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In his article “cheating and CHEATING,” Joe Posnanski claims that baseball game is never innocent and it is always beautiful. When come to discussing about baseball game, baseball game was stuffed with cheating, racism, alcoholism and small-mindedness. Even though amphetamines and steroid become available to players at different period of baseball history, it actually has no difference between injecting steroid and taking amphetamines.

Joe Posnanski believes that “it seems more or less the same level of cheating and more or less the same level of wrong” (557). The different motivation urge the player or the owners to take advantage of accessible resource at certain time and space. Giants used the sign-stealing method to beat Dodgers. And different players admitted that they took the performance-enhancing drug to concentrate on the game or get more sparks, including one of the best baseball player Willie Mays, and lots of other players such as John Milner, Pete Rose.

Joe Posnanski concludes that those situation will always exist in the baseball game and “the game, for better and worse, is as beautiful now as it ever was” (559). Joe Posnanski is surely right about the cheating situation in the baseball because, as he might not be ware, recent news that pitcher Garret Broshius was advised by a coach to develop an ‘out pitch’ by cheating has proved this thesis. 7 baseball players were suspended after a new drug policy is executed by the Major League Baseball. Not only cheating exist in baseball, but also involved in other sports, and surely we can get a good point of view when our former Wang 2 Professional road racing cyclist admitted that he used doping in the game. However, no matter what, the excitement moment in the games will always be enjoyable, memorable and considered as beautiful.

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