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What role did Martin Luther Kings play in the Montgomery bus boycott Essay Example
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In December Of 1955, a boycott of the bus system in Montgomery, Alabama took place which was to shape the future for black civil rights. As head of the MIA, an organisation formed to lead the Montgomery bus boycott, Martin Luther King played a vital role in this seminal event. But was he a leader […]

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Activism Civil Rights Movement Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks
Assess the Significance of the Role of Individuals in Reducing Racial Discrimination in the USA 1877- 1981 Essay Example
2009 words 8 pages

When the United Stated of America was formed in 1776 racial discrimination has been apparent throughout. Numerous factors have led to the reduction of racial discrimination: the changing economy in the USA, the role of key individuals, the role of the President and Federal Government and finally the two World Wars. Though, some historians argue […]

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Civil Rights Movement Discrimination Individual Malcolm X Montgomery Bus Boycott
The Long Walk Home Essay Example
488 words 2 pages

Being treated equally in the United States has always been a constant issue. Many people have suffered through being discriminated against. From having slaves work to survive during the 1600’s, all the way to the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the 1950’s lead by Martin Luther King Jr, African Americans have never been at peace. Discrimination […]

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Home Human Rights Montgomery Bus Boycott
A Long Walk Home Essay Example
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A long walk home is a film based on the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. It is a film involving an African American girl, Odessa employed as a maid by a financially stable white woman known as Miriam Thompson. The film’s story is told through Miriam’s daughter, Catherine, to whom Odessa is nanny. Odessa and her […]

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Home Human Rights Montgomery Bus Boycott

Popular Questions About Montgomery Bus Boycott

What was the cause and effects of the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
The causes of the boycott were the discrimination of Blacks by their colour in southern states like Montgomery, Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat and being arrested and distribution of leaflets in Montgomery. The Bus Boycott also resulted in various consequences.
What was the purpose of the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
The goal of the Montgomery bus boycott was to raise support to oppose segregation. The correct option among all the options given in the question is option "b". The Montgomery Bus Boycott was actually a peaceful revolt by the people against racial segregation or discrimination in city buses.
Who was arrested during the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks , a seamstress and secretary of the local NAACP, refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. As a result, Parks was arrested for violating a city law. Parks' actions and subsequent arrest launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott, pushing Martin Luther King Jr. into the national spotlight.
What event triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-56) The Montgomery Bus Boycott in Montgomery, Alabama was a crucial event in the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement. On the evening of December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks, a Montgomery seamstress on her way home from work, refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white man and was subsequently arrested.
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