Baseball Witness Confesses at Barry Bonds Trial Essay Example
Baseball Witness Confesses at Barry Bonds Trial Essay Example

Baseball Witness Confesses at Barry Bonds Trial Essay Example

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  • Published: July 31, 2018
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The first eyewitness has come forward at the federal trial of the all-time home run champ. Former personal shopper to Barry Bonds, Kathy Hoskins admitted, with heavy tears, that she saw Bonds’ trainer injecting him with something in the bellybutton. She reported not knowing what the injections were, and that it happened at the baseball star’s Bay Area home back in 2002. As was her job, she was packing the slugger’s clothes for a road trip, and Greg Anderson, personal trainer to Bonds, reportedly came into the room. She shared that Bonds was confident she would not say anything to anybody, telling Anderson, “This is Kathy.

That’s my girl.” She described the injection as having been done with a regular syringe of a normal size. She shared that she didn’t say ask what the injection was, but Bonds


described it as “a little something for when I go on the road.” In 2003, Bonds told a federal grand jury that Anderson never gave him steroids or human growth hormone, but that only doctors gave him such injections. With this testimony, he is charged with four counts of obstruction of justice and making false testimony. Hoskins complained that her brother, Steve Hoskins, who was a former business partner of Bonds, told her story to federal prosecutors, which forced her to testify against Bonds.

As such, Matthew Parella, Assistant US Attorney, clarified with her whether she was just testifying to back up her brother, and she insisted no. Afterwards, Dr. Don Catlin, who used to be the head of the Olympic Analytical Laboratory of the UCLA, came forward to share 2006 findings of tetrahydrogestrinone or THG, i

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Bonds’s urine sample. THG is a designed steroid, and although Bonds’s urine test in 2003 was negative for steroids, it was positive for THG when Catlin’s lab managed to make a test for it and for clomiphene, a female fertility drug. The defense will reportedly start presenting its witnesses after Catlin closes up his findings, but additional witnesses from the scientific group may still offer support for the findings.

As he played for the San Francisco Giants in August 2007, Bonds broke the career home run record of Hank Aaron. After three months, he was indicted for obstruction of justice and perjury. Prior to Hoskins, the orthopedic surgeon named Arthur Ting was on the stand, who shared that he mentioned a link between tendon injuries and steroids to Steve Hoskins. He also clarified that he had not had other conversations about steroids with Bonds’s former business partner. Interestingly, Hoskins previously said that he had discussed his concerns about steroid use and Bonds as frequently as 50 times with the doctor.

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