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When one is ambitious in deriving power by the force of immorality or by the used of force. there is no halting this one from what he or she is traveling to make. This is one of the moral ethical of humanity. something that every homo being must endure during their clip of being. It is besides what William Shakespeare tried to demo humanity that being ambitious will ne’er convey any good to one individual nor will it give felicity to one individual. During the clip of Shakespeare. the clip of the Renaissance. many dukes. Godheads. thanes. sovereign. and common mans were ambitious in deriving power.

They all slew each other. even their ain lineage to derive power over the other. Shakespeare so wrote a drama know as Macbeth. to demo everyone of every category and society of how aspiration can take one individual from good to evil. Even in today universe that there are still people that are ambitious in deriving power. Adolf Hitler. the autocrat of Germany. is really much similar to Shakespeare’s character. Macbeth.

If one of all time compares the two autocrats. one would believe that they are duplicate brothers or that Hitler based his character off of Shakespeare’s work. Both Hitler and Macbeth are similar in many ways. their aspiration for deriving power. their liking for killing people. and their triumphant and hatred amongst the people.

One of the strongest similarities of both Hitler and Macbeth are their aspiration of deriving power. Both of them ne’er had any purpose of being aspiration at their immature ages nor when they are functioning for their state. At first. Hitler was merely an ordinary boy of Alois Hitler and an orphan after the decease of his female parent. In his early old ages. Hitler had no purpose of overturning the authorities or any…

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