Job Roles in a supermarket Essay Example
Job Roles in a supermarket Essay Example

Job Roles in a supermarket Essay Example

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  • Published: December 27, 2017
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They are also responsible for people in the department and they answer to the supervisors of the store. They work full time but with variable shift times. Their salary/wage is 17 – 19K per annum and you also get a first class pension scheme for when you are 65.

You also receive free life insurance. After one year you will be able to share in the companies profits. Also you can join the companies buy as you earn and save as you earn schemes.Plus you will receive 22 days holiday and will be eligible for a staff privilege card which allows 10% discount on Tesco’s purchases The qualifications they need for the job are leadership skills such as Ability to influence and gain commitment, Customer Focus, People Management, Team working, Planning and Organizing, Analysis and Decision Making,


Personal Integrity, Drive, Developing self/others, Adaptable.

Job security is very good and likes to look/train their staff. They would usually give a verbal, written warning and would then sack them.The department manager contributes to the success of the company by making sure the staff is doing the correct things such as stacking the shelves. This will increase profit because the shelves won’t be empty and there are lots of things to buy. If they did not exist in the company they would lose sales because all things are not being done correctly and the customers would move to other stores.

I think they should have more duties looking after the store because then it will be run smoother. They are already looking after a lot of people and I think if they had to look after more they

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would be under a lot of pressure.I think that this job role is quite a hard job role because they work a lot of hours which means they can get tired and get behind on their work. I also don’t believe that they earn enough per year because not many people can afford to live on a 20,000 pounds a year which means he might need another job part time which will put even more pressure on him. The conditions I think must be very good for him I assume he has a nice office with a computer which means he can get his work done quickly.

Bakery SupervisorThe bakery supervisor is responsible for leading the bakery team and delivering a high standard of operation so customers get what they need. The bakery supervisor is responsible for the bakery staff and the bakery supervisor answers to the manager of the store. They work full time and on variable shifts. They earn 19-21K per year on top of that you can join Tesco’s first class pension scheme. This includes free life insurance.

The qualifications that a bakery supervisor needs are recent experience in a fast paced food retailer is essential.Experience of managing a team is preferred but not essential. There are also many key skills required these include Customer Focus, People Management, Team working, Planning and Organizing, Analysis and Decision Making, Personal Integrity, Drive, Developing self/others, Adaptable. The bakery supervisor helps the success of the company by making sure there are lots of bread, cakes, etc.

This will helps the profits because there are lots of items of food to be sold. If the bakery supervisor

didn’t exist there wouldn’t be the smell of the bread encouraging the customers to buy fresh bread. Read why security is a team effortThere won’t be enough production without the manager of the bakery.

Therefore this will reduce sales. The bakery supervisor is doing enough duties looking after the bakery. They do not need to do any more. They don’t need to be responsible for any more people because they only need to look after the people in the bakery department. I think of all this is a very well maintained job role.

They earn a good salary between 19 and 21K per year which could be another to live on if saved and spent wisely. They earn just the right amount of hours so they can look after and monitor their staff.The conditions are very good they have a very clean bakery area where they can prepare and display the bread for customers to buy.PharmacistThe pharmacist is to work as part of the team providing an efficient pharmacy service.

This combines dispensing and OTC supply with new challenges of pharmacy within the new NHS. They need to provide support for the pharmacy manager and assisting in a smooth running of department. The pharmacist listens to the Pharmacist manager and/or anyone else higher up in the store. They work part time on variable shifts.

There salary is a Competitive Market Rate Salary. That means you earn the average amount for the job. After three months you get the buy as you earn share scheme. After a years service you get pension scheme, save as you earn scheme,

10% staff discount, shares in success. The qualifications you need to be a pharmacist are you must have a pharmacist degree and be eligible to be a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Have good communication skills, a desire to coach and develop others, be committed to your own personal development.

The job is very secure because you would get a verbal warning, written warning, and eventually fired because Tesco care about their staff. The pharmacist helps to the success of the business by selling the correct medicines to the customers. This will help the profits because the customers will buy medicine there and will also be able to buy the weekly shopping. If the pharmacist did not exist then the customers wouldn’t no what medicine to buy and go to other pharmacists. So they will also not buy things for the weekly shop.

The pharmacist is doing enough duties stacking the shelves with medicines and selling medicines to the customer. I don’t think they need to do any more or any less. They are only responsible for the customers because they are a lower rank than managers, etc. I believe this is also a very good job role you are paid the average for being a pharmacist which is good because you are all earning the same money.

The conditions are very good too the area is clean, all the dangerous drugs can only be accessed with a key. They work a good amount of hours and have enough time to go out with friends.

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