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In this report, one will analyse the introduction of the German Brand Nivea’s product Nivea Sunscreen soap in Thailand. Nivea have the business of skin care related products which includes different beauty soaps, different creams for different needs, cosmetics products, sun block lotions, cleansers and moisturisers etc. Nivea have established name world wide.

Now Nivea are planning to introduce a new product to present a joint venture of their brands of beauty soap and sun block lotion. Introduction of Host Country: Thailand The Thailand has the unique feature for economy and Governance.It is very good to see that being the only Country in South Asia which has never experience the colonisation. The Thailand s return n to democratised governance has helped it economy to boost and flourish. Specially its trade and development initiative.

The Highest professional industry in Thailand is Agriculture and about t 50% of the total Population is engaged in the Agriculture and farming. The Thailand experienced great financial crisis in 1997 -1998 which hit the countries internal and external Debt hard and IMF played dubious role in Asian Financial Crisis.But due to Good policy making and Export oriented economy the Thailand recovered from the Crisis s and become an economic figure in Asia. The Thailand is so beautiful Country that’s why the Tourism Department of Thailand seems to be busy always.

The Country’s highest Revenue comes from Tourism Department. Thailand so far has been developing by leaps and bounds and emerged as big economic giant after the serious Asian Financial crisis in which Country hit hard due economic perspective.

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