Kentucky Fried Chicken Analysis

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This report is aimed to survey the different cultures which can lead to the problems within the organization.

We show theories that related to the case study, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Company. We choose KFC branches from UK, Thailand, China, and Japan that will tell each culture from these example countries. The investigation will be shown how the different cultures can make the problem when the company has to do the business in the overseas or do business across cultures. We choose KFC Company as the case study because KFC Company is the worldwide company that has many branches around the world.Therefore, we can research different cultures from KFC’s branches. This report will be consisted of: * literature of cross cultural theories and research outcomes * analyzing cultures of consumers from each country * analysis of potential problems and challenges related to the case * how different cultures affect to the business operating and the workplace within the organization * how to manage across cultures to reduce problems within the workplace Literature The literature on studies of managing across culture toward KFC Company from four different cultures can demonstrate many problems within the organization.

There are many companies around the world which have a lot of conflicts within the workplace. For example, conflicts can come from working across department or different cultures of each worker. Therefore, the company has not only to find the actual problems but it will have also to find out the way to minimize the problems in order to reduce conflicts. There are many theories from managing across culture but this report is focused on the “Hofstede Dimension Theory” because this theory will show many characteristics of each culture.Hence, it will be useful when the company uses to apply within the company.

Besides, the outcome of this report will be shown the methods of different culture management both the workplace and marketplace for the successful business operating in the overseas. The company, KFC Company, has to do the research before going to invest in the new potential market or launching the new menu because the cultures from each country or market will be a major role to specify the business success. Some culture likes spicy food but some culture will refers another tastes.Learning the different cultures is the important to the company.

This following information will show the analysis of problems and challenges of the company for doing business in the overseas. This part will be divided into four countries, including UK, Thailand, China, and Japan. Analyzing culture of consumers from each country There are many different cultures for the consumer preferences. Especially, the culture of taste from different countries are the significant for companies which operating in the food industry.

Therefore, the company will have to do the research of consumer preferences before launching the new product into new market in order to reduce the mistake. KFC Company is one of the best examples for this case because the company tries to learn each consumer cultures for the menus that will be sold in each country. The company will do the survey for the consumer preference in each country in order to find the major taste in each country, because the survey or research will help the company to know which menus are appropriate to each country.

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