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In order to organize people in organization, Human resource management, which is an important, effective and vastly used branch of management, is used. Research has proved the importance and effectiveness of Human Resource Management and its contribution in the success of a business.

Human Resource Management is an important part of Management. It helps the management to identify the skills, knowledge, values required in the employee so that the organization can achieve its goals.Like all other branches of the management it is the duty of Human Resource management to ensure that human resources will be available to the organization at an optimal cost. This is the key area of Human Resource management.

The Human Resource manager has to play a very important role in the organization. He often has to play the role of a consultant in the organization. The human resource manager can provide the advice to the other executives of the organization to tackle the persons who are working under their supervision.This is where the Human Resource manager performs the duties of a consultant.

As an executive he has to make sure that the routine activities of his area are running smoothly. Walt Disney Company The foundation of the Walt Disney Company was laid by two brothers Walt Disney and Roy in 1922. In the end of the decade of 1990s, Walt Disney Company transformed into a multi-billion dollar company and was worth $ 23 billion (Ellwood, 1998). The success story of Walt Disney Company was started from the year 1928, when they started using sound in their cartoon shows (Gomery, 1994).The first feature-length animated movie of Walt Disney Company was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was released in 1937 and proved to be a total success.

This paper examines the ways in which the international human resource management policies of Walt Disney Company might be influenced by a decision to set up a new subsidiary in China. Effects of Culture on Management Policies Most of the scholars agreed that the field of management must be viewed in a broad perspective because of the environmental influence on management practices.The cross-cultural study of management involves the study of management cultural variables, which tend to have an impact on management practices in different cultures. Managing and organizing are culturally dependent because they do not consist of making or moving tangible objectives, but of manipulating symbols, which have meaning to the people who are managed. “The internal environment within which managers work includes corporate culture, production technology, organization structure, and physical facilities.

Of these, corporate culture has surfaced as extremely important to competitive advantage.The internal culture must fit the needs of the external environment and company strategy. When this happens, highly committed employees create a high-performance organization that is tough to beat” (Wiener, 1988). According to Davis, in every company there is a company way of doing things, which has a powerful influence on the way people behave inside the firm. This is the corporate culture and it has a major impact on a company’s ability to carry out its objectives and its plans, and that is especially true when the corporation is making an important shift in its strategies (Davis, 1984).It has been said that the climate of an organization is, “psychological environments in which behavior of individuals occur” (Ott, 1998).

Culture can be defined as the set of key values, beliefs, understandings, and norms shared by members of an organization (Kilmann, Saxton, Serpa, 1986). Culture represents the unwritten, informal norms that bind organization members together. Culture can be analyzed at visible and invisible levels (Schein, 1984).

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