Leadership Test 1

Through thinking – analyzing data, possible outcomes, solutions
What is critical thinking?
You assess pt, analyse the date, form nursing dx, plan, implement
How does critical thinking apply to nursing?
Is emotions part of critical thinking?
Should be typed, business format, brief
How should a letter of application be done?
Autocratic leader
Type of leader who makes all the decisions. Do not expect to participate in group decision-making
Autocratic leader
You always know where you stand with this type of leader
Autocratic leader
You should avoid power struggles with this type of leader
Autocratic leader
You can expect praise and criticism from this type of leader
Autocratic leader
You seldom move beyond maslow’s level of safety with this type of leader
Democratic leader
This type of leader uses the group process to make all major decisions and provides an empowering environment
Democratic leader
This type of leader is more likely to give suggestions and willing to share information they have
Democratic leader
This type of leader requires a strong committment of time to make decisions thought the process of the group
Democratic leader
This type of leader would not participate in a pwer struggle but instead turn it over to the group to manage
Democratic leader
This type of leader is not good in an emergency especially if there is no time for the group process
Democratic leader
Under this type of leader you can move to social and even self-esteem needs on Maslow’s hierachy of needs scale
Democratic leader
This type of leader works withing the science of human caring framework
Laissez-faire leader
This type of leader refuses to assume responsibilities that accompany the job leaving the workers without direction, supervision, or coordination
Laissez-faire leader
Do not expect praise, critism, feedback, or information from this type of leader
Laissez-faire leader
This type of leader does not provide mechanisms to move beyond safety level of Maslow’s hiearchy of needs
Lassez-faire leader
This type of leader possibly hasn’t heard of the science of human caring or tried to practice it professionally
Multicratic or participative leader
This type of leader is a compromise between the autocratic and the democratic leader
Multicratic or participative leader
This leader processes the feedback from the group then makes all final decisions
Multicratic or participative leader
This leader works well within the group and in an emergency when matters must be handled immediately.
Clinician, manager, advocate, educator, councelor, consultant, researcher, collaborator
Roles of the LPN
Bedside care
Example of LPN role of clinician
Manage pt care, manage staff LTC
Example of LPN role of manager
Suppport their decisions and rights, set up for home health care, report suspected elder abuse
Example of LPN role of advocate
Pt and staff teaching
Example of LPN role of educator
Referring to support group or evaluations of CNA (councling CNA not doing their job)
Example of LPN role of councelor
Consulted for your input about a pt as part of a team
Example of LPN role of consultant
As support staff. Help gather data
Example of LPN role of researcher
Collaborate with other clinicians to come up with care plan
Example of LPN role of colaborator
Nurse practice act – can be specific or broad – different for every state
What guides your practice?
Laws, regulations, accrediating bodies (Joint Commission) POLICY & PROCEDURES
What other guidlines guide your practice
Should know it or know where to look it up
What should the nurse know regarding policy and procedure?
Leadership establishes goals and visions
Management carry out goals & visions by planning, organizing, motivating with management resources (people, equipment)
What is the difference between leadership and management?
CEO’s, Directors
In most organizations, what is the title of leaders?
What comes first? Leadership or management?
Transpersonal caring
Caring that is human to human
Holistic caring
Caring for the whole person – mind, body, spirit
Holistic caring – the art of caring which is high touch vs high tech
What is Watson’s theory of caring
Critical care nurses ( ICU, emergency department, burn units, shock, trauma
What is an example of high tech nursing?
After high tech care is given and crisis averted (pt’s life is saved) holistic (high touch) care is given
What is an example of high touch nursing
Helps you priortize
Helps you understand behavior (basic needs must be met)
How does Maslow’s fit into nursing?
Don’t have to continue in school
Can do certifications, community hospitals
How can an LPN expand her practice after becoming lisenced?
Manage staff, scheduling, manage budget, manage pt care (responsible 24 hr/day)
What is the function of the nurse manager?
Responsible for making assignments, make sure orders are picked up and carried out (responsible for managing the shift)
What is the function of the charge nurse?
Risk for exposure to lethal viruses (HIV, SARS), terrorism, cultural diversity, illegal immigrants
What are some healthcare issues in the US?
The competency level of the staff and the accuity of the pt
What must the charge nurse know with regard to making assignments?
You need an intrepreter. Can’t be family. Must be someone with a medical background
How does culture affect health care?
People cross the border for health care with no insurance. Hospitals must treat them which reduces profit of hospital
How does illegal immigrants affect health care?
Victims need care – in a disaster, care is given to the ones most easily treated first
How does terrorism affect health care?
Health care done via the phone?
Federal insurance for people > 65
State isnurance for lowe income people – majority are children
How a person sees the world
Nursing paradigm
Learning through theories and clinical theories
Shift in paradigm
Changes hou you think and see things
Know the facility you are applying to.
Know the mission and vision
Do you have the skills to meet their needs?
complete application
Send application & resume
How do you prepare for a job interview?
Your resume
Where does the first impression of a potential employer come from?
Nursing theory and skills
Practice of nursing requires extensive use of what?
Someone you can look up to, who has experience – can be formal or informal
Someone who is there to show you daily routing, makd sure you are competent to take care of pts (orientation)
Your manager
Who is the first person you should tell you are leaving the job?
Your appearance
What is just as important as your resume?
Be on time
Wear proper uniform
What is most important when you are starting a new job?
A combination of science and caring
High tech and high touch
What is the best description of caritas
Have education required
Have skills required
Have creditionals required
Professionalism, loyality to the organization
The physical ability to do the job
What is employer’s expectations of a potential employee?
Knowing that = having the knowledg of how to do it
Knowing how = having the actual skill and experience
What is the difference between knowing that and knowing how?
Can’t ask about age, marital status, kids, religion, health issues
What are your rights in an interview (illegal questions they can’t ask)?
Non-judgemental – Nurse-pt communication
What is therapeutic communication?
The sender and receiver both understand what was communicated
What is effective communication?
The receiver fully understands what was communicated
What is successful communication
Communication blocks – language barrer, attitude, anger, not paying attention
What are some causes of failed communication?
Stay calm – pull the person aside away from patients – be proactive, not reactive – Don’t attack (facts, not emotion) – Use “I statements”
What are actions to take for hostile or assertive communication?
What is the biggest part of communication
Doing things different
What is change
Goals are not met
What is reason for change?
Planned & unplanned or accidental
What are types of change?
What is the best kind of change?
Driving = what is driving the change
Restraining = What is restraining the change
What are the forces of change?
According to Lewin’s theory, what are the phases of change?
Allows people to know what is going on and what is being considered
What occurs in the unfreezing phase?
That driving and restraining forces have been considered and good decisions are being made
An effective unfreezing phase assumes what?
Do not implement change until unfreezing has taken place
Provide psychological safety for people involved in change
2 rules in the unfreezing process
You are not through with the unfreezing process
If as a manager, you try to implement change and meed resistance, what is likely cause?
The phase that is the actual implementation of change?
The phase of change where change has taken place and it is stabilized and integrated and becomes part of regular work?
Starting change before everyone is aware or prepared for change
Common mistake made during change?
Maslow’s = basic needs must be met first
Watson’s = holistic caring – caring for the person as a whole – high touch or transpersonal caring
How does Maslow’s and Watson’s fit into setting priorities?
Formal leader – has a title (Nurse Manager)
Informal leder – has no title but has leadership qualities, a go to person
What is the difference between a formal and an informal leader?

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