

question accounting cycle answer the flow of financial transactions in a business question accounts receivable (AR) answer monies that are flowing into a business question adjudication answer series of steps that determine whether a claim should be paid question capitation answer payment to a provider that covers each plan member’s health care services for a […]

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Mark Chap 19

question Price is best described as: answer that which is given up in exchange to acquire a good or service question Wal-Mart, Randi saw a bag of daffodil flower bulbs and a box of plant fertilizer. The items, which were sold together, retailed at $28.50, but were marked down to $19.99. The $19.99 is the: […]

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