which of the following is least likely to be a competitive or economic force in the marketing environment
the laws related to employment
Global Mart Inc., a multinational chain of supermarkets wants to open a new store in a country called Alheroni. Before launching itself in the new market, the management of Global Mart Inc. wants to collect primary data about Alheroni’s market. Which of the following sources of information will it most likely use?
the data collected from anonymous surveys conducted in malls in Alheroni
Which of the following bases for market segmentation pertains to some characteristic of the consumer’s actions toward the product- a characteristic that commonly invovles some aspect of product use
thirst tip, a beverage manufacturing company, has placed its products strategically in areas where the population density is high. The segmentation done by Thirst Tip is an example of ___ segmentation
Due to the increasing purchasing power and per capita income of the population of United Nombavia, True Couture Inc. decided to launch its premium line of clothing and bags in the country. Which of the following environmental forces primarily influenced True Couture Incs decision?
economic forces
A ___ refers to a specific group of consumers on whose needs and wants a company focuses its marketing efforts
target market
Jennifer is highly influenced by celebrities in movies and advertisements. She wishes to dress like them and adopt their lifestyle. When she goes shopping, these celebrities are her point of comparison. In this scenario, celebrities are Jennifer’s
reference group
Which of the following is most likely the primary focus of a business that adopts a market orientation
building long term relationships with customers
Which of the following is an economic force that influences the marketing environment
purchasing power
in ___, all marketing efforts are on one small, well defined market segment that has a unique specific set of needs
niche marketing
a market orientation requires organizations to
gather and use customer information to help build long-term relationships with customers
in the ___ to market segmentation, a company develops one marketing strategy for a single market segment
concentration approach
A company’s decision to advertise through different media than the ones adopted by other firms illustrates the ___ activities of the marketing mix
which of the following statements is true of the marketing environment
a marketing manager can influence some environmental variables
In businesses, the ___ is an important variable, often the central focus, of the marketing mix, based on which of the other variables are adjusted.
in which of the following scenarios is a business least likely to survive?
when a business focuses only on customer satisfaction and not on its own objectives such as booting productivity
Why does marketing require creativity and consumer focus?
because environmental forces can change dramatically
Which of the following acts restricted commercial banks from engaging in certain high risk trading activities and also raised the required capital that banks must hold on their balance sheets?
the dodd frank act
which of the following effects is seen on the money supply and the economy when the federal reserve board raises the discount rate?
interest rates increase; the money supply decreases, economic activity slows down
___ are similar to interest-bearing checking accounts, but with more restrictions
money market accounts
the acronym NOW when used by financial institutions stands for ____ and is a type of interest-bearing checking account.
negotiable order of withdrawal
___ charge a penalty for withdrawing money prematurely
certificates of deposit
money having subtle colors, enhanced security features, watermarks, security thread, color-shifting ink is ___
when money serves as a way to accumulate wealth, money primarily functions as a
store of value
which of the following characteristics of money allows people to postpone purchases and save their money to do so
which of the following is the largest pension fund
social security
a money market fund is a special type of mutual fund that
invests in short term debt securities issued by large corporations
the ___ insures individual bank accounts
federal deposit insurance corporation
for money to serve effectively as a measure of value, all items must be valued in terms of comparable units. Which of the following characteristics of money does this statement reflect?
to be used as a medium of exchange money must be
open market operations refer to decisions to
buy or sell US treasury bills and other investments in the open market
there is an increase in economic activity when the Federal Reserve Board
lowers the discount rate
a money market fund differs from the money market account offered by banks primarily in that the former
represents a pool of funds, not a specialized, individual checking account
which of the following categories of cash flow includes all the accounts on the balance sheet that relate to computing revenues and expenses for the accounting period
cash from operating activities
the financial document that presents a snapshot of an organizations financial position at a given moment
balance sheet
___ the movement of money through an organization over a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis
cash flow
in the context of expense accounts, salaries of executives and their staff are included under the category of
general and administrative expenses
____ refers to money owed to a company by its clients or customers who have promised to pay for the products at a later date
accounts receivable
all asset accounts are listen in descending order of
___, a category of cash flow, is calculated by combining the changes in the revenue accounts, expense accounts, current asset accounts, and current liability accounts.
cash from operating activities
a company’s financial obligations to short term creditors, which must be repaid within one year, are called its
current liabilities
the process of spreading the costs of long-lived assets such as buildings and equipment over the total number of accounting periods in which they are expected to be used is called
at the end of each accounting period, the dollar amounts in all the revenue and expense accounts are moved into an account called
retained earnings
depreciation, a type of expense account, is included in the
general and administrative category
____ involves analyzing financial documents in search of fraudulent entries or financial misconduct
forensic accounting
a short term lender examines a firms ___ to assess its ability to repay a loan quickly with cash generated from sales
cash flow
the principal value of a budget lies in its
breakdown of cash inflows and outflows
___, a category of cash flow, is calculated from changes in the long-term or fixed asset accounts
cash from investing activities
potential investors typically study the ___ in a firm’s annual report to determine whether the company meets their investment requirements
financial statements
which of the following equations is equivalent to the accounting equation
owners equity = assets – liabilities
In general, the longer the term of a certificate of deposit, the:
higher is its interest rate
when inflation is very high, money loses its _____
If a person invests in a firm that pools funds from a large number of people and buys and professionally manages stock from a number of diversified companies, that person is investing in a(n):
mutual fund
The _____ repealed the Glass-Stegal Act, putting U.S. commercial banks on the same competitive footing as European banks
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
What is an outcome of the Federal Reserve Board decreasing the reserve requirements?
Banks make more loans; the money supply increases; economic activity increases
When money serves as a way to accumulate wealth, money primarily functions as a:
store of value
According to the foreign trade policy of the Republic of Cambria, multinational companies can enter its market only my merging with a local business partner. Which of the following environmental forces does this best reflect?
Which of the following products is most suitable for selling through total-market approach?
Salt and sugar
During the first half of the 20th century, the marketing activities were primarily concentrated around:
personal selling
In the context of the evolution of the marketing concept, the era of production orientation was characterized by _____
the developing of new technologies that made it possible to manufacture goods with ever increasing efficiency
Deviations between expected operating expenses and _____ serve as a “feedback loop” to launch more detailed financial analyses in an effort to pinpoint trouble spots and opportunities
operating revenues
The net income of a company is equal to the total profit or loss minus:
expenses, including taxes
Which of the following is a liability in balance sheet?
Accounts payable
The financial statement that explains how a firm’s cash changed from the beginning of the accounting period to the end is called the:
statement of cash flows
An income statement shows:
an organization’s profitability over time
_____, an expense account shown on income statements, include sales salaries
Selling expenses

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