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Running head: Softball History of Softball Sports has been linked back to the Aztec Indians in the sass’s. Every culture has had some influence by sports. The Indians played sports, the Africans played, and Europeans played sports. Sports have been a great impact on the world. I can’t remember what it was like not to be in a sport, I have been competing so long. Sports teach adolescents, as well as some younger children integrity, hard work, perseverance, and in some cases maturity, as well as many other much needed aspects to succeed in life.

Sports create competitions, and competition brings out he best in athletes, starting with the Olympics. I feel athletics and competition carries over even after athletic careers are done, and you go onto the real world. People are always competing for the better Jobs, and benefits that will help themselves, a constant race. Softball could be considered one of America’s greatest sports, and in today’s world not only for females, but it is one of the most popular female sports in America. My high schools softball coach always argued that hitting a softball is the hardest thing to accomplish among any sport.

I never agreed; I always debated that stopping a cocky goal would be harder. Then when I began to research softball a little more and I had to come to agree with my high school’s softball coach. I thought about it, some of the girls have to pick up the ball and try to hit it as hard as they possibly can. The pitcher is only about 40 feet away from the batters boxes, so that isn’t a whole lot of time for the batter to get an eye on the ball (Sportswoman. Com). Some Pitchers can also throw varieties of different pitches, from the rise ball to the curve ball to the change up.

Not only do the batters have 35 feet to get their eye on the ball, they also eave to view the type of movement that is on the ball. In softball, the pitchers throw underhand; this makes the pitch very difficult to read at times. With a combination of these aspects, pitchers can create a lot of problems for batters. Softball was invented on Thanksgiving in 1887. Softball was developed as a different type of baseball. It started with using equipment of three other sports consisting of; boating, boxing and football.

A boxing glove, boating club, and a football game were all parts in the first game of softball ever (History of Softball). Invented by a group of 20 men who were listening to the Yale-Harvard football game, waiting to broadcast the score Tao boating club in Chicago. They were waiting to know who won, for there were bets on the football game. When the game was over and all bets were paid, one man threw a boxing glove at another; the other man struck the glove with a long pole (History of Softball). And so the game had begun; it concluded in about an hour, a final score of 41 to 40.

It’s quite weird to think that what we see softball as today was invented by a group of men messing around when they were bored. George Hancock, who known as the official inventor of the game, says “Once he saw his friend hit the glove with the pole he couldn’t give up on the idea. ” He then tied the glove tight to make it resemble a ball form and lined out foul lines on the floor of the gym that day (History of Softball). George would not give up on this sport, no matter how much negative feedback he received.

He would go home and create large oversized baseballs and undersized bats. At first, softball was played indoors, but quickly moved outdoors close to 1888. Softball at first, was Just a simple way for assessable players could practice inside when the weather wasn’t playable. Soon after it became very popular when it was brought outside. With a smaller field than a baseball field it could be played slow pitch or fast pitch. Many people enjoyed softball, for the games were more inclined offensively than baseball was. After only a few years softball became a huge success.

Lewis Robber, a man who had a major role in softball during 1895. Lewis who was a firefighter, needed an activity for his men to keep them busy while waiting for a call. He then thought of softball, a game that kept his men busy and in healthy shape hill they were waiting for a call. He made and lined a field in a vacant lot close to the station and the rest played out. Within time more and more fire stations would have games or leagues against other fire stations; some games would bring in crowds some times reaching a capacity of over 3,000 people (History of Softball).

Like most sports in the beginning men were the only ones allowed to play softball. Surprisingly, that did not last too long at all; in 1895 the women’s first softball team was formed in Chicago, at West Division High School. The team didn’t get to play imitatively until 1899, after a coach that fought and helped them become a team. Softball is more popular for women than it is for men now days. Although, men’s’ summer leagues are becoming popular in the Midwest. I can’t seem to know one famous softball player, who is male, but I can think of a quite a few famous women football players.

The most popular girl that comes to mind is Jennie Finch; who is currently pitching for the Chicago Bandits, a National Pro Fast pitch Softball League (Famous Softball Players – Jennie Finch). She previously played for team USA, winning the gold in 2004 (Famous Softball Players – Jennie Finch). Joan Joyce being another famous female player. Having insane states when she played, having over 753 victories with 42 losses in pitching. Having a total of 150 no run, no hit games with 50 perfect games. Joyce didn’t only succeed defensively; she had a batting avgas. Of . 324 as well (Famous Softball Players – Joan Joyce).

Joyce, who is also a great softball coach, currently coaches at Florida Atlantic University where FAA is a softball powerhouse. Like every other sport, softball has a few regulations. George Hancock decided to make official rules after the boathouse game. He began with the field set p, similar to a baseball field having 4 bases, having a home, first, second, and third bases. Having only 60 feet on a softball field though in between the bases. The pitcher’s mound is about 40 feet from home plate; the grass line as a semi circle of 60 feet in circumference of the pitcher’s rubber.

The softball-pitching mound is not elevated, unlike a baseball mound, which is elevated (Sportswoman. Com). The official rules for fast pitch softball, are there is nine active players on a team, three outfielders, four infielders, a pitcher, and catcher. There are seven innings per name; each inning gives both team 3 outs in the field and 3 outs batting, Just like baseball. For the pitcher both feet have to stay on the mound and can only take one step forward, and throw the ball underhand. The batter tries to make contact with the ball and evade the fielders from getting the batter out.

A batter is out when the hit is caught in the air without touching the ground, the batter receives three strikes before calling them out, or if it’s a ground ball and the ball reaches the base before the batter does. An umpire calls for balls and strikes, if he calls four balls before the here strikes then the batter gets on first automatically (Rules of Softball Simplified). As the game began to evolve so did many different forms of the game; from fast pitch to slow pitch, as well as changing the size of the ball from 12 inch to 16 inches.

It had many names in the early years, but finally became known as softball in 1926. Like mentioned before softball was played indoors originally, but moved to the outdoors. Also as I mentioned before that the first game played used a boxing glove as a ball, obviously that has evolved into a real ball. The game was originally played without fielding gloves either. The glove was later adapted for 12″ fast pitch, but still not used with 16 inch softball. So there are many different forms of softball. The 16 inch softball is pitched slowly, and is more of an offensive game.

The ball is heavier so homeruns are rare, but when there is there is a lot of contact with the ball. Creating more action in the field, keeps it from Just being a pitcher’s dual. Fast pitch is also very active, although the pitchers can throw much harder and add different types of pitches, with different motions and spins. This allows for different batting stances, some being unique, room trying to swing for the fences to bunting. Slapping is also, where a batter who is batting left handed runs towards first base before actually making contact with the ball.

This makes it difficult for most fielders to throw the batter out. As you can see there are multiple forms of softball in today’s society. The sport has really evolved a tremendous way since the boat house game in 1887. It has been an Olympic sport and a huge part of families lives for numbers of years. Women’s softball is much more popular than men’s softball, some believe its because men’s baseball is much more popular. There are four main softball leagues, AS, collegiate, national Pro, and international. The AS over the last 30 years has grown steadily and consistently.

Today it looks over 260,000 teams having over 4. 5 million players and members. These teams are a combination of fast pitch, slow pitch but there are increasing members for slow pitch (History of Softball. ). The college level of softball is pretty intense. Watching the college World Series would explain exactly how intense. Only eight teams make it to the World Series, and last year’s World Series winner was Arizona. The Wildcats rallied back in the ninth inning o defeat the two time defending champions South Carolina.

The professional league has been going back and forth, first national women’s softball league ended in 1980. Another professional league has been created since then (History of Softball. ). The current league was established in January of 1989. Founded by Jane Scowls, who played for Utah State, wanted to go on to play softball after college. There wasn’t a professional softball league for her to play in and so her college coach created a plan for one. It didn’t happen as quickly as they hoped; it wasn’t till 2 years later that the National Fast pitch Association was established in Beclouded Colorado.

December 5, 1998 was the day the league decided to change their name to the Women’s Pro Softball League. The softball tradition still lives in Chicago in August of 2010 the Chicago bandits won the third consecutive regular season championship (Prosthetic. Com: NP History). Finally, we have the United States softball team. In 1996 softball was added to the Olympics, and the USA team has won all gold medals since, except for this year. Unfortunately the Olympics dropped softball from the 2012 games, but they are able to reapply for the 2016 games.

Jennie Finch a pitcher who won gold in 2004 said “It’s devastating and heartbreaking, all combined. Especially because the sport’s at an all-time high right now. I know it’s devastating for the young girls. We’re going to do all we can to get the sport back for 2016. ” (They’re Out! Baseball, Softball out of Olympics – Baseball- NBC Sports). The sport of softball has exploded from the broom stick and boxing glove days. Giving all the credit to George Hancock and the help of Lewis Robber, for established a sport we now have as a great past time.

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