Mahatma Gandhi Argumentative Essay Example
Mahatma Gandhi Argumentative Essay Example

Mahatma Gandhi Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: April 20, 2018
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Born on the 2nd of October 1869, Mahatma Gandhi has made many contributions to India, being unarguably the most important character throughout their history. His biggest contributions included gaining India freedom from the British reign and inspiring civil rights, going as far as sacrificing his own life for his country. Gandhi, leading a simple life gained appreciable respect, playing a pivotal role in India’s freedom struggle. Mahatma Gandhi did not believe in violence and his peaceful methods were the foundation of India’s freedom.

He led many important movements towards the complete independence of India, releasing it from any ties with Britain. He ordered his fellow Indians to turn the other cheek, and though Britain has been in control for over two centuries, to do everything in their power to be independent. Gandhi’s methods in


cluded strikes and banning British imports. Somehow, he believed Britain would eventually see no use in violence and listen to Indian demands. His first movement was known as the Non- cooperation movement where he led non-violent protests, showing the Indians, that Britain was not in control and they can be opposed if done correctly.

Educational institutions and trades were boycotted but unfortunately this movement failed though it did awaken the Indians in objecting the British. His second movement, civil disobedience, was more active than his first movement. It aimed at stopping the British reign and was put into action by withdrawing support from all British imports. Gandhi’s third movement was called the Quit India movement and was started to assist in the British negotiating with the Indian government leaders but disastrously the Indian officials were jailed and to

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protest against this, Gandhi went on a 21 day fast.

His final movement was called India Independence which fought for the independence of India. Gandhi finally gained the independence he’s been searching for on the 15th of August, 1947. After being assassinated in 1948, the impacts of Mahatma Gandhi are still visible today. Gandhi, using his strategies, helped develop the independence of India, teaching them how to make their own products, such as clothes, instead of relying on the British. He demonstrated the effects of protesting instead of fighting with violence, such as the clothes protest, which hurt the British economy, forcing them to let India go.

Martin Luther King Jr. was also inspired by Gandhi’s idea of peaceful protesting. Although, Mahatma Gandhi is not with us today, there are many attributions that show the contributions to today’s society in not only India but the US. Evidently, Gandhi is clearly a historical figure worth remembering, after all, he inspired civil rights, gained India’s independence and proposed the idea of peaceful negotiation and protest rather than war. He has had an enormous impact on India and will definitely not be forgotten.

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