Home Health Aide HOSA Sample Questions

Which one of the following is a routine responsible of a home health aide?
a. Providing respite care for the wife of a client with dementia
b. Picking up a client’s prescription at the drugstore
c. Grocery shopping for the family
d. Washing the windows of the home

One of your clients is turning 90 next week, and his family has invited you to attend his birthday party. What should you do?
a. Accept the invitation, and take a card or a gift to the party
b.Decline the invitation, but give the client a card or gift during your next scheduled visit
c. Decline the invitation after thanking the family for inviting you.
d. Accept the invitation, but avoid bringing a card of gift to the party.

You are scheduled to work today, but the weather is beautiful and your best friend is begging you to take the day off and go to the beach with her. What should you do?
a. Ask your friend if she would be willing to go with you in the afternoon. You will take care of all your scheduled clients in the morning, and then you will be free to go.
b. Call the case manager on your way to the beach and tell her that you will not be able to visit your clients today. This will allow the case manager to find another aide to cover for you.
c. Tell your friend you are sorry, but you cannot go to the beach today.
d. Call each of the clients who you are scheduled to visit and ask them if it would be okay if you came tomorrow instead

Why is documentation a very important responsibility of the home health aide?
a. Documentation is the main way that the members of the home health care team communicate with each other about the care given to the client and the client’s condition, and the home health aide has the most frequent contact with the client.
b. Documentation provides information that is used to determine if a client is recovering or getting worse.
c. Documentation of all care provided is needed to justify continued payment for home care services
d. All of the above

Peggy is a home health aide. Today, while Peggy is helping a client, her son’s teacher calls Peggy on her cell phone to tell her that her son has had an accident on the playground, and he needs to be picked up. What should Peggy do?
a. Tell the client that she has a family emergency and she has to leave
b. Tell the teacher that she will be there to pick up her son after her shift ends, in another 2 hours
c. Call her supervisor and ask if there is another aide who could cover for her while she goes to pick up her son at school
d. Take the client in the car with her to pick up her son

Elizabeth has been caring for Mrs. Robinson for several months and has become friendly with her son, Richard. One day, Richard asks Elizabeth for a cup of coffee after she is finished working. What should Elizabeth do?
a. Decline Richard’s invitation because dating family members of clients is against the home health care agency’s policy
b. Accept Richard’s invitation-after all, she is single and she likes to date
c. Ask Mrs. Robinson if it is all right if she dates her son
d. Ask Richard if he would be willing to go for a cup of coffee on a day when she is not scheduled to work

Case Manager
Member of the health care team responsible for overseeing a client’s care, from admission through discharge

Care Plan
A set of instructions for the clients care

Respite Care
Care that allows the primary caregiver to rest or leave the house for a short period of time

Hospice Care
End-of-life care provided to a person who is terminally ill

Time and travel log
For the home health aide uses to record how much time he spent at each client’s house, how much time he spent traveling between houses, and his mileage for the day

Homemaker flow sheet
Form used to document housework that is done

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