Nordstrom SWOT Essay Example
Nordstrom SWOT Essay Example

Nordstrom SWOT Essay Example

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  • Published: September 12, 2017
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Representing people with disablements in their catalogs since 1997. which is rare. This is a strength because it represents all clients of Nordstrom. non go forthing out certain groups because of industry ‘norms’ . This speaks volumes to all clients that Nordstrom recognizes them as persons. but besides. as O’Connell mentioned in an interview. “people with disablements represent a important selling chance with $ 225 billion in discretional income… and companies that understand this will hold a competitory advantage. ” Has a client foremost attitude to distinguish Nordstrom from other high-end retail merchants and section shops and construct client trueness. They are in a extremely competitory market affecting high manner quality points at a premium monetary value. but their service is what drives their concern in. They invest in high quality staff greet clients by name. write personal thank you notes. do follow up calls about satisfaction with merchandises. have big good illuminated shops and adjustment suites. have a monetary value lucifer system. every bit good as a really indulgent no inquiries return policy all combined to maintain their clients every bit satisfied as they can.

Find a survey that talks about service drive in clients. client studies. studies. etc. Nordstrom has different trade names and merchandise lines to make different market sections and maintain up with tendencies. These include: Rack. Haute Look. Treasure & Bond and Trunk Club. This offers mid monetary value markets opportunities to fall in with regular high monetary value markets on-line sole shoppers to fall in the Nordstrom web and manners. en


treaty to “give-back” shoppers. and gives work forces a new online shopping experienced linked to the fringe benefits of Nordstrom’s stock lists and in shop seamsters. This is a strength of the company because it creates a larger client base to stand for and construct markets in. leting the company growing in a assortment of countries that rivals are non hitting. Compared to retail dress rivals “Nordstrom Inc. reported Entire Revenue addition in the 2 one-fourth 2014 by 6. 13 % twelvemonth on twelvemonth. The gross revenues growing was above Nordstrom Inc.’s rivals mean gross growing of 0. 99 % . recorded in the same one-fourth. With net border of 5. 4 % company achieved higher profitableness than its rivals. ”

The Nordstrom Brand name and size are besides strengths of the company. The Nordstrom trade name has been around long plenty to construct relationships with providers and attain sole trade names to transport. and set up lines of distribution which puts them above new entrants because it is hard to derive licensing for sole trade names when you are non already established every bit good as set up your distribution system. They besides have a size advantage holding 118 original Nordstrom shops.

Nordstrom Rack locations

Jeffrey dress shops. 1 clearance shop and they besides reach clients online in 96 states through Nordstrom. com and making clients online through HauteLook and NordstromRack com every bit good. The high trade name consciousness. and handiness is what competes in section and dress retail. The company carries alone merchandises; exceeding. high quality trade names that are non traveling to be foun

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at price reduction retail merchants to make the sole feel for clients. They besides new experiences and trade names within the company through their Spa and Restaurants within some of the Nordstrom front-line shops.

These differentiate Nordstrom from direct rivals but besides from eating houses competition by utilizing quality. sustainability. and duty as their usher to the best experience. Find article about rivals with eating houses and watering place. and how this makes a difference compared to their grosss and eating houses excessively. Has established on-line presence in 96 states and built web through their multiple web sites for each shop trade name built their ain app to shop from your phone. and gotten involved in societal media. more specifically Instagram with their “Instalog” while maintaining all of this integrated with their howitzer shops. They besides understand that “when you stop germinating with your client you die ” as Jamie Nordstrom. president of shops has said. They are constructing fulfilment centres to suit on-line shopping more rapidly utilize RFID french friess to maintain their ageless stock list system for shops and online to portion. and invested more into on-line growing than brick and howitzer shops. cognizing that this is where their growing is coming from.

“Over the following several old ages Nordstrom expects to deduce half of its gross revenues from the Rack and from its on-line units. versus 38 per centum today. ” and that’s because “the U. S. Commerce Department estimates that electronic commercialism amounted to 6. 2 per centum of entire retail gross revenues in the first one-fourth of 2014. ” Analysts have besides been stating Nordstrom has thrived compared to rivals because it is a innovator in fringe benefits like free transportation and besides holding the alone diverseness of merchandises online. Their enlargement into Canada this twelvemonth besides gives them an advantage against rivals who have non branched out internationally yet. This opens their market up to Calgary shoppers. Canada’s strong economic system. an country underserved of luxury points. shoppers who are familiar with the trade name. and outlook to turn to a sum of 5 Canadian shops within 2 old ages. If their enlargement continues in a positive manner like their first gap. they will go on to hold this strength over their rivals.


Because Nordstrom focuses chiefly on their client service and does monetary value fiting on their points. they are at hazard to be straight affected by monetary value fluctuations and economic tendencies. The fluctuations in the market are out of Nordstrom’s control. but their pick of pricing scheme to fit monetary values are internal picks that they are taking to be vulnerable to. If they don’t want this as a failing they would seek to reinvent their pricing scheme to maintain competitory pricing without fiting competition because that is straight comparative to the market. Offering free transportation does better their client trueness but it besides comes with a high cost for the company. This is a failing because they internally chose to do this forfeit for the greater good of the company and take the hit on disbursement but is difficult to mensurate the direct

effects of client trueness because of free transportation. Nordstrom has the chance to put more into their recognition concern because many of their rivals have more resources in this country giving them an advantage. Their competition is external but the pick to non put extremely in their recognition concern is a failing of Nordstrom. The company would hold to look into how they allocate their resources to see if there is room to put to boot into this sector of concern and if it would convey sufficient benefit to them.


Already making 96 states with their online retailing. Nordstrom continues to hold room for growing in this country. New engineering is maintaining the market on their toes with thoughts to spread out and take advantage sooner than rivals which is why Nordstrom is passing to turn fulfilment of web for direct gross revenues channels to do bringing faster and better Mobile app and in shop individualized experience. They already have an app that was revealed earlier this twelvemonth. Instagram and multiple online shops with programs to present Canadian Nordstrom Rack shortly. The company plans to put $ 150 million into its’ on-line retailing. They plan to engage up to 400 people for their e-commerce group including Kirk Beardsley. the former manager of concern development at Amazon. Their acquisition of HauteLook changed their ecommerce capablenesss. and they continue to look for integrating chances to turn enlargement further. They need to continually understand new markets such as the price reduction trading market. which they have late made their footmark grow Rack gross revenues by 20 % in the first one-fourth of the twelvemonth. compared to comparable shops that merely grew 6. 4 % . The ground their growing chances online and in different markets remain an chance is because engineering. on-line tendencies. and consumer penchants are ever altering.

They need to go on to remain on their toes with the on-line retail market since growing is higher than physical shops presently. Currently Nordstrom is “developing a scheme to procure their supply concatenation in a resource constrained universe will enable them to leverage their client service trade name image” by puting in recycling. transit paper and packaging. energy. H2O human rights organic nutrient and community support. They have the chance to go on this way of heightening societal and environmental sustainability. corporate societal duty and supply concatenation direction to appeal to environmental back uping markets.

The Canada introduction of shops is their first subdivision into international markets. which says the company is in a stable plenty topographic point to take on these new complex functions in the market. They have a good economic system with a high average household income at $ 90. 000 in the countries they plan to go on growing in. Harmonizing to authorities informations. this is the highest in metropolitan countries in Canada. giving the company the chance to spread out and capture their market. There are non current programs to spread out beyond Canada. but if they win there so that once more leaves open an full new box of options for the company to travel overseas. Nordstrom will besides be

opening up Nordstrom Rack locations in Canada one time they accomplish their mission with front-line shops. opening up chances to make the in-between category Canadian consumers who want interior decorator trade names at a deal.

Continuing to be an advanced trade name will be an chance for Nordstrom to take advantage of. They launched their “first clip private-label trade name that will give 5 per centum of its net incomes to Girls Inc. and other not-for-profits that seek to authorise adult females and immature misss. The move comes amid the increasing popularity of “give-back” manner. ” The charitable dress shop Nordstrom opened in New York’s SoHo vicinity in 2011. Treasure & Bond. will be available at 86 shops around the state and online every bit good to advance their “give-back” character. There will be changeless chance to follow tendencies and vie in the market with things such as these. and Nordstrom has the chance to go on its’ successful planning to run into them and conquer.

Disposable incomes in the US are lifting. for case June 2014 were at an all clip high at 13021. 20 billion versus the old month at 12969. 70 billion. What this means for Nordstrom and all retail merchants is that disbursement will begin/continue to increase and they need to be the brand/company that captures those gross revenues. Their enlargement. on-line presence. and quality need to go on to better. and there marketing scheme trusting to a great extent on word of oral cavity may necessitate re-evaluation to find if this is the best manner to advance the trade name while keeping their high image. Gross saless per square pes vary company to company and your ability to stock. ware. and turnover quicker than your rival is an chance to capitalise on. Keeping highest gross revenues per square pes is a competitory tool in the retail industry and in 2013 Nordstrom had the highest gross revenues per square pes at $ 400 in comparing to direct rivals Macy’s at $ 173 and Saks Fifth Ave at $ 350. Their ability to stock more into a infinite and turnover that ware faster than competition is a strength of Nordstrom in the external market.


The section shop and dress industries are extremely competitory with direct rivals of Nordstrom being: Bloomingdale’s. Macy’s. Dillard’s. Saks Fifth Ave and Neiman Marcus. As consumer penchant continues to switch and incomes continue to lift the market will merely go on to be more and more competitory leveraging many chances for each company. There is besides a batch of indirect competition of Nordstrom including nutrient service. watering place dress shops price reduction retail merchants on-line retail merchants and forte shops. This creates important competitory countries and factors in place including their client service alone manner tendencies choice quality environment location and convenience. Further menaces for the company to see while doing determinations besides include programs for growing. market portion. pricing. supply ironss. trade name image and much more. There is besides indirect competition for Nordstrom’s recognition concern like Bankss. recognition card companies. and other shops that offer a shop card such as JCP. Saks. Dillard’s. Macy’s

and Dillard’s. Because some of the rivals in this country have more fiscal selling and resources to give to their recognition concern. it makes it a immense menace to Nordstrom.

The economic system will go on to be a menace non merely in the US but besides in their new Canadian enlargement. The US economic system and Americans disbursement is traveling up. as listed in the chances column. but because the past decennary has been unsmooth its effects may still linger and perchance switch into Canada’s economic system every bit good. The menace of an economic downswing is something that all concerns face though. so to be safe Nordstrom should continually put realistic outlooks and programs for what they would make in that state of affairs. Price alterations and increasing costs besides threaten Nordstrom’s supply concatenation of interior decorator and high-end trade names. Because of the planetary clime alterations and deficits in resources. the market for stuff. labour. and transit are non as stable. This threatens Nordstrom because higher costs for them are non good if they’re non bring forthing higher gross revenues or net incomes. and the environmental effects on their concern is wholly out of their control. Online enlargement of all retail merchants particularly a dominator like Amazon has put up many obstructions for Nordstrom. It is hard and expensive to invariably and rapidly passage to new technological alterations. Nordstrom is threatened by these alterations to see if it can successfully put and continually update to the markets demands. Their repositioning online and through societal media with the moving ridge of engineering seems to be traveling good so far. but clip will state if they are able to go on on top or if they will fall behind the industry.

In Canadian market they merely entered there is a conflict for the luxury market. which is non sufficiently claimed yet. Hudson’s Bay Company has Canadian roots and merely bought Saks. with programs to travel them up to Canada every bit good. This will harshly endanger Nordstrom’s pull on luxury market portion in Canada. There is besides the 177-year-old trade name Holt Renfrew that announced enlargement in its Calgary luxury shop. which is in the same topographic point as the first Canadian Nordstrom. This is once more a direct menace to their concern in Canada and how their enlargement will find if they can catch and keep onto market portion. There are besides non many to take from endowment wise in Canada because the luxury market is non outstanding so there is small experience to happen. There is besides a higher mean pay in the country they are stationed because of the oil-fueled occupations in the Calgary country. so they will hold higher labour costs demanded every bit good.