Gerontology 1-4

focuses on preventing and managing disease in later life
culturally competent health care providers
help the elderly develop personal mastery of their chaining environments
recent research indicates that genes account for about____ of our longevity
one fourth
gerontologists define aging in terms of
changes in memory learning adaptive capacity, personality and mental functionng
gerontology is the study of the aging process from
maturity to old age
historically the status of elderly was related primarily to their
ageism is a
prejudice against any age group, young or old
the most rapidly growing age group among those over 65 is..
85 and older
gerontophilia means
honoring old age
the number and proportion of older people in the us is
rapidly increasing
a child born in the us in 2006 can expect to live to age
analysis of gender differences in life expectancies of americans shows that
females have longer life expectancies than males at every age, regardless of race and ethnicity
the leading cause of death of older americans today is
heart disease
americans increase in life expectancy is due prima rally to
changes in the environmental factors that cause death
the state with the highest proportion of over 65 elders in the nation is
gains in life expectancy over the last 125 years are due primarily to
increased exercise and lower alcohol and nicotine consumption
various gerontologists mentioned in the text believe the higher proportion of elderly in the population has or will result in all of the following except
growth of the youth culture
old age dependency ratio is the number of people
65 years of age and older relative to the working population(18-64)
are generalized beliefs or opinions based on individual experience
which of the following stereotypes is considered as negative aging
impotency, medical decline, and illness
positive stereotypes of older adults
categorize all older adults in a favorable manner
a compassionate stereotype of aging
shows the elderly in need of help and also deserving of help
which of the following illustrates a biomedical stereotype of older adults
slow thinking
which of the following age groups watch the most television
the elderly
the term centurions refers to
older adults living past their 100th year
research aviyt self-concepts of the elderly show
elders are less likely to identify as old if they identify as being who they have always been
looks at the meaning of aging as defined by personal narratives of the elderly
ageism is considered to be
spatial, institutional, and developmental
children develop stereotypes about elders through all of the following except
instinctual knowlege
in a phenomenological study of college students attitudes about the elderly, students paid the most attention to
physical appearance and capabilities
media watch task force was associated with which highly known aging activist group?
gray panthers
all of the following are true about television advertising except
television consumers in their 50’s and 60’s respond best to an actor who is about their same age
ageism exhibited by using an untrusting, insecure person is most likely to be explained by the psychological theory of
authoritarian personality
selective perception means
we see what we expect to see and selectively ignore what we do not expect
recent studies have found
on some measures intelligence increases with age
all of the following characterize age segregation except
it helps reduce stereotypes of the elderly
which of the following was found to be the least satisfying stage of life by the longitudinal berkley older generation study?
negative stereotyping of older adults
stifles the older adults potential and draws attention away from them being happy and sociable
sigmund freud would most likely explain the differences in psychological development of the elderly by
unconscious fears formed early in childhood
jung believed that after age 40
people develop their internal self potential through balancing of competing opposites
according to erikson, intimacy is the main issue of growth and development in
early adulthood
erikson’s concept of generatively refers to
concern for the welfare of society
the primary components of a life structure in levinson’s theory are
a person’s relationships with others
according to levinson’s study on the seasons of a woman’s life it was concluded that
both men and women follow the same basic pattern across each season of life
according to developmental psychologists, as individuals mature
their attitudes and behaviors dramatically change in an orderly fashion from stage of life to another
the developmental tasks in each stage are ___ based
which of the following are contributing to the blurring of life periods?
a change in the times of marriage and childbearing
patterns of divorce and remarriage
flexibility in entering jobs and changing careers
in young adulthood, friends appear to help people
with tasks of becoming independent, autonomous person
current research regarding the midlife crisis indicates
the midleife experience is more a normal life transition than a crisis
middle age typically is a time of
deciding which roles one might still fill and which to abandon
the empty nest syndrome is
more likley to be experienced by women whose energies focused on childbearing
menopause in itself involves all of the following but
diminished sexuality
studies of self concepts of middle age people suggest
many people expect a peak in generatively in midlife
developmentalists usually define the very old as ages of __ and older
continuity theory assumes
a person’s adaption to old age can be predicted from his adaption to young adulthood and middle age
which age cohort has been labeled as babu bust
generation x
the baltimore longitudinal study of aging found that___ is the key modifier of personality continuity
studies show that the elderly experience higher life satisfaction of they
have an internal locus of control
the absolute human life span is considered to be___ years
all of the following are observable body changes correlated with aging except
body cells absorb more calcium
all of the following decease with age except
reflex action
which of the following statements more accurately depicts health status of older americans today?
those over age 75 have noticeable physical declines compared with middle age
___ percent of americans 65 and over live successfully or nearly successfully in the community
the majority of non-institutionalized elders in the us have
relatively minor chronic conditions
the major killing disease in the us and other industrialized countries is
coronary artery disease
gender comoarison regarding heart attacks show
women are more likely to die from a heart attack
the most common cause of accidental death among the elderly is
the type of arthritis most often poses problems for those 65 and older is
obesity increases problems of
heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension
senescence refers to
onset of the degenerative process associated with age
the life expectancy for a child born today is
damage theories are based on the idea that
aging is the result of accumulated errors
our biological clock begins at
studies of caloric restriction and longevity in animals show that
with caloric restriction animals live longer and have a lower incidence of heart disease and cancer
what percent of older americans are considered food insecure
between 8 and 16%
exercise for people in late life
contributes to health even if not begun until later life
which of the following personality traits are least likely to be life shortening
a shortened life is statistically correlated with all of the following except
divorce for women

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