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Joe Dimaggio Essay Example

Joe Dimaggio Essay Example

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  • Published: December 17, 2018
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Joe DiMaggio, born on November 25, 1914, is celebrated as one of the greatest baseball players ever. He holds various records, such as the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball history lasting 56 games. Despite being raised by impoverished Italian immigrants, DiMaggio became an iconic figure in America. His parents were Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio and Rosalie DiMaggio.

There were six siblings in his family - three brothers and three sisters. The brothers' names were Michael, Tom, and Vince DiMaggio, while the sisters were called Dominic, Nellie, and Marie DiMaggio. Their father was a fisherman and they all lived together in a modest shack.

Vince DiMaggio abandoned his education and fishing to pursue a career in baseball, showcasing remarkable talent. This caught the attention of semi-professional teams such as the Seals. Similarly, his two older brothers achieved f


inancial success through playing semi-professional baseball, earning over one hundred dollars per month. Inspired by their achievements, Vince joined the San Francisco Seals and became a player for them. Meanwhile, Joe DiMaggio, who was raised in San Francisco alongside Vince, also attended school there.

Although he performed well academically during his time in elementary school, the transition to high school proved challenging for him due to his lower social status as the son of a fisherman. As a result, he made the decision to drop out of high school during his sophomore year. He tried out various jobs such as truck loading, orange packing, and factory work but none of them provided sufficient compensation. However, witnessing the success of his brothers Tom and Vince who were professional baseball players for the San Francisco Seals earning more than $100.00 per month inspire

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him to believe that he too could pursue a career in sports.

Joe DiMaggio had a notable season in 1932, playing an impressive 186 games for the San Francisco Seals. His performance caught the attention of professional baseball scouts and resulted in an offer from the New York Yankees to participate in spring training in 1935. Throughout this period, he got to meet esteemed player Lou Gehrig and other skilled athletes. Despite still playing for the Seals until 1935, Joe DiMaggio's outstanding season with them helped kickstart his career.

Jerry Coleman, the Yankees' second baseman, lauded Joe's happiness as stemming from his strong performance in important series and his contribution to the team's victories. Jerry viewed Joe as a true embodiment of a champion. Personally, I have yet to encounter a more extraordinary baseball player. Assuming such immense responsibility is no easy feat, but Joe handled it with elegance and integrity.

Upon meeting Joe, Charlie Keller, the Yankees' left fielder, acknowledged that upon joining the team, it was apparent to everyone that Joe was already the foremost player in the sport. However, there wasn't notably substantial camaraderie between Joe and his teammates.

Although I couldn't verbally convey it, Joe was a reliable individual who always provided help or guidance when needed. Pete Sheely, the Yankee clubhouse manager, described Joe as someone with elegance. He was the most skilled athlete I had ever witnessed, yet he also had shyness. However, there is another aspect I will reveal.

In 1936, Joe DiMaggio, an exceptional baseball player, was acquired by the Yankees. That year, a Cincinnati high school class conducted a vote to determine the ultimate American figure. DiMaggio emerged as the winner,

surpassing George Washington who came in second place and Abraham Lincoln who secured third place.

Joe DiMaggio played in nine World Series throughout his career. In 1946, he faced the unfortunate loss of his wife, Rosalie DiMaggio. This personal tragedy seemed to impact his performance on the field, resulting in a batting average of just .290 - a significant drop from his usual level. It marked a notable decline in his professional journey.

Curiously, during the spring of 1947, there were talks about potentially exchanging DiMaggio for another esteemed player named Ted Williams.

Both the Boston Red Sox and Yankees expressed interest in trading for Yogi Berra. However, the Yankees rejected both offers, resulting in Berra not being acquired. In contrast, Joe DiMaggio had a remarkable career and earned his third MVP award. Additionally, he hit two home runs during that year's World Series.

In 1947, the New York Yankees won the World Series. On February 7, 1949, Joe DiMaggio became the first baseball player to earn $100,000. Unfortunately, Joe got injured during a game that season and suffered severe injuries to his knee and achilles tendon. However, he managed to recover and play before the end of the pennant race. As a result, their team won the pennant that year but lost in the World Series. Despite this defeat, Joe's contribution was crucial in securing the pennant for the Yankees.

After achieving a batting average of .325 and occasionally surpassing .400, he retired from his Major League Baseball career in 1951. Throughout his career, he was consistently chosen for the All-Star team and in 1955, he was honored with induction into the Hall of Fame. A remarkable accomplishment, he

holds the distinction of being voted into the Hall of Fame within just three years.

Both Joe DiMaggio and Mel Ott achieved similar levels of success in their respective fields. However, during the years 1952-53, Joe DiMaggio also began a romantic relationship with Marilyn Monroe, a well-known film star. Despite facing various challenges, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe got married on January 14, 1954 at a charming church in San Francisco.

During their time in Japan, they took part in baseball clinics organized by Joe DiMaggio. However, upon their return to the United States, they decided to relocate to San Francisco despite Marilyn's preference for living in Los Angeles. Eventually, they yielded to Marilyn's desire although Joe was uneasy about the media and attention in Hollywood. Sadly, their marriage declined and they ultimately divorced on October 27, 1954. Regrettably, Marilyn Monroe tragically ended her own life with a drug overdose on August 4, 1962. It is worth mentioning that Joe DiMaggio played a significant role in coordinating her funeral.

After his baseball career, Joe DiMaggio began endorsing products such as a bank and a coffee company. However, in October 1998, he faced a new challenge when he had surgery for lung cancer. Unfortunately, Joe's fight against cancer and subsequent infection caused his health to decline, ultimately leading to his death on March 8, 1999 at his home in Florida. It is worth mentioning that his career statistics show an impressive .352 batting average.

Joe DiMaggio, widely regarded as one of the greatest baseball players in history, had an impressive career. He amassed a total of 361 home runs and earned three MVP titles. In addition to his individual accomplishments,

he made 11 All-Star appearances and won nine World Series championships.

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  1. The Life of Joe DiMaggio:
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