Highlights Of Tourism Industry In Dubai Tourism
Highlights Of Tourism Industry In Dubai Tourism

Highlights Of Tourism Industry In Dubai Tourism

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  • Published: October 20, 2017
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General Highlights of Tourism industry in Dubai: – Dubai is one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates. The luck of this metrop


olis changed with the find of oil and gas in 1966. This natural wealth is the chief thrust and the back bone of its economic system. In 1979, Jebel Ali the largest adult male made port allowed to foreign companies unrestricted import of labor and export capital which changed the luck of the this metropolis. Since so, there is monolithic development and investing in the substructure by authorities which make it hub of commercial belongings, touristry, IT and finance services. There is immense foreign direct investing in Dubai in the recent decennaries due to encouragement the Government of Dubai, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and supplying a strong platform to develop concern and touristry. It is one of the most widely distributed metropolis and largest population the in the Arab Peninsula.

The development of touristry is under was established in 1997 to replace Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board to better the image of Dubai and reconstitute the administration for the betterment in public presentation, planning and development of touristry sector in Emirate. It errands include the selling of the Emirate round the universe which include exhibitions, visits by foreign deputations to research concern chances, information service and selling in assorted media. It got office the 18 different metropoliss round the universe in five different continents who are working to advance the image of Dubai. It is besides responsible for the licensing of hotel, hotel flats, circuit operator, travel agents. It besides looks after archeological heritage sites and tour conferences and exhibitions in and out of the Dubai to pull investing and tourer in the Emirate. It ensures in seting the controls and confidences protocols for increasing the figure of visits to Dubai but besides bettering the quality of experience for the visit for concern, work, instruction or leisure. It has setup developing solutions for the travel, touristry and cordial reception sector to guarantee Dubai touristry industry remain the universe category in the research, development and supplying extraordinary experience for the people who visit it.

Statists on Tourism

Harmonizing to Euro Monitor International ( 2008 ) top metropolis finis

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ranking, Dubai ranked 8 in the universe with 7.6 million people sing it. There was a growing of about 13.8 % in the figure of people as comparison to the twelvemonth 2007/08. It is most visited metropolis in the Middle East and highly competitory with other taking metropoliss in the universe i.e. Singapore and Paris which has about 8.9 1000000s and 8.3 1000000s visits a twelvemonth severally. There is still strong potency in this growing in the coming old ages.

Table ( a )

Harmonizing to Dubai ‘s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing ( DTCM ) , there is important and continues increase the figure of people sing Dubai. Table ( a ) , shows there is about 57 % addition in the 6 old ages. The Numberss are steadily lifting from the last decennary get downing from 4.9 m in twelvemonth 2004 so Numberss creeps to 5.4m in 2005, 5.8m 2006, 6.6m in 2007, 7.6m in 2008 and about 8.6m. On norm there is about 10 % addition in the figure of visitants in Dubai. This shows even in the most tough clip crisis state of affairs i.e. the current crisis of sub premier mortgage, the figure did non dunk and maintain on increasing during these tough times. This is due to the revenue enhancement free installations for the foreign investors and substructure provided by the authorities for assorted industries. Another factor was the anchor of the economic system is driven by the oil an gas and oil monetary values was at extremum during most of the clip particularly 2007-2009. This generates a immense net income for the Dubai to put it in its touristry concern.

Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Dubai by Purpose

One can split the aliens who come to Dubai in these classs




Labour work


This study will merely concentrate on the first group i.e. tourer as it is most relevant to the range of the subject.


The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing ( DTCM ) , is working with the private investor to do Dubai a hot spot for people first pick finish for their vacations. Most of tourers are from Western Europe, Far East and America. To maintain the involvement of the tourers DTCM is constructing province of the art substructure installations. The purpose is to give them loosen up and delight experience. They besides working with the interior ministry to command offense and do the environment safe and peaceable for the visitants. It has one of safest topographic point in the universe because the jurisprudence is tough and people do esteem the jurisprudence. They are besides modulating hotel to guarantee they should supply value for money and should non supply 2nd category services which should damage the trade name of the metropolis. When in Dubai, the bulk of people one can see are Indians and Pakistanis because they make 75 % of Dubai ‘s exiles. Freedom of worship is allowed to all faiths. Access to media is freely available in print and electronic signifier. Dubai has one of the best route and traffic patroling system in the universe. A batch of the

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