Humans Triumph Over Barriers To Protect Survival Sociology Essay Example
Humans Triumph Over Barriers To Protect Survival Sociology Essay Example

Humans Triumph Over Barriers To Protect Survival Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: September 9, 2017
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Throughout historyA worlds have been able to prevail over many barriers in order to protect their endurance. A bulk of these solutions are attributed to the human encephalon which has become the most sophisticated computing machine that is known to mankind. Pressing issues such as the deficiency of nutrient was overcome by the solution of agriculture and raising farm animal. To protect themselves from the elements the earliest shelters were made utilizing gigantic pelt and clay. The largest obstruction was mostly unknown to mankind and that was the impact that diseases and viruses have on the human organic structure and the deadliness that comes along with many of them. A There is cogent evidence that the Egyptians were the first to utilize medical specialty in their civilisation and from there the enlargement of inte


rventions and even surgeries were performed ( Whitelaw, 2001 ) . Thus, many have attributed the Egyptians to being the laminitiss of medical specialty. There is a profound issue with the current size of the population as we are continuously acquiring larger and that issue is that we are at an increased hazard of non deficient resources such as nutrient and H2O. A solution for such a scenario is execution of population control. The issues with medical engineering along with population addition is intertwined as there is ever an attempt in the medical field to be able to protract human life and happen interventions for those enduring from unwellness. A As such, medical engineering has been able to prorogue decease and as such has given worlds the chance to populate longer lives and have more kids taking to an overall addition i

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population size.

The human organic structure is a living being and like all other beings decease is at hand finally, though due to the will to last we have been able to utilize engineering that for the clip being fends off the inevitable. Certain diseases that used to be a common issue among the universe 's population are no longer an issue due to medical engineering. Many paralysing pandemics are a thing of the past, though there are still many diseases that remain to this twenty-four hours without a remedy or intervention available. It is because of the big sum of disease that mass populations were wiped out and unluckily this was really a good thing sing at that place would hold been 1000000s and perchance one million millions more people on the Earth today. Making the entire human population and the Earth as we know it it even more overpopulated than we are. Diseases such as little syphiliss have a really strong consequence on a individual and as such have proved clip and clip once more the badness in which it can distribute and the power it has in which to kill. It has been known to the ascription of pass overing out about one tierce of the population during 735-737 in Japan entirely and was a major issue in Africa in the past two centuries as their deficiency of economical development ( Oldstone, 2010 ) . This led to an forsaking of many necessary things of life compared to the western universe, chiefly that being medical specialty. Today there is a really minimum sum of people that will really contract little syphilis, in Canada

for illustration upon birth of a newborn kid, they are given many injections to forestall them from undertaking diseases such as rubeolas, whooping cough and little syphilis. In 1960 the Canadian infant mortality rate was at 28.2 and in 2008 the rate was 5.7, about an 80 % lessening ( Infant mortality rate, 2008 ) . Presently when a neonate is born in a Canadian infirmary the babe is given the undermentioned mixtures of inoculations ; Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella ( Immunization: Your Best Protection, 2010 ) . The interventions that are now standard did non be in the 1960`s which could be a big constituent to the high infant mortality rate. As these interventions become more of the outlook of a newborn it is apprehensible as to why infant mortality would cut down. It is interesting to observe that because we were able to salvage these kids in bend they are a conducive factor to the overpopulation of this universe. When these interventions become available it is like anything else that comes out for the first clip, at first guess and vacillation but once it is proven to be good and mostly used it becomes the norm. Within our organic structures countless procedures and maps are happening every second of the twenty-four hours even when we are asleep, it was n't until late that physicians have had the ability to look indoors at these functionalities. In all worlds our medium or conveyance is a substance we call blood. The uses of blood are eternal and we can non last without it and as such by the use of blood proving information

on our organic structures can be easy displayed and recorded for our cognition. The human blood is non merely something that we know gets expelled when we cut ourselves or carries hemoglobin there are small samples of what is traveling on in our organic structure and if there are issues. A blood trial can be tested for things such as STD 's, white blood cell count, cholesterin, familial conditions and many more that can be the replies to an person 's medical concern ( Lund, 2008 ) . The early yearss of blood testing was for blood type, German measles and pox in the early 1930 's to the 1940 's, though it is now tested for a great battalion of things and it is become really accessible and common for blood clinics to prove a big scope of diseases via the physician 's orders ( Lund, 2008 ) . When this medical engineering is introduced and widely used and accepted we have been able to observe medical upsets before they become an at hand issue. In a affair of hours a big sum of information on the human organic structure can be explained on a chart with trials that have been developed to supervise your wellness. It is with medical promotions that the human race is finally forestalling people from deceasing by deriving cognition and penetration to medical issues that can be cured or interventions that are created. Either manner we are traveling to be increasing the human life timeline by our promotions in engineering and most of whom have no issue populating a few old ages longer if they can.

In human history our

lifetime is a subject that is ever on the intelligence when the marks are good, intending increasing lifetime in worlds. Most of the studies all seem to be stating the same thing ; life span is increasing in worlds all over the universe. It 's non needfully that our nutrient is better than it was 100 old ages ago ; we have fast nutrient at every street corner with ingredients that are questionable to state the least. Other imputing factors that are damaging to our wellness and are a portion of our day-to-day lives include as auto emanations, mill pollution, sedimentary life style and 2nd manus fume. The chief ground our life anticipation are in fact increasing is the overpowering sum of research and medical specialty used in the human organic structure today. Without acquiring into points excessively complicated such as surgeries or grafts that save lives, a simple use of toothpaste deters many lingering complications that can originate with neglect. With the easiness of brushing your dentitions twice per twenty-four hours a individual can avoid wellness jeopardies such as pits, gum disease, tooth decay and gingivitis ( Hitti, 2005 ) . It may look like something simple to make and we do non recognize how much aid we are to our organic structures wellness when we do an action that merely takes about 5 proceedingss of our twenty-four hours. Another interesting point when it comes to brushing our dentitions is that there has been a nexus found in which brushing your dentitions can diminish cardiovascular issues as bacteriums from the oral cavity may come in the blood stream and cause redness is critical countries

including the bosom ( Hitti, 2005 ) . Life anticipation Numberss in the United States at one timer were every bit low as 40 old ages of age in 1850 and approximately 70 in 1950, though today it hovers around 77.8 spring or take, it about seems as though worlds are get downing to breast even with all our attempts ( Steckel, 2001 ) . HIV/AIDS are now one of the most outstanding diseases in the universe ; one time once more it is more common in topographic points that have non developed decently such as Africa and parts of India. The common issue with these diseases are where they are being spread, in states that frequently do non hold or take non to take the proper safeguards such as blood testing or birth control. Though there are many ways that research workers have been able to increase the lifetime of people with HIV/AIDS though unluckily many people wittingly pass the virus onto their kids or partners and the rhythm continues. Increasing population size comes into drama with HIV/AIDS as the ability to protract life in states where birth control is non practiced and medical engineering is far excessively expensive for the mean citizen taking to population addition. Drugs such as High Active Antiretroviral therapy or HAART have been known to be able to protract the life of a individual who has contracted the virus to up to 12 old ages ( M.Hoffman, 2010 ) . The issue with this is that people are populating longer and holding kids, it may be with an already septic spouse or with person who is traveling to go

infected by them potentially, and as such there is a higher opportunity of them holding offspring by chance or non. It may be unethical to non supply these drugs to people who are enduring of the virus though at times it may non be worth it to protract their life if they are traveling to be negatively impacting the universe 's already increasing population. With the ability to protract life medical scientific discipline has been able to let people to turn the tabular arraies on the disease and protract their life, though it may look damaging to society to let these people to last if they are traveling to bring forth offspring that have an highly high opportunity of holding HIV/AIDS and as such bring forthing a kid that has been given a decease sentence even before birth. It is non right to hold to state an person non to hold kids as authoritiess do non hold that full control as of yet, though medical engineering is doing it easier to remain alive long plenty to hold kids and normally it 's in big Numberss.

Medical engineering will ne'er halter the enlargement of population, if fact it will merely do it greater likely than any other variable that we know of as worlds. The lone manner that medical specialty can work against itself is if certain chemicals or diseases were created ( Biochemical warfare ) which has been done in the yesteryear in cases such as Anthrax in the United States after the September 11 Attacks. It was a little graduated table result nevertheless ; the same thought could easy be used on a larger graduated

table to pass over out full populations more easy. It is non ethical in my sentiment to intentionally cut down the sum of life that a individual has, as we can non do that pick for people. This is why in medical Fieldss we are ever looking for ways to bring around diseases and happen interventions in order to protract a individual 's life and that ground entirely. We are all traveling to decease and there is no manner around that but if we are able to increase our life by even a few old ages or even decennaries I am certain most would take that chance immediately. It is our instinctual property that worlds have to last as our organic structures have many maps that make certain we can last every bit much as possible, life is the chief end for anything in our organic structure. By doing people healthier and have a virus free history we are in itself the job, though it is difficult to turn off the inherent aptitude that has been coded into our genetic sciences. States have tried to implement systems that control population such as China 's one babe policy, but even with that policy in the universe even more jobs can happen with holding merely one kid, which is why most households have more than one kid to increase the odds of go throughing down their cistrons and lasting genetically within them. It would be really difficult to acquire people to follow this jurisprudence and if it did base on balls and was encouraged the individual kid would hold a much harder life turning up and environing

economic systems. They would be the lone health professional when their parents aged, what if they child is killed no 1 else is at that place to care for the parents, less kids will in bend mean less consumers for concern which could potentially be ruinous for economic systems domestically and internationally. With Diabetes a easy treatable and good understood today though harmonizing to WHO as of the twelvemonth 2000 171 000 000 people had diabetes though with the innovations of blood sugar proctors and insulin all these people are now populating a normal life and most of which are holding or be aftering to hold kids. Once once more it is impossible in any manner form or signifier harmonizing to my cognition and personal ethical motives that in order to impede population growing is to curtail the research of life salvaging progresss. If insulin was ne'er discovered and all these people were non able to last so yes potentially many hundred of 1000 and possibly 1000000s of their progeny would non be alive today. This can be applied to any individual with any disease that if it was n't treated would hold led to a premature decease such as pneumonia, common cold or cough, malignant neoplastic diseases, diseases etc. Simply put anything that has been medically treated or delayed has attributed to the growing of the population as we know it today. When looking to restrict population it is a hard topic to turn to as in many parts of the universe there is no addition in population it has been able to be `` balanced '' though in some countries there is really

an overall diminution ( Sommer, 2010 ) . In topographic points such as Germany, it has been concluded that with one of the lowest birth rate it will be one of the few states that will exhibit a worsening population by the twelvemonth 2050 ( Sommer, 2010 ) . Africa has been ill-famed for holding big sums of progeny and is the country that has seen the greatest addition in population rates in the universe. A chief function that plays into this big birth rate in Africa is the deficiency of birth control that is practiced throughout many of the states due to spiritual beliefs. Unfortunately this is besides a ground that can be linked to the spread of diseases most notably as antecedently mentioned HIV/AIDS another concern for that portion of the universe. The largest populations of the universe are China 1.4 billion, India 1.2 billion and United States at 300 million though all three states do non even do the top 90 topographic points of population growing ( Steck, 2008 ) . Out of the top 10 states 8 out of the 10 are located in Africa which draws concern about topographic points that are n't even developed yet are playing the cardinal functions in overpopulation. For the most portion, the universe is increasing in population every twelvemonth due to kick Numberss but some topographic points are going out of control. There will ne'er be a halt in medical research and promotion, it is merely non within worlds to in any manner hinder their lives in a negative manner, no affair age, race, gender, economic category people would prefer to populate longer than

shorter. With this being said there is no manner the terminal consequence can be avoided, and no medical specialty or research can reason otherwise. We are populating longer than we have of all time earlier, non because our lives are so much greater or we have more consumer goods, merely medical engineering can maintain us alive for a greater period of clip. In a manner the promotion of human engineering in peculiar medical specialty can be our ruin if the populations continue to increase at the rates they have been.

The increasing figure of people in this universe has been an issue that has likely been tucked under the carpet for some clip as more intimidating issues, those of the here and now are more of import. It is though we all know where we are headed and are non certain how the universe will respond allow alone how the people will last in an environment that has to be shared with even more worlds. The day-to-day promotions that took old ages to develop and hone may merely increase a individual 's enjoyment of life by a little border, but many times that alteration can be more drastic. I do non see an terminal in sight for human population enlargement in my life-time at least ; there is no practical manner out of the job that would be effectual, or moral in my books. The day-to-day strive to better a individual 's life and the sum of clip they have on this Earth is a human passion, concern and an industry that will ne'er decelerate down. It 's non that we are n't cognizant of what

we are making ; can and will finally take to an addition of the population ; it is because most value life at the highest precedence second is normally money and so wellness. Within our milieus behind the walls of money, fancy autos, and large houses are the true things that affair in life, personal wellness. As a society or more specifically a western society, mercenary points are perceived to be the greatest plus, but personal wellness can non be purchased. One may be able to alter their hair coloring material, skin tone, even their gender but we can non alter the organic structure we have been given. The belief that wellness is the most of import plus in a individual 's life is one overlooked by most who take it for granted, merely when it can be taken off from you is at that place a sudden realisation, that ground most people. The consequences are unknown of what 2050 will convey with the projected population addition, all we can make in our lives is be able to prolong our universe so those after us can bask the things we had the chance to make. I do non wish to command the human population for that is non mine nor is it anyone 's right to state who can non be born into this universe and can bask what experiences life has to offer. It is what we do with the clip that we have here is what makes our lives worth life, jobs will originate on a planetary graduated table and that is apprehensible but to take away the gift of life or to

set a bound on life is merely immoral. Populations will turn and resources will be stressed no uncertainty, but there are ways around barriers and our society has had a bent for happening these traffic circles. A terminally sick professor who merely had months to populate puts it absolutely `` We can non alter the cards we are dealt, merely how we play the manus '' this applies for all the jobs in the universe we are faced with together as people in the yesteryear, nowadays every bit good as the hereafter and the 1s we encounter on an single degree cohesively.

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