International Marketing Chapter 13 Final

sponsored, paid message that is communicated through a nonpersonal channel. Advertising is one of the four variables in the promotion mix.
advertising appeal
communications approach that relates to the motives of the target audience
advertising organization
company that includes one or more “core” advertising agencies, as well as units specializing in direct marketing, marketing services, public relations
advocacy advertising
advertising in which presents its point of view on a particular issue.
art direction
visual presentation of an advertisement
art director
ad agency “creative” with general responsibility for the overall look of an advertisement. The art director chooses graphics, pictures, type styles, and other visual elements.
big idea
concept that can serve as the basis for a memorable, effective advertising message
words that are the spoken or written communication elements in advertisements
Language specialist who develops the headlines, subheads, and body copy used in print advertising and the scripts containing the words
corporate advertising
Advertising that is not designed to directly stimulate demand for a specific product.
creative execution
advertising, the way an appeal or selling proposition is presented. Creative execution is the “how,” and creative strategy is the “what.”
creative strategy
statement or concept of what a particular advertising message or campaign will say.
term that applies to art directors and copywriters.
emotional appeal
advertising, an appeal intended to evoke an emotional response (as opposed to an intellectual response) that will direct purchase behavior.
global advertising
advertising message whose art, copy, headlines, photographs, taglines, and other elements have been developed expressly for their worldwide suitability.
image advertising
type of corporate advertising that informs the public about a major event, such as a name change, merger, etc.
integrated marketing communications (IMC)
approach to the promotion element of the marketing mix that values coordination and integration of a company’s marketing communication strategy.
pattern advertising
communication strategy that calls for developing a basic pan-regional or global concept for which copy, artwork, or other elements can be adapted as required for individual country markets
public relations (PR)
One of four variables in the promotion mix. Within an organization, the department or function responsible for evaluating public opinion about, and attitudes toward, the organization and its products and brands.
Communication about a company or product for which the company does not pay.
rational appeal
advertising, an appeal to the target audience’s logic and intellect.
selling proposition
advertising, the promise or claim that captures the reason for buying the product or the benefit that product ownership confers.

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