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Have you or someone you know ever been the subject of a stereotype or racism? Describe what happened. How accurate are stereotypes? Yes, my Filipino girl friend became a subject of this so called “stereotype. ” During a birthday party, she was a victim of stereotyping at our friend’s house. When our friend see’s us, he introduced us to his visitors. One of my friend’s visitors approached to us, he shook his hand with a smile. We saw this visitor’s Jacket with a name tag saying, “MD. ” The conversation was going smooth, but suddenly, the conversation became odd.

This visitor started saying to my girl friend, “I bet you are a nanny, and can you be my nanny of my two daughters. ” After we heard what this visitor said, we had this strange moment among us. Thankfully my girl friend was affable, she managed the situation well. She told him, “She was a nurse and if she found a nanny she was going to tell him. ” Then he sarcastically said, “I really thought you were a nanny because one of my friend’s nanny was a Filipino. ” This is Just my example of stereotyping or labeling people because this visitor assumed that all Filipinos are nanny.

I’m also saying that, there is nothing wrong with being a nanny. In my knowledge, nanny today have huge salary, plays important rule in providing a safe and nurturing care for children. I do believe that stereotyping are somehow accurate. Yes, I have my own example of stereotyping. Sometimes it is how people approach or ask question to someone in a right way. Maybe some people are belittling others because of their achievement in life. Maybe people have limited knowledge about other people’s background.

Based upon Soothe Sampan’s descriptions of her courting and married life, how do you hind she defines a good marriage and married love? What about Proven? How do you define a good marriage and/or married love? Explain. N you ml sampans tattles a good marriage Ana marled love Day trusting Proven throughout their marriage. This was an arranged marriage, and she didn’t know the kind of person Proven was. Soothe couldn’t do anything but to obey the belief of their culture. She was lucky enough that Proven was a stupendous person. I do not believe every arranged marriage have been successful, an example is their story.

Proven was also a very understandable type of person. He allowed Soothe to completely change his apartment at her own will: rearranging the furniture and overhauling Prance’s Wardrobe. This kind of relationship was essentially a “give and take. ” As long as Soothe is Jubilant, Proven supported it and vice versa. This snippet is an important thing about their relationships, it made them compatible with each other. They both had a clear connection to each other. Soothe sampan’s parent’s were right, “Love happens after marriage. “

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