Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Japanese Tea Ceremony Introduction: The tea ceremony is an ancient tradition that shows cultural knowledge, respect and order to other people. Body: The Japanese tea ceremony is also known as Way of tea. This was because they show their manners and respects by way of preparing tea and the way how it is prepare. This activity is a Japanese cultural ceremony that includes the form of presentation and making of the matcha that is a green tea. This ceremony was created and influenced by a way of Buddhism called Zen Buddhism.

This ceremony is very close with the art of Chinese writing, in which the both involves concentration and art. This ceremony was brought to Japan in the 8th century, by a Zen monk from China. This ceremony is so important and so delicate to the Japanese people that this rite has specific things, tools, moves and cloth to it. The most common equipment is the: * Tea Whisk * Tea scoop * Tea caddy * Chakin * Tea bowl Each has its own porpoise and use. All of them have the same importance.

Another thing that has to do with the ceremony is the clothing is the cloth, in this ceremony is rule that you have to use a kimono when you are practicing one of these ceremonies. As you see the ceremony maybe you see it as a waste of time and effort but the Japanese people see this as a way of life and show of respect and manners so it is important in their life. Conclusion: The tea ceremony has much importance in the Japanese people life. They use it as a form or relaxation and way of show respect to people and show they know about their culture

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