How The Internet has Affected the Music Industry Essay Example
How The Internet has Affected the Music Industry Essay Example

How The Internet has Affected the Music Industry Essay Example

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  • Published: October 22, 2017
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When Tim-Berners Lee dreamt up the. so. brainsick thought. of an inter-global web. I’m certain really few people had the same optimism in believing that it could go on in the hereafter.

Over the last 10 old ages. the Internet has evolved from merely web pages to electronic mail. to online gambling. to sing athletics and movie prevues. and to purchasing and downloading music online. The Internet has now become one of the music industry’s greatest markets. estimated to make over 25 % of gross revenues in five old ages. This may be true. yet the Internet is besides one of the music industries greatest enemies.

For some old ages now online shopping has been available to anyone with a recognition card and an Internet connexion. E-commerce retail merchants such as Amazon. com sell everything from garden tools. to C. D’s and mini-discs. It is merely in the last twosome old ages nevertheless. that online shopping has taken off. Before this the public and concerns likewise had non been taking full advantage of this phenomenal plus. which has been proven to salvage companies 1000000s. It was merely with the creative activity of Windows 98 and other Internet plans that people were certain that their recognition card Numberss and personal inside informations could non be viewed by another individual. or ‘hacked’ . Once this immense hurdle was overcome. the manner we used the Internet and the consequence it had on the music industry had changed everlastingly.

The stopping point relationship between the Internet and the music industry has led to man


y dramatic revolutions. First of all it has changed the manner in which we purchase music. It has besides opened up a new medium for record companies and instrumentalists to advance their music. and now consumers can listen to music via engineering such as RealAudio. Besides. with peoples Internet connexions acquiring faster all the clip. and now with the innovation broadband Internet. you can listen to music through Internet Radio Stations whilst still surfing the Internet. a new technique called ‘streaming’ .

From a consumers point of position this is all first-class intelligence. and I am certain there is yet more to come. But from the music industry’s position. non all of this new engineering is assisting their cause. Many countries of the music industry have been affected in a bad manner. countries such as instrumentalists and record companies worry about right of first publications. songsters and music publishing houses besides worry about right of first publications. and distributers and high street retail merchants worry about gross revenues. and they should be worried as C. D cargos went down by 7 % in the first six months of 2002. Copyrights are based on control of the market: how and when a right of first publication work is used. So the Internet has changed the foundations of the music industry.

Because it is so easy and cheap to make a web site. this makes it easy to set someone’s copyrighted work on to your web site and the Internet. hence doing it available for anyone to listen to or transcript. As many consumers will still download thi

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copyrighted music for free it is obvious that they do non believe that right of first publications stand for much. This is all portion of a much larger job. commanding the distribution of copyrighted music on the Internet. a undertaking that certainly is near impossible with so many web sites perpetrating right of first publication fraud.

The most celebrated illustration of right of first publication fraud occurred on June 1. 1999. With Microsoft’s supreme laterality over the computer science industry and the Internet. non many other companies get a expression in. In the terminal it took a first twelvemonth university pupil called Shawn Faning with the aid of support from his uncle to interrupt the balance of power. It was with the creative activity of an MP3 web site called Napster that the public truly took to downloading music from the Internet. Up until the formation of Napster. the engineering had been available but had non truly do it into the mainstream. You might state that it was Napster that revolutionised the manner we obtain music from the Internet. non the new engineering.

There was nevertheless. one fatal defect with this web site. All the music that was being ‘shared’ . had copyright to its name. and Napster was utilizing these vocals without paying the record companies. So on December 7. 1999. The Recording Industry Association of America sued Napster for copyright violation. They were inquiring for amendss of $ 100. 000 each clip a vocal was copied. This nevertheless did non halt Napster runing as normal. it was merely when they were sued by the enormously popular stone set Metallica that Napster was prompted to take action. or at least look like they were taking action. It was on October 31. 2000 that Napster announced a new partnership with Bertelsmann-RCA in which Bertelsmann put ?26. 000. 000 into Napster to maintain it traveling. Then on July 26. 2001 a federal justice ordered to close down Napster. but the music industry’s elation did non last long. merely two yearss later it was up and running once more.

Now Napster is working together with major record companies EMI. Sony Music Entertainment and Universal to develop a system where consumers utilizing the service will pay per vocal or a monthly subscription fee. This is a new system. which will try to profit everyone.

So despite the early indicants that all this engineering would travel to blow. Microsoft. the record companies and Internet companies seem to hold sorted themselves out. The Internet may hold one time been a immense enemy for the music industry. but it seems like the Internet is now on its manner to holding an highly positive affect on the music industry.