Johnny Depp – A Philosopher Among Actors Essay Example
Johnny Depp – A Philosopher Among Actors Essay Example

Johnny Depp – A Philosopher Among Actors Essay Example

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  • Published: August 22, 2017
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“If a adult male does non maintain gait with his comrades. possibly it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears. nevertheless measured or far off. ”

In simple footings. this quotation mark is mentioning to those who do non conform to the criterions placed on them by their civilization or subculture. In Hollywood. the manner one becomes an A-List histrion is by conforming to the Hollywood system: take the functions that provide the largest payroll checks. Ben Affleck did non go a superstar famous person by following his passion ; Reindeer Games and Gigli are perfect illustrations of that. However. there is one histrion who has systematically chosen his ain functions. much to the discouragement of his agent. based entirely on his involvement in the character he


will portray. This histrion has ne'er taken a function that he did non experience passionate about. regardless of the flak catcher he received from critics or the general populace. and he is now one of Hollywood’s finest. Johnny Depp stands out from the crowd because instead than conforming to the Hollywood criterion he has become an A-List histrion by following his ain Muse. or walking “to the round of a different drummer. ”

A perfect illustration of Johnny Depp’s passion for his work is his starring function in the film. “Ed Wood. ” about Ed Wood. a film maker best known for doing bad films. It sounds dry. but Johnny was repetitive that this was a great film. Despite. at the tallness of his calling. being told that doing this film would destroy his professional image. he pursued the function. The

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film was made. and it went on to win an Academy Award. Another illustration of Johnny Depp’s dedication is the film “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” filmed in the heat of the summer of 2002.

Because he wanted this function. Johnny agreed to movie for seven back-to-back yearss at 12-16 hours per twenty-four hours! A typical A-List histrion will. under no fortunes. work for more than 8 hours per hiting twenty-four hours. Other films that Depp was warned non to make. which went on to go successful were: “Edward Scissorhands. ” “Dead Man. ” “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. ” and “Pirates of the Caribbean. ” for which he is nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards this twelvemonth.

Johnny Depp is renowned for his pick of film functions. He does non merely work for the payroll check ; he is genuinely prosecuting his passion. and he has done it rather successfully. Roger Ebert. a well-known movie critic. has called Depp “a modern Thoreau – a philosopher among histrions. ” At the 76th Annual Academy Awards. Johnny Depp was recognized specifically for his success in taking portion in merely movies that he genuinely wanted to be a portion of. Sing the criterions that the industry topographic points on histrions. the fact that Johnny Depp has non sold out and taken a function merely for the money. is an admirable quality. If everyone possessed such committedness in their work. and more so. such strong belief. life would be much more gratifying to populate.

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