If I Had Super Powers Essay Example
If I Had Super Powers Essay Example

If I Had Super Powers Essay Example

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  • Published: August 10, 2017
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I asked my male parent what could we make if we had ace powers. I for one idea it would be a good thought to be one of the Power Rangers and crush up all the bad people. He sat me down and we started speaking about what else I could do……Why non set a smiling on the face of every kid in the universe? Sounds good plenty but what usage would that be… . . Lets attempt to see what usage that would be. If for illustration all the kids in my category had a sweet smiling on our faces. our instructor would hold a nice smiling excessively. She would look really reasonably and be cheerful.

She would travel into the staffroom and the other instructors would smile. Soon all the instructors would be smiling and they would smile at Father and he e


xcessively would hold a nice smiling. During the tiffin interval. the smiling kids of my category would smile at our friends in other categories and they would smile excessively. Soon all the kids would be smiling at each other and at the chechis and security chettan. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. on our manner place we would smile at the coach driver and other riders on the coach. Some of us would smile at our ain drivers.

All these people would besides experience like smiling and they would excessively. When we returned place we would all smiling at our parents and they would smile excessively. All the people we had smiled at on the manner place would experience like smiling at their hubbies. married womans or kids. So you see. like

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an infective disease. everyone in Cochin would shortly be smiling at each other. When people smile. they feel happy and experience like sharing their felicity with others. Soon you would hold people naming their friends in other towns. provinces and possibly other states.

Peoples would direct letters and electronic mails to friends all over the universe. The smiling in Cochin could make the whole universe in a short piece. In our present twenty-four hours universe. many people are contending with each other over money. land. faith etc Not so fortunate small kids are made to work for a life. If these kids could hold a smiling on their faces. their adversity might experience a small igniter. Their Masterss would smile and handle them good. Smiling people in offices and mills would be polite and sincere at their work.

Peoples would bask their work and companies would do more net income and they might portion their net incomes with their employees. There would be no prevarication. cheating and combat. We might non hold stealers and terrorists. Everyone would be happy and content with what they have. If I could make so much for our universe. that is a Ace Power I’d like to hold. Though the truth is I can non hold ace powers I’d still like to seek and I would wish all of you to delight smile like this…… . smiling. Who knows. we might do a difference in the World.

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