Integrity vs Despair Essay Example
Integrity vs Despair Essay Example

Integrity vs Despair Essay Example

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  • Published: October 23, 2017
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As we grow older and go senior citizens we tend to decelerate down our productiveness and research life as a retired individual. It is during this clip that we contemplate our achievements and are able to develop unity if we see ourselves as taking a successful life. If we see our life as unproductive. or experience that we did non carry through our life ends. we become disgruntled with life and develop desperation. frequently taking to depression and hopelessness. From what I could state. my platinum falls into the Integrity phase. He was ever positive about what came his manner and he seemed in good liquors even though he was ill and in the infirmary.

Physical: My patient was in first-class overall physical status sing his age. Aging grownups. particularly the really old. are vulnerable to clamber dislocation. Pressure ulcers are due to impaired circulation. My patient had a reddened country on his cubitus and he said it was from acquiring in and out of bed and forcing his ego up with his cubituss. Emotional: The aged have a development of a greater emotional complexness with better comprehension and control of emotional reactions. My patient seemed to be in great emotional position in the clip I got to pass with him.

He was in really good liquors even


though he was in the infirmary. Cognitive: The decelerating that occurs in all cognitive undertakings where velocity of response is a factor is the most permeant cognitive alteration with developmental aging. Besides. O is necessary for proper physical and cognitive operation and is carried through the blood. The aged with hapless circulation may see forgetfulness and other symptoms of hapless knowledge. My patient showed no marks of forgetfulness in the clip I spent with him. He told me narratives about when he was in the military from many old ages ago. He besides had a really good memory.

I explained to him why I pressed on his thumbnail to look into his capillary refill and a twosome hours subsequently he was speaking to his sister on the phone stating her what he had learned. Social: Older individuals may acquire frustrated or embarrassed because sometimes it is difficult from them to understand what is being said. They may hold to hold people repeat themselves. or endure shouting when a talker tries to be heard. My patient doesn’t seem to hold a job socialising but did hold a difficult clip understanding what I said and would inquire me to reiterate myself. When I spoke to him I merely used a louder voice so that he could understand and hear me better.

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