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It has been more than a decade for the use of internet to be much common in each individual house. The revolution of internet has influenced all types of age groups from seniors to teenagers; from veterans to trainees, each and every person had his way of learning the method and using it for his own convenience. From leisure to fantasy, from shopping to studying from education to gaming, internet had its dominance compared to any other form of medium. Internet became the easiest and the cheapest way to reach the global Market.

Multiple facets were added including attractive advertising, live videos, simplified usages etc. Internet became a good source for marketing and selling products. Internet became the new catalog for product sales for retail companies. Seven of the most extensive source are Abe Books, Alibris, Biblio, BookFinder, ChooseBooks, Ilab,Pages ‘n Pages . With the increase in popularity, increase in usage of the medium for the sale of international, domestic and local product increased.

The medium of internet became popular among many local and small scale firms for advertising their product among vast audience of buyers around the globe. In the last five years with the increase in the use of internet, book purchase through the medium of internet also increased. From fiction to comics, from textbook to novels, book purchase on internet has become the easiest and cheapest method for buying and selling books. On campus bookstore is popular among students in book purchase, but for most sellers the medium of internet is most preferred medium for selling.

Background of the Problem The main purpose of the project study is to explain the increase in popularity of internet based Used Books sales with respect to the methods of transactions that provide these medium a leading edge over others. Online Website for Used Books Bookstore projects had a primary aim of using digitization of books to deliver wider access to a range of books for readers without spending a lot of money. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming a common place.

The reason why we selected Online Bookstore web service is that everybody walking down the street has some idea about bookstores. It is easy to imagine common processes that exist in Bookstore. Used books may be desired for economic, personal, environmental, entertainment reasons etc. Most of the time it is hard to find Used Books from Traditional Bookstore and New books if one is ordering from internet could charge him much . Keeping these two main thing in mind ,we had come out with a need to Design Online Bookstore for Used Books.

In this project report we will explain an exciting voyage down the road of Web services application for Bookstore. From requirements to use cases, to database design, to component frameworks, to user interfaces, we will cover each and every aspect of system design required to build an application with collaborative Web services. Here is the proposed problem definition that appears in a Bookstore (as an example). The example scenario consists of company: Jashanmal’s Books, Wholesale Book and retailer. The Bookstore is limited to target only the customers in specific area and the scope is not wide.

Tahera’s company is merely a wholesale supplier of books. Mostly store has only buyers, because it don’t deals in buying the old books . He has no storefront and no direct customer sales; he simply provides books at wholesale prices to other book suppliers or to limited area customer. The traditional approach is the approach which is preferred by consumer who emphasizes more on instant acquisition of the book rather than price because they don’t have much option to check out or compare the price, so they are bound to buy a new book.

The moment one is growing ,according to his career or interest or need ,He acquires new book while not using the old books ,rather than letting those books to occupy the shelf space you can sell them or can use money to buy new books same time from the web . So the problem solves for selling the books which are not in use for you but could be used for others and to buy the books as per your requirement.

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