Homelessness In America Narrative Essay Example
Homelessness In America Narrative Essay Example

Homelessness In America Narrative Essay Example

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  • Published: June 8, 2018
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Right away after heavy rainfall; it may take days, weeks, or even months before a landslide take place (Bryant, 2005, p. 262). Living in a region with a monsoonal climate has particular implications, and especially with a fast growing and dense population, as in the case of India.

According to the World Population Data Sheet, India is the second most populous country in the planet, with population of 1,171 million of people, and is expected to be the most populous country by 2050. This puts a toll on the natural resources in this region, as more resources are needed.

As the opulation grows, urbanization takes places. A rapid urbanization is taking place in this region due to people moving from rural areas to urban areas to find Jobs, and thus creating a fast growing and dense population. This rapi


d urbanization has several implications. For example, as population grows and moves to urban areas some people are forced to live in hilly areas, where landslides are common due to the Indian monsoon.

Other people move to lowlands, where severe floods occur due to the monsoon. People also are forced to live on land that otherwise could be arable.

This represents a problem, because as the population grows and more urbanization takes place, having less land to grow food produces stress on the land available for farming as demand increases. Tropical cyclones are common in the coastal areas due to the monsoon. It has been predicted that climate change will increase the intensity of these tropical cyclones. This puts in risk people's livelihoods in cities, such as Mumbai, which is the India's financial hub.

This also

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could hurt the productivity and economy of India.

In addition, this increase the intensity of tropical cyclones will ring an uneven distribution of the monsoons' water; more precipitation will occur in the coastal areas and less precipitation in the interior of India, creating droughts. This could bring devastating consequences to millions of people of this region; since agriculture is highly depended on the precipitation that the Indian monsoon brings. We can conclude that the Indian monsoon, and its yearly cycle brings the needed water to this region, but we can also see that it is a double-edged sword.

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