‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green Essay Example
‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green Essay Example

‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green Essay Example

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  • Published: August 13, 2017
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‘Looking for Alaska’ . John Green’s Debut novel was published in 2005. The novel is about a group of lost. but to boot really intelligent adolescents. who attend Culver Creek Boarding School for their first junior twelvemonth. They are on the contrary to shoal. more or less precise antonym ; Alaska Young. Miles Halter and Chip Martin’s idea are every bit deep as the Mariana trench. Their complicated manner of looking at life. thirst for an escapade. seeking simpleness and comprehension in an intricate universe will finally stop up aching them. “If people were rain. I was mizzle and she was a hurricane” was Miles imagination of Alaska after her tragic decease. Even though the novel is written via Miles perspective the full construction of the narrative revolves around Alaska’s decease. This is from one hundred and thirty six yearss earlier. where we see Miles as a dull. anti-social geek ; to one hundred and thirty six yearss after where we see Miles as ‘Pudge’ . a well developed adult male with friends. who smoked coffin nails and drank vino. Even before the existent decease occurs. decease is a repeating subject. from Alaska’s mother’s decease to Miles seeking to happen out what happens to oneself upon deceasing. Miles is obsessed with peoples last words ; deceasing words. The really existent idea of last words wholly fascinates him.

Alaska is a character in this book who is wholly associated with decease. It has played an of import function in her life and will play an of import function in the lives of the char


acters lives after her life is brought to an disconnected terminal. It makes the characters rediscover so much more about about themselves. We become acquainted with the characters through their actions and conversations. Alaska Young behaves in a most foolhardy mode. is such an interesting. beautiful. puzzling person. however so suicidal. Merely two yearss before she is gone everlastingly. the male child learn that they barely knew the miss they love so fierily ( during ‘Barn Night’ ) . January 9th. 1997 was the turning point in Alaska’s life. She was barley eight old ages old but witnessed her mother’s decease. sitting by her side and watching the life run outing out of her. Alaska ne'er called the ambulance or made an effort to salvage her female parent. This had ruined her. Eight twelvemonth old Alaska drowned herself in guilt. Her utmost unpredictalbililty and spontaneousness was most likely an consequence of ‘ neglecting her mother’ . She had her minute and didn’t take it.

This effected the manner she handled self-generated state of affairss in the hereafter. Alaska would ne'er believe twice about her actions or reflect the possible effects. This finally gets her killed. In the concluding faith test. the pupils have to pick what they think is the most of import inquiry human existences must reply. and analyze how Buddhism. Islam and Christianity ( three universe faiths ) effort to reply it. Miles chooses to analyze the inquiry ‘What will go on to us when we die? ’ . Miles will ne'er happen the reply until he experience

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it. but chooses to settle with a fact from scientific discipline category ; energy is ne'er created and ne'er destroyed. In faith the psyche flies to heaven and peoples beliefs give them replies to everything. Alaska on the other manus isn’t a truster ; the inquiry related to her mother’s decease drives her brainsick. Among a assortment of metaphors. the imagination of the maze is a chief throughout the novel. “How will I of all time get out of the maze of enduring? ” .

Alaska dwindles into the unbounded deepnesss of this inquiry. Is the labyrinth life or dying-the universe on the terminal of it? The labyrinth replies the eternal anwerless inquiries life brings. In this novel. Alaska is the maze ; she traps herself in an evil circle of answerless inquiries that force her deeper into the deepnesss of agonies. She can non liberate herself from herself. The novel’s message is philosophical. it is about looking past a list of answerless inquiries in life. and non turn up yourself into self-destruct. If Alaska killed herself. it was out of hopelessness. Peoples kill themselves because it seems the lone manner out of the maze of agony ; the fire of hope they carry is extinguished. But it ne'er is as Green concludes. Alaska Young was to deep in the mystery of defeat over her answerless inquiries and guilt.

There are many cases where Miles tries to calculate out how Alaska’s decease occurred. why it happened. what truly are about. and Alaska Young’s last words. Death plays an of import portion in life. although many people fail to see it. It is a capable most people avoid speaking approximately. as the idea itself scares them. but it is of import to confront decease and be cognizant that it can touch anyone in anyhow close to you. The book uses decease as an facet to demo the readers that decease is something inevitable. but we can ne'er go ready for it.