HR Certification

What are the three elements of the Cintas Corporate Culture?
The Principle Objective, Corporate Character (what are some aspects of corporate character), Management Systems
Recite the Principal Objective.
We will exceed the customers’ expectations while maximizing the long term value of Cintas for its shareholders and working partners
Give an example of when the Principal Objective was referenced when making a decision at your location
When hiring, and we want to make not so great hiring decisions and compromise some of our standards, just because we need help RIGHT THEN . However, when we discuss it from a principle objective standpoint, we realize that that decision will only benefit us SHORT TERM and is not maximizing the long term value of Cintas for its working partners. It will actually make it harder on our partners if we make a decision like that.
What are some ways you can ensure the Corporate Culture is kept alive at your location?
-pre-information exchange form (corporate culture aspect)
-professional (when handling situations)
-spirit day (corporate culture jeopardy, GM will talk about corporate culture).
-Start every meeting with a snippet about our corporate culture
-making decisions (principle objective)
-sending people to corporate culture
-giving spirit is the difference book
During the interview process, we want to ask behavioral questions and avoid leading or theoretical questions. Give an example of a Behavioral, Leading and Theoretical question.
Behavioral: Tell me about a time when. Ex: tell me about a time when you handled an irate customer. STAR method

Leading: Working in the field as an SSR is exciting don’t you think? Answer is usually yes or no…..leading them into it.
You discipline your employees don’t you?
That’s the point in the sale when you try to close right?

Theoretical: What are you strengths and weaknesses?
What kind of company are you looking for?
How would you handle disciplinary action? (maybe an MT. They can’t pull from an exact circumstance….how would you handle it. But not behavioral)

What are some recruiting sources that can be utilized to help us meet our diversity hiring goals?
Vet Ready, Arc Industries, OOD, Matt Disher and his team at corporate, Chris refugee camp, diverse organizations on campus’
Why is it important to follow the interview guides when conducting interviews
-comparing apples to apples.
-we avoid getting into conversations about medical or family situations
– asking questions that pertain to their past employment history, and how they respond to certain situations.
-helps eliminate the halo effect
-avoids asking overlapping questions. Mix it up, but can ask similar questions because you want to be sure answers line up
-have same opportunity to provide information on their background, skills, etc.
You need to hire a Uniform Sales Rep-in-Training
You are promoting a Uniform SSR to STC and need to fill the SSR route. You have an SSR-in-Training who is ready for a promotion to SSR
C. You have an open STC position and you are going to have an MT fill the position as one of their rotations
You are promoting a Customer Service Representative to an Office Manager
Joe is a graduating Management Trainee and will become an Assistant Account Manager
You want to transfer Jane, uniform sales rep out of location 123, to an open uniform sales territory at location 458
Where will you find the documented hiring profile for a position
Staffing System
Description section of the job
Click on the name of the position
When you’re selecting a template that is really what you’re doing
What is an Information Exchange Meeting and why is it important in the Meticulous Hiring process?
-determine conflicting stories
-objective: decide whether or not you want to hire someone
-determine reasons that they left last job
-compare different red flags
-make sure that everyone is on the same page
-not making a decision based on one person’s opinion
What do you say to an applicant when they begin to give you information that is not job related or starts moving into topics that are protected categories?
-stop, im sorry to hear that
We do not take that into consideration when making hiring decisions at Cintas
Role Play:
Have the certifying partner sell Cintas to a potential hourly Production partner
-growing company
-40 hours a week
-set schedule (hours will not change, no weekend work)
-been around for a long time
-benefits (nurses line, EAP)
-good safety culture
-partner perks
-career advancement
-incentive pay
Have the certifying HR partner sell Cintas to a potential SSR partner
-4 day work week
-growth opportunity
-coaching and development
-engagement activities
-good safety culture
Role Play:
Is the response below an effective response? If not, what follow up question would you ask?

Interview Question #3 (have the certifying HR partner read the question): Tell me about the last time you went beyond the requirements of your job to accomplish a goal or objective.

Candidate Response (have a board member read the response): “That was just yesterday. I had one of my customers call and want to change an order they placed earlier in the week. I had already processed the order and knowing our warehouse it was probably already completed and ready to be shipped. I had to go back to the warehouse and talk to the warehouse supervisor. He told me that the order was complete and in the shipping department ready to go out. I then went to the shipping department and pulled the order.”

What is the typical process that is followed when filling an order? What is your usual involvement in that process? How did you respond to the customer when they called in and expressed their complaint/concern? What was the result of your effort/going above the job requirements?

-what part of the STAR method is missing?
Results were missing

An organization that you network with frequently for “good faith” purposes has referred a candidate to you who speaks limited English. Your contact has agreed to provide a translator for you to use in the interview. What do you do?
10. Role Play:
An organization that you network with frequently for “good faith” purposes has referred a candidate to you who speaks limited English. Your contact has agreed to provide a translator for you to use in the interview. What do you do?
I would thank them for their partnership and hard work to send us qualified candidates. However, I would need to let them know that safety is extremely important to us, and for that reason, we only hire those who can speak enough English to make it through an interview without an interpreter.

-exception would be hearing impaired. You can write to them and they can understand

-can’t engage them completely if you can’t speak to them

-unions, can’t engage them because you don’t speak their language

1. What positions must be posted in the Staffing System
Every position, other than when a route becomes available. An SSRIT just takes the position then.

-sales rep in training moving into a permanent category
-all positions below GM level and above

If you post a requisition externally, do you also have to post it internally? Why or Why Not?
Yes. Because if those outside of our company know about the opportunity, then everyone inside of our company should know it is available.
3. How long do you have to post requisitions internally?
5 business days, then you can open it up externally. However, as long as a position is posted externally, it should also be posted internally.
Can a requisition be created directly in the Staffing System?
No. Ensuring that GM is approving the requisition
What should I do if I receive a paper resume?
Tell them I can only take the resume for contact information, and all applications are done online

-send it back with a letter that says they need to submit an application online
– (there is a sample letter in C-152)

What is the definition of an ACE (Abilities/Certifications/Experience) candidate?
They meet all the requireds of the job, and therefore are allowed to be clicked on in the staffing system, and considered for a position.
What icon indicates that a candidate is an Ace candidate in the Staffing System?
a star
8. You had an internal candidate apply that you feel should be an Ace candidate, but the system is not showing them as an Ace Candidate. What should you do?
Meet with them to create a development plan, and do not consider them as a candidate for the position that time around.

-let them know that they are not meeting the minimum requirements for a position. Go back in and make sure you have answered all the questions accurately.

-never lead them to make changes

9. How do you create an Organization unit in HR WorkWays?
-typing it to operations, sales, or HR
-ties it to the right budget, and right managers
-ex: when sales reps came to G62, she didn’t have a place to put them
-request an org management template from Hewitt (HRWW)
-who has access to send it up….get it officially posted….Gary
10. Who has access to send the completed ORG Management Template to Hewitt?
What is a Parent ORG unit?
Next org up in the hierarchy, in the change of command
-must mirror the manager, partner relationship
Ex: we’re in the Midwest group HR org
-Gary is in the parent org unit
12. How often should you run the ORG Audit Report?
-at least quarterly. Suggested monthly
-making sure reports to relationships are correct
You are reviewing the positions in your Sales ORG unit and discover an Operations position. How do you move it to be in the correct Ops ORG unit?
-position management
-select the correct position
-change the org unit

-org unit is a group of related positions (6 organization levels in HRWW)

Have the candidate present the 3-5 minute PowerPoint presentation on the overview of the MT program that they created as part of the written assessment. The PowerPoint presentation with talking points should have been submitted with the written assessment.
What resources will you utilize to recruit diverse candidates into the Management Trainee program?
– Asian Business Students Association at OSU,
-African American fraternities and sororities
-partner with Roosevelt Williams at Central State University for diverse candidates,
-culture specific clubs at OSU and Muskingham,
-multicultural office,
– diverse career fairs
-athletic department
1. It is time for projections for next fiscal year. What report will help you and your General Manager project training costs for your location for the upcoming year?
-learning needs report
-TOD (seminars listed, cost of what the seminars cost the location)
-will show you which managers need to go to what classes
2. Today is March 24th and the Corporate Compliance Policies TOD is to be completed by all supervisors and managers by March 31st. What steps would you take to ensure all training is completed on time?
-send out email every week
-set it to go to my email twice a week
-go in with paper saying, “have you been able to get this done?” It will help me on my peak….
-give them a deadline
-change the dates on the report. If date says the 24th then say it will be the 18th.
-Gary runs report Monday at 11 am
What tools and resources are available to you and your location to assist with the training and development of your partners?
-sites, HR, training and development, Learning and Development Library
-emails from Jennifer Mueller that tell about new courses available at corporate
-FYI book (for your improvement book)…..if someone is struggling with __________, you can assign them to read that chapter of the book. Book titles in the back with other activities that you could have them do
-Gary ideas
-benchmarking trips
-presenting in a meeting
-taking the lead on a project
-depends on who it is and what is going to reach them
-mentoring an MT
-presenting at a GM meeting
-working with Marvin on a group wide 6 sigma project
-3 to 5 things for each supervisor and manager, can all have different deadlines
What is the Learning & Development Library and what is it used for?
A tool for development of managers. It gives suggestions of ways to improve yourself, based on specific areas of necessary development. Ex: books to read, courses to attend, activities to participate in, seminars
You have a manager and a direct report who are struggling to work well together. What could you suggest to help them?
A sit down meeting with you mediating. Have them each write down the one thing that is bothering them the most, and 2 ideas on ways of making it better/solving the issue. Then have them share those with each other and commit to finding one area they are going to commit to fixing. Help them schedule a meeting to follow up and see if they have been able to make progress solving the problem.

-have them spend a day doing the other persons job with them
-have some meetings around HBDI and see how you can better relate to each other
-manager assimilation (sit managers down. What do you know about Jay? What do you want to know about Jay? What do you need Jay to take action on within the next 90 days? What do you want Jay to know about you right now?)
-start, stop , continue exercise

When should partners receive a copy of their job description?
first day at Cintas
and then if they switch positions, the first day of the new position, and major changes to the job
Why is it important to have a well documented job description? How is it used?
-what you expect from people in their job.
-identifies the essential functions of a job (what is essential according to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards and what you need to be successful in the job)
-hold partners accountable
-sets out the requireds of the job
-helps with performance reviews
Outline the steps a partner should take when communicating their questions, concerns, and/or problems to management.
Policy C-14 (communication)
Speak to their direct supervisor, their supervisors supervisor (GM), safety improvement committee or HR, and direct line
What type of information should be reported to the Direct Line?
Ethical, discrimination, harassment, theft
3. What are the three ways to report an incident to the Direct Line?
Somehow online (, call the phone number
What does it mean to have an Open Door policy?
A partner can go to any member of management at any time to discuss an issue. They do not have to go “up the chain of command”. They can bring up anything to anyone at anytime. Always have the door open.
1. What is the purpose of the Partner Reference Guide?
To outline the major policies and procedures that should be followed at Cintas. Something for partners to refer back to when they have questions on vacation, benefits, info covered in orientation whenever they need to throughout their employment.

-general information and policies that would apply to anybody
-employee handbook

What information is contained in the Partner Reference Guide?
-history, culture, policies, general philosophies
When do partners receive a copy of the Partner Reference Guide?
The first day of employment, big change in the reference guide
How do we know if a partner received a copy of the Partner Reference Guide?
They sign the tear out page of the reference guide and we put it in their personnel file.
What is the difference between Performance Management and Progressive Discipline?
Performance Management
-creating development plans
-setting SMART goals
-working to challenge and improve a partners performance
-overall development of the partner

Progressive Discipline:
-occurs after coaching, when a partner is still not performing as expected. Doesn’t meet minimum acceptable standards.
-They first get a verbal written, first written, 2nd written, termination.

What are some of the advantages of having partners complete a self-review?
-You can use things they say as a catalyst for coaching and praise.

-You also know whether or not they are conscious of their weak areas or not.

-If not, you know you need to coach them differently and have different kinds of conversations based on what they think of themselves.

-prepare yourself ahead of time

-forces them to self-reflect and take the time to actually think about their performance

-gets them bought in to the development

Explain the concept of cascading goals and give an example.
-helping front line partners understand a large goal
-ex: reduce lost business, customer retention, WIFM (what’s in it for me)
What type of performance events should be tracked throughout the performance review cycle?
Same kinds of things you would do documented conversations for.
-what theyre doing well
-what they need to improve upon
-coaching sessions
-progress on action items and projects
What is the SMART model and how is it used?
Specific (who, what, when, where, how),
Actionable (specific things they can do to improve)
Time bound
6. The following is an excerpt from a performance review that your service manager sends to you to approve. What feedback do you provide to the service manager?

Goals/ Actual Comments/
Job Description Performance Rating Specific Examples
No Delinquent 2.7 delinquent 3 Joe has done a nice job of
Renewals renewals staying on top of his renewals.
More improvement is needed
with delinquents that are one
year out as well as current

-He needs a 2, needs improvement, not a 3 which means good.
-Contradictory. Says he is doing a nice job, but needs improvement
What is the succession management software and who is tracked in our system? What is the HR Manager’s role in succession planning?
-Management, supervisors, MTs
-Making slides, talking through development plans with the GM
-staying on top of development planning throughout the year
What are some tools available for preparing development plans? What activities may be included on the plans?
-stretch assignments
-leading projects
-joining a group
-staying on top of business trends by subscribing to a magazine
How do you ensure the development plans are executed?
Set specific check in points where you can see if they are accomplishing the small goals on their way to the end goals of the development plans.

-GM following up once a quarter in debriefs. Or frequently

-tracking system. Look at TMS and see if it has been updated.

What is the Production Incentive Pay Plan? – RENTAL ONLY
Partner has 4 weeks to hit 90% standard, and then they transition from an hourly rate, to being paid per piece they hang. They get paid more if they hang more.

-paid for performance

What type of SSRs are paid according the SSR Pay Plan? – RENTAL ONLY
-industrial routes
-uniform, FS, super routes, sanis
SSRs who have passed the SSR certification and have their own route
How are Rental SSRs in Training Paid? – RENTAL ONLY
Hourly, $15 an hour
What are the components of the SSR Pay Plan – RENTAL ONLY
$15 hourly pay: first 39 days

Base pay+commission

Direct sales
Renewal bonus (up to $500 monthly. Tiered. 5-10=certain amt, etc.)
Quarterly growth bonus….up to $2,000….((price increase+adds)-(stops+lost business))
Sales leads (2 to 1, up to $200)
Premium pay- about half of hourly rate, policy R3702

Policy 8702
-base pay
-other commissions (turn in a lead, sales leads, new rental business, CRT, quarterly contests)
-overtime or premium pay
-monthly bonus (delinquent renewals)…..look at policy for exact amounts
-quarterly growth bonus

How often are sales commissions calculated and paid?
-based on volume
-installed new business
-have to stay for 4 weeks to get commission
-average of first and fourth week of volume
What are sales commissions based upon
What steps must be taken if an hourly partner forgets to clock in or out?
They should tell their manager. Manager has until 6pm on Monday to go into payroll and adjust their time.

-partner should fill out a time sheet adjustment form. They sign it. Could go in personnel files or binder where time sheet adjustment forms go.

You have a partner with a good work record that has been assigned a big project and the deadline is fast approaching. When reviewing payroll this week you noticed that she has worked 3 hours of overtime which you did not approve. What do you do?
You must pay her for it. However, you should sit down with her and ask lots of questions. See what the reason was that she stayed overtime. Let her explain her story, and do not assume anything. Then tell her that if she is approaching 40 hours and thinks she may go over, she needs to let you know. Set the standard again, and then record the coaching session.
Is severance pay and pay in lieu of notice per the employment agreement the same thing? Explain your answer
Pay in lieu of notice:
-SSR comes in to give you a notice
-has to have an employment agreement on file
-get 2 weeks paid out to them

-for reduction in force.
-could be a mutual consent package
-1 week of pay for every year you have worked there

What is the detail allocation report?
-related to workers comp
-how much we have incurred already
-general liability claims (when we’re sued, customer tripped over floor mat)
-auto expenses
-look at $ outstanding in reserves. Money our location has already paid. We’re fighting to get it back
What are claims reserves?
Dollar amount set aside that we need to close the claim/pay all the bills from the claim.
-estimated from the get go and put in the reserves (month by month they re-evaluate and add to the reserve)
How do you report a workers’ compensation, automobile accident or general liability claim?
Call it into Sedgewick within 24 hours.
-update safety logic
What is considered an OSHA recordable injury?
lost time, work restrictions, medical treatment, prescriptions, death
What is considered a First Aid case?
Use of anything in first aid cabinet to help an injury. Band aids, cotton balls, gauze pads, Neosporin, ibuprofen….TWEEZERS ARE NOT FIRT AID.
6. Should First Aid only cases be added to Safety logic?
Don’t have to. No second doctors visit, no prescription, and no lost days you do not need to.
Good practice to call it in so it gets in the system. If they have to go back to the doctor it has already been reported.

-on first aid site!!!

-Use of non prescriptions meds
-Tetnus shot
-wound coverings
-non rigid means of support
-draining fluid from blister

How are First Aid claims paid?
-not called into safety logic, paid directly by the location through the budget (almost like drug testing and DOT physicals)
How are claims closed?
closed in safety logic because they are no longer going to doctor, doctor treatment ended, and no more lost days of work.
-call Sedgewick and tell them that case is closed
9. Where do I go to find information about monthly safety training requirements?
Safety and health resources, rental, monthly safety training
10. What is the safety scorecard and what is the most recent score for your location?
-what we get audited on
-audit all your safety stuff
-99.44% is our most recent score. Coming up in 6 months
-be sure all safety procedures are being done accurately
11. What are the consequences if the location does not pass the safety scorecard?
97% is passing
Fail-re-audit within 60-90 days
Fail a second time, the business unit president/vice president will issue a final written warning for the GM
12. What must the HR Manager do if it is discovered during the process of running an MVR for a current partner that the partner has a suspended drivers’ license or other violation on their MVR report?
Pull them off the road.
Put them on some sort of personal leave so they can get it re-instated
Could potentially term them.
See if there is another job in the location that they could fill.

If they get it re-instated.
High risk driver form

Follow C-168. They would get “one step of punishment” for not reporting the violation. They should also be written up accordingly for driving without a license.

13. What are the requirements for monthly health and safety training?
Whatever is listed under that month of safety training

Safety training has to be completed by the 25th day of the month
Training for instructor and all completed training for partners has to be filed in specific binders
The training has to be keyed by the 25th in the TMS

14. What is Safetylogic?
Where all work related injuries, work related first aid cases if more than 1 doctors visit, and accidents are recorded.

-can generate OSHA logs

15. How often should Safetylogic be updated?
What does TIR mean and how is it calculated?
Total incident rate.
TIR = #OSHA injuries x 200,000
Actual hours worked

200,000 is the annual hours for 100 full time partners (40 hrs/wk x 50 weeks/yr)

How can a location determine their TIR for the month? What is your location’s current TIR?
-run a report in safety logic
-rich gerlach send it out
-what is locations current TIR (it’s on our HR peak)
18. When should the OSHA 300A log be posted at the location and for how long should it remain posted?
Feb 1-April 30st.
A claim that started as a First Aid only claim has now become an OSHA Recordable Claim. What steps do you take to ensure the claim is filed properly?
-add it to safety logic/update it in safety logic
-call it into Sedgewick if it has not been called in
What is a JSA and what is it used for?
Job Safety Analysis. Tells partner the potential hazards, ppe, and safety procedures to follow for their specific job.
-could be function specific
-ex: how to put trolleys up in the stockroom. How to do that job safely
-they sign those once a year
What is a CSOP and what is the purpose of it?
Cintas Safety Observation Program. Purpose is to do random checks and observations of partners work, to be sure they are working safely.
-new partners have to have one a week done for the first month
-new partner CSOPs get filed in the personnel file
-any partner who has had an OSHA recordable injury has to have one a week done for a month
-each partner has to have one done once a quarter
22. What are the 3 parts of the Safety Vision?
-Be a world class leader in safety
-every partner engaged in continuously improving safety
-every partner is injury free
23. What safety training should a temporary employee receive?
The large 75 slide slideshow and then the assessment that goes with it. Any additional job specific training for the position that prints out when you click the specific job on the new safety site.
1. What are the 5 core attributes of the Cintas Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and highlight some components of each?
Partner engagement
Supplier diversity
Corporate citizenship
Multi cultural marketing

Pretty Sure Cintas Makes Garments

2. How does embracing diversity benefit Cintas?
We get diversity of thought, background, experiences, ideas so that we can better our company and everyone does not think in the same way. We are going to have more success in the long run.
What things can you do at your location to support an inclusive environment?
– 5 items about themselves to the rest of the department
-Have a cultural day where people dress in native clothing to their country and bring in a food from their country.
-Have activities or safety activities where people are forced to work in different groups than they normally would.
-diversity week or month
-diversity in a box (help you come up with materials that you can share with partners)
-bulletin board that focuses on diversity
-table with handouts
-lunch and learns
What do the 3 C’s stand for and provide examples of each?

Simple 6

What are some things you can/are doing at your location to promote security, trust and loyalty and to goodwill partners (as we do our customers) which promotes an issue free environment?
-walking around plant
-informal and formal fun events
-coffee chats
-executing engagement survey action items
-following up with partners
partner comes to your office and explains that he went out after work. A man approached the partner asking about our benefits and wages. The man told the partner if he signed a card, he would get a guaranteed $4000 bonus at the end of each year, a new truck, an extra 3 weeks of vacation and 10 personal days a year. The partner asks you what he should do about signing the card. How do you respond?
Cannot: Threaten, Interrogate, Promise, or Spy

Can: Facts, Opinions, Experiences

Union cannot promise anything. They can’t promise it because they have not seen the terms between the company and union.
It would be someone who is preventing communication between me and partner
-benefits could be better, or they could be worse
-The card is a legal binding contract. Could take the place of a secret ballot election. That union to be your representative at Cintas
-open door policy would be different
-management couldn’t help you in the plant

1. List the steps required when preparing for an investigation.
c-123 checklist
Midwest group investigation checklist
2. The 5 W’s and H Method
3. Describe key indicators in determining witness credibility.
Past experiences
Do they have a bad history with the partner they’re having an issue with?
Consistency in story and what they’re telling you
Any bias?
Look to see if they have had any write ups and performance reviews
4. When conducting an investigation that may require descriptive details such as an injury or an accident, what is the most important step the investigator should complete?
Visit the area where the incident took place
5. What must a witness statement include?
Location, city and state
Department they work in
6. What type of questions should be prepared in advance of interviewing the complainant and witness? Provide examples of these questions.
Open ended
General to more specific
Tell me about….
Follow up questions as you go
Clarify….What did you mean by such and such
Tell me about your relationship with________

Tell me what you saw in the cafeteria yesterday
Drill down to be more specific

7. A customer contacted the GM with suspected employee theft. The customer stated that a SSR was rumored to be selling paper products to the customer’s employees while servicing the account.

The SSR is a 20 year partner with no history of performance related problems, until the new GM arrived a year ago. The new GM changed start times for SSRs and made a few other changes at the location that has upset many of the SSRs and has caused tension between management and SSRs, especially, the SSR accused of selling product from his truck. On several occasions, the GM and this particular SSR have had confrontations regarding the changes implemented by the GM.

The GM visited the customer and believed the allegation to be credible. Based on the customer conversation, the GM wants to bring in the SSR and terminate immediately for theft and customer complaints. How should the HR Manager handle the situation?

Any evidence that we have been missing product?
Talk to the SSR and suspend them.
Did the customer see exactly who the SSR was selling to?
Have GM record his conversation with the customer
Written documentation
Written documentation from manager
Call Gary
1. What are the four steps, in order, when documenting progressive discipline using C-123, Exhibit D?
Verbal, written, second written, termination
2. What is the difference between a coaching session and a verbal warning?
Coaching: want you to get better, want you to improve

Verbal warning: happens after coaching, formalized, discipline. Feels much more one sided

there are 12 examples of major infractions in Corporate Policy C-123, Please name at least five.
Cut and paste
Gross misconduct
Alcohol use
Is a partner required to sign a partner disciplinary documentation?
Have a manager sign acknowledging that the partner refused to sign it

Not saying they agree or disagree with the form. It is still being issued.

Can attach a page saying why they disagree with it

If a partner asks for a copy of a write up, do we give them a copy?
Yes. We give them a copy always after we give it to them.
What is the role of Human Resources during disciplinary and termination events?
3rd party
Remain an escalation point so the partner can come to you
GM direct report being termed then you should be in there
Should not issue management
Do we complete a write up for a partner that is about to be terminated?
Yes. New c-123 exhibit
1. If you want to run a turnover report for an entire location, how do you do that?
Reports and analytics
Turnover reports
Where do you run turnover reports?
3. Today is March 1st and you want to run the turnover report for the month of February. Are you able to do so?
6th business day of the following month
If a partner voluntarily leaves Cintas today, how long will his/her termination affect the turnover for your location?
12 months
5. What factors go in to calculating the cost of turnover?
Time you spent training
Productivity/work load
Drug tests
Background checks
You have 50% turnover at your location. What would you do?
Follow up interviews and trends about why they have left
Check reference guides and look for trends
Check exit interviews
Hire temps for the plant so it takes pressure off current partners
Hard core recruiting
Pull in hangers and see why people are leaving
Go out and hang and see what is happening
Try to find the root cause
What are the two types of sexual harassment specifically prohibited under the Workplace Harassment Prevention policy? Explain each type.
1. Sexual demands : threat by a supervisor or manager that some kind of adverse action is going to be taken against them (with held review/raise, take their lunch away) unless they agree to whatever the supervisor is telling them to do.

2. Hostile work environment: by co-workers. Offensive, verbal teasing or jokes, repeated sexual flirtations, physical contact, making sexual gestures

A Sales Representative tells you about a contact at one of her accounts who has repeatedly asked her out on a date during her visits and is calling her cell phone constantly. She has told him “no” and asked him not to call her several times. She has asked you not to tell anyone. What should you do?
Need to know basis. Will try to keep it as confidential as possible. Possibly make some changes so you will not feel awkward. Trust me that I will not tell anyone that does not need to know. We are obligated to act on it.

Conduct an investigation. Have sales manager talk to contact. May need to call HR at the other customer.

Remove her from the account and have someone else finish the account. Have her block his phone number.

How do we train our hourly partners regarding workplace harassment?
Ongoing training once a year…..due by June 30th. Try to get it done during May with all other stuff coming up

First day you go over it and they sign off on the agreement.

What is Affirmative Action? Why is it necessary for Cintas to have an Affirmative Action Plan?
We are a government contractor
Every location with at least 50 partners has to have an AAP plan
2. What agency monitors our affirmative action to ensure compliance?
Office of federal contractors and compliance programs
3. What is the HR Manager’s role in an OFCCP audit?
AAP plan, good faith efforts, gathering data and submitting it
30 days to respond
Reach out to corporate and they will help us figure out all that needs to be sent in
4. Present the PowerPoint presentation that was created as part of the written assessment on Affirmative Action and the locations’ plan to meet the AAP goals. The PowerPoint should include the following:

1. The Plan Year
2. What are the location’s hiring goals?
3. How did the location do against their hiring goals last year?
4. What areas need improvement

The PowerPoint presentation along with talking points should have been submitted with the written assessment.

Under what reduction in force situation is the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act list used? What information is required to be on the list?
Over 40, that is when it kicks in. RIF paperwork given on their last day (severance agreement, etc.). Include this list. Job titles and ages of employees who are selected for involuntary termination. This would come from Gary. We are required to give this list to partners when they leave.
explain WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988).
if any business is closing

-protection to workers and families
-if you have 50 or more employees
-have to give 60 days notification to employees

Give two examples of when a Cintas location would be affected by WARN
-mass reduction in work force resulting in employment loss where at least 33% of work force will lose their job
-if we are closing one of our plants ex: when they closed cocomo and Lafayette and opened frankfurt
How many weeks of FMLA are Cintas partners entitled to?
12 weeks required by government. Unpaid leave
Cintas gives 16 weeks
Family and Medical Leave of Absence
Anything medical related
Sedgewick, and have 15 days to get the paperwork to sedgewick once they apply for the leave

If it’s pending leave and Sedgewick denies it……..protected leave. Do not give points

FMLA: have to be a partner for 1 year

Short term disability: 2 years. one week waiting period.
Production and office: get 75% of pay

Service and managers: immediately. get 60% of pay
-we don’t have to offer short term disability, but we do as a benefit

c-159: leaves of absence

2. What is intermittent FMLA leave and what situations qualify a partner to utilize intermittent FLMA?
-not all in one chunk. Could be 2 hours, 15 minutes, a couple days.
-depends on what doctor has put in FMLA paperwork
-any kind of medical condition qualifies (treatment, go see a doctor for that condition, day when not feeling well related to that condition, arthritis, back pain, asthma)
-can use intermittent FMLA for family member care
Which leaves can run concurrently with FMLA?
Short term, workers comp, long term (not all partners have this. LTD deductions=long term disability deductions on their pay check)

We want them to exhaust both at the same time so they can’t talk half a year off of work or something ridiculous like that.

Leave taken under FMLA is job protected. What does this mean?
-we can’t give them points or punish them for missing work due to FMLA leave
-can’t terminate them
-when they come back they have to be given the same job, or similar job (probably the same wage scale class)
Why is a personal leave different from other leaves of absence?
-up to 13 weeks are available for personal leave
-no paperwork. Email is sent to manager or supervisor. They just need to respond back with approval.
-also need to do an ADA request along with every personal leave if it’s medical related
-can be for any kind of reason (ex: going to home country)
-cannot do an intermittent personal leave.
-at least 3 days in a row
-not job protected. Don’t have to return them to the same or similar job.
6. You have an SSR come to you and state that when he informed his manager that he would be gone the two weeks prior to the 4th of July holiday for his annual National Guard training the manager got angry and stated that time off during the holidays was not permitted. The manager stated that if he had to be off then he was going to have to use his vacation time because he couldn’t afford for him to be off during the holiday and then be off an additional two weeks during the year. What do you do?
-do not use vacation
-tell them to call Sedgewick
-talk to manager and let them know how military leave works
-coach them on EQ
What partners are eligible for participation in the Cintas Health and Welfare benefits plans?
all full time employees. Work over 30 hours a week
Who is considered an eligible dependent under the Cintas benefit plans?
spouse, child (under the age of 26), adopted child, step-child, legal guardianship, disabled dependent, same sex partner (show joint ownership of something), court ordered mandate (ex: have to take responsibility for a family member) c-128
If a new partner is unsure about whether or not they would like to enroll in benefits during their initial enrollment period what would you tell them regarding their eligibility to enroll or make changes to their Health and Welfare benefits?
-30 days, or open enrollment (October)
-significant life change (death of spouse, divorce, adoption, birth of a child, loss of dependency, loss of previous coverage, marriage)
How would you explain the Partners Plan program to a new partner?
-profit sharing, ESOP, 401k
-401k: up to 10% of annual income (discretionary)
-ESOP: based on years of service
-profit sharing: based on years of service and income (more heavily weighted on years of service)

Calculation for ESOP and Profit Sharing
* 1 point for every $100 of eligible compensation PLUS
5 points for every year of service (defined by plan)
* Then the partner’s points are divided by the total points of all participants to determine a percentage
* This percentage is multiplied by the total amount of the Company PS/ESOP contribution allocated to determine the PS/ESOP contribution made to the partner’s account

If a partner comes to you with questions regarding assistance available to them for personal family related issues, what resources could you direct them to?
EAP: Employee Assistance Program
Anthem EAP (800) 865-1044
-dependent daycare, legal help, alcohol and drug dependency, financial assistance
Find the phone number on the benefits site
What is COBRA?
Consolidated omnibus reconciliation act
-law that extends your benefits after employment has ended.
Medical, dental, and vision for 18 months.
1. Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was enacted in 1993 and allows partners to take reasonable unpaid leave for certain family events and medical reasons. What policy outlines FMLA and who is eligible to receive FMLA?
-eligible: full time or part time after 1 year of service, AND have workd 1,250 hours that year
Policy c-159
What events qualify for Family Medical Leave?
Health issue with yourself or an immediate family member
Religious Accommodation:
After two months with Cintas a male SSR comes to work unshaven for several days. He has a full beard and mustache. When confronted by his manager the partner responds that he needs to wear a beard to conform with religious requirements. What do you do?
-consult with Gary Ford
-request validation from religious establishment
-allow them, because otherwise we would be discriminating based on religion
You have reasonable suspicion to believe that a partner is currently impaired by drugs or alcohol on the job. What steps do you take?
-you appear to be medically impaired, and I am concerned about you, and am concerned for the partners around you
-I am going to request that you go and see our medical provider. Part of that is a drug and alcohol screen.
-drive them to and from the testing center
-if they refuse, then investigation and suspension
-2 managers visually confirming impairment. Can’t be a supervisor

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