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Hinduism is an ethnic religion mostly practiced in India. Many people all over the world also follow Hinduism, but it is most frequent in India. About 97% of all people who practice Hinduism are in India.

Nearly 900 million people follow Hinduism in general. It is the third largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam. Hinduism gains about 2% new followers each year, and barely loses any followers where it is a growing religion. Over the years, the growth of Hinduism grew more rapidly than in the past.Hinduism takes a big commitment to become a part of the religion.

It takes three steps to become part of the religion. First, you have to learn the basic tenets of Hinduism. You must do daily routine to show your devotion to the religion by performing the five daily duties and the five constant duties. The second step required to become a Hindu is that you have to learn the deities of Hinduism. It is said that there are over 330 million gods that belong to Hindus, but the commonly known gods are Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

They each represent a different belief in Hinduism and are polytheistic where they believe in more than one god. The third step to being a Hindu is to be able to read one of the most popular and well-known sacred scriptures, the Bhagavad-Gita. It will grant more knowledge about Hinduism and complete your quest to Hinduism. The hearth of Hinduism does not exist. It is said that there is no founder of Hinduism and no real date when it was born.

It has not diffused very much since 97% of Hindus live in India.Diffusion mostly occurs through relocation to other nearby regions and a small portion around the world. Also, another important factor why Hinduism did not spread was because Britain conquered India where Christianity was being preached in India and could not diffuse out where Islam became popular before Hinduism was around. Hinduism is still around in India and is rapidly growing in other parts of the world where it is a big change since nearly all Hindus lived in India. Hindus mostly believe Brahman is the principle source of the universe.

They believe in reincarnation where your soul will be reborn once you die. Your next life is determined on your previous actions in this life which is called karma. In karma, if you do good things, good things will happen to you and if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you. Also, Hindus believe everyone should achieve dharma where you have a true understanding of Hinduism.

It is where you believe that a soul cannot be created nor destroyed and shows the understanding of reincarnation. Hinduism has many cultural impacts on India.One is that it has many conflicts throughout India. One big conflict is that they are at war with Islam people in Pakistan where they have disagreements. Also, there is a lot of intolerance where Christians can be persecuted by Hindus, but this is a constant problem with religion. Also, Hinduism has played an important role in India’s economy where it shaped the economic activities preformed like the caste system where it is similar to Feudalism in medieval Europe.

The ecology of Hinduism is that it has always been a part of India where they are environmentally sensitive.They are taught to live in harmony with nature and preserve the Earth. Hinduism is referred as an environmental friendly religion. Their divine reality is to preserve every electron, particle, atom, and cell. They regard everything around them and treat them with divine presence.

The religious landscape of Hinduism is located in a variety of places. Some of the most important places are the Indian include cities like Varanasi, Ajodhya, Mathura, etc. These sites are important to Hindus as pilgrimage sites which is very important to Hindus.They worship everyday at home or at temple at a shrine, that can be almost anything.

When worshipping, family would get together and give their offerings to murti, a sacred statue of a god. A main symbol of Hinduism is Aum. It is the sound heard in deepest meditation said to be the name most suited for god. Hindus believe in cremating the dead to release their spirit so they can be reincarnated. Hinduism has had an impact where it spread around the world and practice in peace and harmony.

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