Government Chapter 7

A recent comprehensive study of the decline in political participation in the United States found that half of the drop-off could be accounted for by
reduced mobilization efforts
An election system that allocates to each political party representation in the legislature equal to its percentage of the total vote is called a
plurality election system
From the end of the Civil War to the 1890’s, the Republican Party remained the party of
the North
Presidential primary elections are held to select
state delegates to the national conventions
Richard Nixon’s __________ strategy was aimed at attracting white southerners to the Republican Party.
The Electoral College is composed of
presidential electors from each state who cast ballots for president and vice president
The _________ is and example of the indirect voting in national elections.
Electoral College
The _____________ was promoted by Progressive reformers at the turn of the twentieth century in hopes of weakening the power of party leaders.
primary system
The first party system in the United States pitted the Federalists, supported mainly by _________ against the Jeffersonian Republicans, supported mainly by _________.
Merchants; Agrarian Interests
The outcome of which of the following races is most likely to be decided by voters’ part ties?
A state legislature race
Which of the following differentiates an interest group from a political party?
An interest group seeks to influence government policies, whereas a party attempts to win elections
The party that holds the majority of the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives selects the
Speaker of the House
Turnout for midterm elections in the United States is about what percent of eligible voters?
33 percent
What is closed primary?
An election in which voters can participate in the nomination of candidates, but only of the party in which they are enrolled for a period of time prior to the election day
Which of the following is a relatively recent barrier to voting that is now in place in 30 out of the 50 states?
The requirement to provide proof of identity
What political party was formed from a coalition of antislavery forces?
Republican Party
Who is incumbent?
The current officeholder, running for re-election
Why did Republicans spend much more effort building a party apparatus than Democrats in the fifty years prior to 2004?
They held a minority status in the electorate
Why was Mitt Romney an early frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2012?
Superior organization and funding
refers to an individual’s right to vote