History 121 exam 1 cram

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Why is king tut famous?
His tomb was never broken into still contains treasure
The original home of us humans
When were the pyramids built?
During the old kingdom
The fundamental basis for all civilizations
Large populations agricultural economy
\”Pharaoh\” literally
Great house
The largest of five continents our authors divided the planet into
Afroeurasia, Australia, Antarctica, north and South America
The first really important metal used for tools
Who migrated to Australia as much as 60,000 years ago
Descendants on foragers; Southeast Asia
Gobekli tepe
A hill in south eastern turkey where an early stone monument remains
Civilization between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers?
What do we have that the Neanderthals didn’t?
The three political developments evolved by the Sumerians first?
Kingship, rise of territorial states, and constant warfare
The worlds first real empire
What was a ziggurat
Stepped tower with a temple on top
The first civilized indo-Europeans in south west Asia?
Indus or harappan civilization
What was Egyptian writing called
The three developments that favored human adaptation to the steppes
Domesticated horses invented war chariots developed new military technology
What is the epic of Gilgamesh about?
This Shang noble lady’s tomb in Anyang was not looted
Lady hao
One of the reasons, proposed by our authors,for the rise of the river valley civilizations in chapter 2?
Fertile soil and available water
Chinese civilization developed along this river?
Yellow river (hwuang-he)
Through what modern state does the Indus River flow
The earliest Chinese dynasty
The Shang dynasty
Which other ancient civilization did Indus civilization trade with
Mesopotamia; harappan
One of the earliest trade centers in South Asia
Characteristics of Indus civilization cities
Defensive fort large public buildings ritual baths cemetery granary wells bathrooms latrines covered sewers
These ancient invaders eventually became the upper castes of Hindu civilzation
What is monotheism
The belief there is only one God
Fundamental questions we humans ask ourselves
Why are we here what happens after we die
The island base for austronesian expansion
Who was Hatshepsut
The fifth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt
The \”suitcase\” of austronesian voyagers
Rice, pigs, chicken, durable pottery, and finely ground stone tools
Who eventually won the six way power struggle in the ancient near east
This very successful group migrated into Southern Africa by two routes
Sudanic cultures
What was early Greek civilization called
Minoan civilization
Bull leaping commercial civilization of the southern Aegean
Why were the Egyptians so good at mummification; why did they take such pains
Being preserved well meant you’d have a pleasant after life
This \”lost\” civilization operated as a commercial conduit from the Indus Valley to the Persian gulf
English is a member of this Indo-European subfamily
Kingship implies?
The idea people belong together because they share descent from a common ancestor
These specific colonizers are named after their distinctive pottery?
Austronesian; Lapiths pottery
Even though they had a civilization, what did the Norte Chico people lack
A written language, corn, pottery and a class system
The Shang excelled at making objects out of this metal?
The aboriginal creator/destroyer spirit is called
Rainbow serpent
The phenomenon that affects weather all over the world, but especially in the Americas
El Niño
Did the Australian aborigines develop agriculture?
This may have been the first civilization In mesoamerica
The ancient people who inhabited the Mississippi River valley and its tributaries
American Indians
His law code emphasized an \”eye for an eye\” among is 289 precedents
Indo-European military advantage

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