Impact of Social Media Essay
Impact of Social Media Essay

Impact of Social Media Essay

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  • Published: November 22, 2021
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The impact of social media is fueled by the breakthroughs in technology that has resulted in the availability of mobile portable artifacts (Gregory and David 2). These artifacts; mobile phones, tablets, laptops, palmtops et cetera ensure continued real-time connectivity to the servers and personal accounts of the various social media sites. Recently, social media sites have been used to sway or impact various issues all around the world as a platform for like-minded individuals who share the same ideals. These impacts have been both positively and adversely. These social sites include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, et cetera and all have followings and active accounts in the millions. They give a voice to each and every individual to air their thoughts, interact, connect and even trade without fear of discrimination. The aim of this research is to explain the impacts of social media, how it creates problems and helps solve others all around the world. After this, it is to figure out the most influential and impactful social media site.

The most influential social media sites are Facebook which has the largest number of users with Twitter following closely behind. Twitter, more especially, is a platform where the users employ tweets to sp


read word or news faster with the aim of getting more people talking about the issue at hand to show their stand on the issue, and it has had the most impact on political, social and economic matters. With each passing day, technology improves and the number of users joining and using the social media village is increasing. However, this increase comes hand in hand with an increase in cybercrime and numerous other social media vices. The hindrance to this revolution is the unavailability of electricity and internet in a vast portion of the third world countries.

Social media can be used to reduce the cost of marketing within the society. Individuals in the society are able to sell their products by marketing them through a wide geographical area at reduced costs. Small businesses are therefore able to benefit from an affordable and available channel of marketing. Individuals are also able to collect information useful in improving there businesses.
This essay’s sole purpose is to explain the importance of social media to this tech-savvy generation and unveil its adversity to curb the negative impacts it may bear for society.

Social media has been around since 1999 when the first social media site was first seen. However, it climaxed in 2006 with Facebook and Twitter. In this era and age, close to every literate individual owns a mobile artifact with internet access and manages a social media account or has access to a social media site. According to research, 75% of adults use the internet on a regular basis with 65% accessing social media sites at least once daily. As a result, the audience to this essay has slightly over average knowledge of this topic.

Research Question

How has social media helped solve and create problem

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in countries outside the US?

The question will aid in finding solutions to social media problems by increasing awareness on the changes arising from increased use of social media in the society. However, when shared with the much older generation including parents and relatives, the social media has caused various problems such as a platform for cyber bullying, reduction of interpersonal interaction, the spread of pornographic material, and youth addiction to their gadgets. These sources are of variant age groups and share few ideals. Also, they use the internet on a daily basis thus are relevant. The one challenge the essay poses is biased since I own accounts on various social media sites thus will show bias on the sites’ pros and less objectivity about their adversities in comparison to if I did not have any association with them at all.

What Is Social Media?

Social media is a collection of internet dependent applications and websites through which folks create online communities, ties, and friendship to facilitate the creation and sharing of information, personal messages, and ideas and other content or take part in social networking with the help of mobile communication artifacts with disregard for geographic location.

There are various forms of social media. Applications and websites that support forums, social bookmarking, microblogging, social networking and wikis are among the various kinds of social media.

Microblogging is the art of writing short posts frequently and posting them on a microblogging platform. This art has become a very popular communication tool in the internet world. The authors of these various messages post about their lives, discuss current issues and share various ideologies. These sites are important sources of information on people’s sentiments and opinions (Pak et al., 1320). Microblog platforms include; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, et cetera. Twitter launched in October 2006 is microblog platform that has grown and still is growing exponentially.

Forums are online discussions sites in which people hold conversations and exchange views about a similar topic or idea. These forums are also known as conferences or newsrooms. The messages in this form of social media are often longer and not one sentence and are usually archived. Examples of online message boards include; Mumsnet, Teachers Connect, SK-Gaming, FIFA, et cetera.

Social bookmarking is an online service user employ in annotating, adding, editing, and sharing links to online documents then store these links using social bookmarking sites. Examples of sites users employ in social bookmarking are Pinterest, bookmarks, Examiner, Tumblr, et cetera.
Wikis are websites that allow collaborative addition, deletion and revision of all its website content directly from the browser by its users. These users determine its content structure too. These Wikis are written with the help of wiki markup language and is edited using a rich-text editor. Examples of Wikis are which focuses on internet directory,, Familypedia, Wikipedia, Encyclopedia et cetera.

Social networking is the act of using various applications and committed websites to find individuals with similar interests as you and intermingle with these individuals. Social networking can ensue for business, social or both purposes. Examples of social networking sites that people have embraced in the society include; Facebook, LinkedIn,

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