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A certain degree of risk
898 words 2 pages

All investments involve a certain degree of risk. Investors may not gain the original investment; investors must take note of several factors before deciding to invest in an asset. The investor must take note of the past, present and future performance of a certain investment. The rate of return is used to measure the return […]

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Business Business Process Dubai Finance Funds Investing Investment Management Net Present Value Rate Of Return Real Estate Tax United Arab Emirates
The History of the United Arab Emirates
3870 words 8 pages

Introduction The United Arab Emirates is known to be one of the leaders of the international community in terms of its economic, social and financial development. The so-called Emirates are located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. They are internationally renowned for serving as one of the most desired tourist destinations for the globe-trotters […]

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Dubai History Innovation United Arab Emirates
Women Will Never Enjoy The Same Rights As Men Analysis Essay Example
801 words 2 pages

Under the Taliban regime, Pakistani women accused of adultery were stoned to death and those who expose their bare ankles under their long veil would be whipped. Women are seen as less human than men, who have the right to abuse them. On the other hand, in the developed world, many women are taking on […]

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Gender Gender equality Health Law Politics Sex Society United Arab Emirates United Nations Women's Health Women'S Rights
Profit margin of MEP projects in the UAE construction industry
1487 words 3 pages

3.1 Work in progress Cooperate in progress (WIP) reports is important in tracking the progress of projects that are underway. The report is critical when bonding companies as benchmarks of gauging their competence at managing and estimating projects to completion while maintaining profit margins. The reports are majorly profit related and managed prepared by the […]

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Construction Employment United Arab Emirates
Mtv Arabia
1304 words 3 pages

Music Television or MTV is the pioneer of the concept of a cable music channel. It started in 1981 in United States. This was a mark of the commencement of the cable TV revolution in the history. The primary audience for MTV is those in the 12 to 24 age group. Later on, MTV launched […]

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Arabian Peninsula Asia Computer Components Geography Hardware Middle East Music Technology United Arab Emirates
Entering a New Market
2887 words 6 pages

Introduction For our economic report, we chose to analyze the supermarket chain Albert Heijn, part of the multinational organization Koninglijk (Royal) Ahold for the Dubai market. Albert Heijn is one of the leading food retailers in the Netherlands with over 800 stores. Its stores come in different formats and their wide product range caters to […]

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Dubai Market United Arab Emirates
International Business Assignment
6308 words 13 pages

A thorough analysis of the identified host country was carried out some of the key findings from this include: 1. Politically the UAE contrasts the democracy which exists in Ireland, they have system which is a monarchies with rulers/sheikh’s in each emirate. It is a politically stable country however and the rulers are very supportive […]

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International Business Ireland Nationalism United Arab Emirates University
Strategic Marketing And International Marketing For Burj Analysis
3123 words 7 pages

The aims and objectives of the project is to analyses and distinguish arioso strategies, which Bur] AL Arab hotel follows to align with the risk environment in Dubbed it functions, in order to increase its profit and to be one of the finest world recognition. Dubbed Is situated in united Arab Emirates, which Is bordered […]

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Islam Marketing Nationalism Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates
Dubai Duty Free Case Study Essay Example
502 words 1 page

Case Study DUBAI DUTY FREE Discuss the economics of duty free shops. Elaborate the history of Dubai and the reasons for the strategic shift from trade to tourism. Analyse the prerequisites for establishing duty free shops. Dubai was a colonization of fishing originally. A branch of Bani Yas’s tribe of the oasis of Liwa directed […]

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Dubai Duty Study United Arab Emirates
The effects of e-commerce
1878 words 4 pages

Since the 1960s the then political leadership in Abu Dhabi have played a crucial role in boosting the economy and the welfare state for the federation. Administratively, the UAE is a federation of seven emirates, each with its own ruler. The pace at which local government in each emirate evolves from traditional to modern is […]

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Dubai E Commerce Government United Arab Emirates
Strategic Use Of Information Systems For Strategic Advantage Tourism
5700 words 11 pages

Every organisation has it strategic ways of pull offing the information of the company. The scheme used depends on the company ‘s vision and mission. This paper is based on a research on how information systems are used strategically as a beginning of competitory advantage. The instance survey is chiefly on Emirate Airline as the […]

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Dubai Information Systems Interview United Arab Emirates
Business Task 1 on individual report Essay Example
6470 words 13 pages

Despite its future economic chances. the United Arab Emirates continues to endure from corporate administration issues. The development of corporate administration in the part has mostly been influenced by faith ( Gellis et al. . 2002 ) . The regulations regulating the pattern of corporate administration have been significantly influenced by Islamic Sharia. This reflects […]

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Business Finance Individual Islam United Arab Emirates
Highlights Of Tourism Industry In Dubai Tourism
3407 words 7 pages

General Highlights of Tourism industry in Dubai: – Dubai is one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates. The luck of this metropolis changed with the find of oil and gas in 1966. This natural wealth is the chief thrust and the back bone of its economic system. In 1979, Jebel Ali the largest […]

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Dubai Industry Tourism United Arab Emirates
Analysing The Economic Profile Of Dubai Economics
3849 words 8 pages

Choose a state or part of the universe of which you have an involvement. A part can be defined as portion of a larger state ( e.g. Hong Kong ) or as a group of states ( e.g. ASEAN ) . You may non take a state or part where you originate from or presently […]

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Asia Dubai United Arab Emirates
Emiritization and Impact on Compensation in Abu Dhabi Private Sector
3709 words 8 pages

Wage or compensation is a really sensitive issue in organisational direction. The mode in which employees are rewarded harmonizing to rank, functions and duties, makings and other considerations find how an organisation is perceived by the populace and stakeholders while this besides impacts on the overall organisational public presentation. Some organisations are accused of underpaying […]

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Compensation Employment Labour Economics United Arab Emirates
Dubai’s Economic Developement Essay Example
1074 words 3 pages

The construction of The Palm Tree Islands in Dubai helped achieve economic growth and stability using developing the tourism sector. Dubai’s success in the construction of tourists attraction sites brought the city reputation of the “place-to-be”. By 2010 Dubai expects to receive fifteen million people. Already existing architectural wonders such as The World Islands, and […]

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Business Construction Dubai Petroleum Religion United Arab Emirates
Elektronikz Inc. – a new system
2063 words 4 pages

Elektronikz Inc. is a new company which first opened in Mumbai, India. They deal with all electronic products ranging from small appliances used at home to home theatre systems and mobile phones. They are sole distributors of world famous brands including Panasonic, Philips, Sony etc. They opened their first showroom in 1990 and were progressing […]

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Application Software Computer Hardware Marketing Operating Systems Price Sales Technology United Arab Emirates
Managing A Diverse Workforce Commerce
3719 words 8 pages

Pull offing the diverseness at workplace has become an of import country of concern among organisations in the United Arab Emirates today. The net migration rate in the UAE is one of the largest in the universe. Furthermore, the figure of workers from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, the USA, etc. has increased significantly in […]

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Cross-Cultural Communication E Commerce Intercultural Communication United Arab Emirates
Managing Supply Chains In Uae Businesses Commerce
3194 words 7 pages

Over the last decennaries, many houses have reduced their concern costs and expanded their merchandise lines though a dedicated supply concatenation scheme. It is appropriate to the earliest religion with the purpose that Low cost state sourcing ; multilayered provider webs every bit good as concern procedure outsourcing are through the supply concatenation enterprises for […]

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Supply Telecommunication Telecommunications United Arab Emirates
The Positive and Negative Effects of Globalisation on Dubai
545 words 2 pages

The earliest recorded mention of Dubai is in 1095, in the Book of Geography by the Spanish-Arab geographer Abu Abdullah al-Bakri (Dubai-Architecture, N. D. ). In 1966 the discovery of oil greatly changed Dubai’s fortunes (Suddath, 2009) and was a turning point for the future. However, compared with its neighbours, Dubai had limited oil reserves, […]

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Dubai Globalization United Arab Emirates
Free Trade Zone Essay Example
628 words 2 pages

A Free Trade Zone is an important area for growth and development in a state where there is poor capacity for local participation. The Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone was established within this overall paradigm to attract commerce. This also enjoys an ideal geographic location and with Saqr Port in close proximity it positions […]

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Labor Policy Trade United Arab Emirates
Dr Anwar Gargash – Leadership
924 words 2 pages

Justification: The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest developing nations in the world in terms of infrastructure. One of the key elements contributing to the development of the UAE is the country’s booming tourist industry, whose growth can be attributed to several leaders in the country. However, one leader stands out in particular, […]

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Confidence Dubai Leadership United Arab Emirates

Popular Questions About United Arab Emirates

Is United Arab Emirates safe?
The United Arab Emirates is a very safe country to travel to. Many say that it is among the safest countries in the world, and it is also ranked 31st in the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries. Overall, safety should not be an issue if you plan on traveling to the UAE.
How many countries are in United Arab Emirates?
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven states that has grown from a quiet backwater to one of the Middle East's most important economic centres.