Final test

A charge card, such as American Express, carries no preset
spending limit, and each month the user can pay all or part of the
amount owed.
The length of the sales process for typical B2B sale is much faster
than for the typical C2C sale.
A key sector of wholesale e-commerce is spending on MRO
goods and services
Mobile coupon aggregators provide several promotions from a
single retailer to lots of mobile phone users
Although conversion to an e-commerce or m-commerce system
enables organizations to reduce the cost of business, it seldom
results in increased accuracy of order processing and order
The handheld devices used for m-commerce have few, if any,
limitations that complicate their use
Digital certificates verify both purchaser and supplier identities in
an e-commerce transaction
Amazon had the most 2008 Web sales by dollar volume of all
U.S. companies.
Many manufacturers and retailers have outsourced the physical
logistics of delivering merchandise to cybershoppers
The three basic components of a successful e-commerce model
include content, commerce, and commodity
It is estimated that the number of mobile devices accessing the
Internet will exceed 1 billion by 2013.
An electronic exchange enables a firm’s suppliers and competitors
to interact.
Application developers as well as mobile Web sites and mobile
operators are considered mobile ad publishers.
Blind networks and premium blind networks are two forms of
mobile advertising networks.
The brokerage business adapted to the Internet faster than any
other arm of finance
c. 2.1%
It is estimated that e-commerce contributes about ______ percent to the total U.S. gross
domestic product. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. 0.2%
b. 1.2%
c. 2.1%
d. 3.2%
a. disintermediation
The elimination of intermediate organizations between the producer and the consumer
is called ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. disintermediation
b. social networking
c. market segmentation
d. none of the above
c. C2C
______ is a subset of e-commerce that involves electronic transactions between
consumers and a third party to facilitate the process. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. B2B
b. B2C
c. C2C
d. G2C
b. $2.4 billion
U.S. m-commerce sales for 2010 are expected to be in the neighborhood of ______.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. $1.2 billion
b. $2.4 billion
c. $3.6 billion
d. $4.8 billion
b. cybermall
A(n) ______ is a single Web site that offers many products and services at one Internet
location. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Web portal
b. cybermall
c. e-boutique
d. none of the above
d. all of the above
Mobile coupons ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. have a much higher redemption rate than paper coupons
b. can be sent to mobile shoppers by numerous mobile coupon aggregators
c. can be redeemed by scanning the barcode displayed on a Web-enabled cell
d. all of the above
b. increase the accuracy of order processing and order fulfillment
Conversion to an e-commerce or m-commerce system enables an organization to
______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. more easily implement ERP systems
b. increase the accuracy of order processing and order fulfillment
c. increase the prices of its goods and services
d. all of the above
c. abandonment of e-commerce Web sites
Poor Web site performance frequently leads to ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. inadequate customer service
b. lost orders
c. abandonment of e-commerce Web sites
d. all of the above
d. confirm the identity of the user requesting access to information or assets
Authentication technologies are used by many organizations to ______. (Circle the
correct answer.)
a. verify the accuracy of their product descriptions and prices
b. verify the ship to address of their online customers
c. confirm the URL of their suppliers’ Web sites
d. confirm the identity of the user requesting access to information or assets
c. was not profitable until more than seven years after its start-up
Amazon ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. was immediately profitable since the year it was founded
b. never has become fully profitable
c. was not profitable until more than seven years after its start-up
d. none of the above
d. grow rapidly
The number of U.S. mobile Web sites over the next few years is expected to ______.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. stay about the same
b. grow slightly
c. shrink slightly
d. grow rapidly
c. Digital rights management
______ refers to the use of any of several technologies to enforce policies for controlling
access to digital media. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Copyright protection
b. Patent Protection
c. Digital rights management
d. Intellectual property protection
d. buyers live in a state where the merchant has physical facilities
Based on the Supreme Court ruling in Quill Corp vs. North Dakota, Internet-based
merchants need to apply sales tax only when ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. the sale price exceeds $100.00
b. items are purchased through a C2C Web site
c. buyers purchase certain enumerated items
d. buyers live in a state where the merchant has physical facilities
b. storefront broker
A(n) ______ is a business that serves as an intermediary between your Web site and
online merchants who have the actual products and retail expertise. (Circle the correct
a. cybermall
b. storefront broker
c. electronic exchange
d. none of the above
b. serves as a Web browser on handheld, wireless devices
The Wireless Application Protocol ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. provides secure, encrypted, wireless communications
b. serves as a Web browser on handheld, wireless devices
c. is an alternative to PCI
d. none of the above
________________________ is the conducting of business activities electronically over
computer networks.
____________________________________________ (acronym OK!) is a subset of
e-commerce where all the participants are organizations.
ICANN created a __________________ domain to help attract mobile users to the Web
Mobile ad impressions are generally bought at a cost per thousand, cost per click, or
cost per ____________________.
The amount of storage capacity and computing power required of the e-commerce Web
server depends on two things: the software that must run on the server and the
_______________________ of transactions that must be processed
________________________ certificates are used to ensure that e-commerce
transactions are made between the intended parties.
Both purchaser and supplier identities are guaranteed by a third party organization
called a(n)
With the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication protocol, the data is always
________________________ ensuring that your transactions are not subject to
All credit card customers are protected from paying more than ____________________
____________________ for fraudulent transactions
Credit Card
When paying by cell phone, the payments can be linked to your bank account or added
to your ____________________ ____________________.
Product and Service Delivery
The five stages of B2B and B2C e-commerce include: 1) search and identify, 2) select
and negotiate, 3) purchase, 4) ________________________ _____________________
________________________ ________________________, and 5) after-sales service.
Identity Theft
________________________ ______________________ occurs when someone uses
your personal identifying information to commit fraud or other crimes
MRO purchases can often approach ________________________ percent of a
manufacturing company’s total revenue.
The main measures of mobile advertising are the number of users reached, the click
through rate, and the number of ________________________ users take.
One to One
Through m-commerce, companies can reach individual consumers to establish
____________________________________ marketing relationships and communicate
whenever it is convenient
Transaction processing systems support the capture and
processing of detailed data necessary to update the fundamental
business operations of the organization.
With an OLTP system, each transaction is accumulated over a
period of time and prepared for processing in a large batch of
similar transactions.
For an organization implementing an ERP system, there is a
major amount of effort required to load existing data from various
sources into the new ERP database
Data mapping is the examination of each data item required for a
new ERP system and determining the number of bytes required
for data storage.
Financial accounting consists of capturing and recording all the
transactions that affect a company’s financial state and then using
these documented transactions to prepare financial statements to
external decision makers.
Customer relationship management software helps plan, execute,
and control all the activities involved in raw material sourcing and
procurement, conversion of raw materials to finished products,
and the warehousing and delivery of finished product to
Fortunately, disparities in IS infrastructure is not one of the
international issues associated with the use of enterprise systems.
TPS often perform activities related to customer contacts and thus
play a critical role in providing value to the customer.
An important step in processing transaction data is to check data
for validity and completeness, a task called data correction.
Two key benefits gained from successful implementation of an
ERP system include gaining improved access to data for
operational decision making and improved work processes.
The individual application modules of an ERP system are
designed to support best practices, the most efficient ways to
complete a business process.
SMEs are too small to achieve substantial business benefits from
the implementation of an ERP system.
The “bill of materials” (BOM) is a sort of roadmap that shows each
step in the manufacturing process.
Sales ordering is the set of activities associated with all
purchasing needed to support the sales functions including
promotions, advertising, and marketing
Customer support, sales management, and contact management
are key features of a supply chain management system
c. batch processing
With ______, business transactions are accumulated over a period of time for
processing in a single unit. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. online transaction processing
b. real-time transaction processing
c. batch processing
d. enterprise resource processing
a. best practices
The process used by leading companies to complete a business process in the most
efficient and effective manner are called ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. best practices
b. streamlined processes
c. current best approach
d. none of the above
a. pick list
In an order processing system, a(n) ______ is printed at the warehouse from which the
order is to filled so that workers can correctly fill the order. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. pick list
b. customer order
c. invoice
d. receiving report
b. it employs a database of key operational and planning information that can be
shared by all
A key feature on an enterprise resource planning system is that ______. (Circle the
correct answer.)
a. all transactions are processed in online transaction processing mode
b. it employs a database of key operational and planning information that can be
shared by all
c. it is fully integrated with all of the organization’s e-commerce systems
d. all of the above
a. scope
The number and types of data items that must be loaded into a new ERP system
depend on the ______ of the ERP implementation. (Circle the correct answer.
a. scope
b. schedule
c. cost
d. none of the above
d. open source
Many SMEs elect to implement ______ ERP systems. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. proprietary
b. in-house developed
c. custom coded
d. open source
c. materials requirement plan
Purchasing uses the information from the ______ to place purchase orders for raw
materials. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. sales and operations plan
b. detailed scheduling plan
c. materials requirement plan
d. none of the above
a. Market research
One of the functional units likely to benefit from use of a customer relationship
management system is ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Market research
b. Product development
c. Quality control
d. All of the above
b. transaction processing systems
Organizations expect their ______ to ensure that data is processed accurately and
completely, avoid processing fraudulent transactions, and reduce clerical and other
labor requirements. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. batch processing systems
b. transaction processing systems
c. online processing systems
d. purchasing processing systems
c. typically cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars
Integrated information transaction processing system solutions for SMEs ______.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. are difficult to install and operate
b. have a high cost of total ownership
c. typically cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars
d. none of the above
d. define metrics to assess the progress of the project
During the implementation of an ERP system, it is a good idea to _____. (Circle the
correct answer.)
a. keep the scope of the implementation fluid so changes can be easily
b. minimize the time and dollars spent on training end users
c. not require the full-time involvement of a business executive
d. define metrics to assess the progress of the project
b. Supply chain management
______ includes the planning, execution, and control of all activities involved in raw
material sourcing and procurement, conversions of raw materials to finished products,
and the warehousing and delivery of finished product to customers. (Circle the correct
a. Enterprise resource planning
b. Supply chain management
c. Customer relationship management
d. Materials requirement planning
b. demand forecasting
Retailers as well as manufacturers use ______ to match production to consumer
demand and to allocate products to stores. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. production planning
b. demand forecasting
c. inventory control
d. sales forecasting
c. hosted software model
Many business application software vendors are pushing the use of the ______ for SME
to help them acquire, use, and benefit from new technology while avoiding much of the
associated complexity and high start-up costs. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. open source code
b. ERP systems
c. hosted software model
d. CRM
d. All of the above
______ are among the challenges that must be met by an enterprise system of a
multinational company. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Different languages and cultures
b. Disparities in IS infrastructure
c. Varying laws and customs rules
d. All of the above
Sales Forecasting
The systematic process for developing a production plan for a manufacturing
organization starts with ____________________ ____________________________ to
develop an estimate of future customer demand.
The recording of a sale and the creation of an accounts receivable entry indicating that a
customer owes money for goods received is an example of _______________________
The objective of a CRM system is to capture data about every ____________________
a company has with a customer through every channel and store it
Transaction processing systems typically involve the processing of _________________
input and output than MIS systems
Many organizations have limited ________________________ among its TPS systems
which requires that data into to one TPS must be printed out and manually reentered
into other systems. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Data ________________________ ensures the validity and completeness of input data.
Trade ____________________ rules are international laws that set practices for two or
more nations’ commercial transactions. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Some countries have passed laws limiting the __________________________ flow of
data linked to individuals.
There are many software vendors who offer ________________________ versions of
their ERP or CRM software at a low monthly rental rate.
Moving from a culture of simply selling products to one of placing the _______________
first is essential to a successful CRM deployment.
Transaction processing systems use a large amount of input and output data to update
the official ____________________ of the company about orders, sales, customers,
and so on.
At any time, the data in an online system reflects the ______________________ status
document production
The transaction processing cycle includes data collection, data editing, data correction,
data storage, and ________________________ ________________________.
business process
A(n) ______________________ ______________________ is a set of coordinated and
related activities that takes one or more types of input and creates an output of value to
the customer of that process.
Data Cleanup
When loading data into a new ERP system, ________________ __________________
is required because legacy systems are likely to contain data that is inaccurate,
incomplete, or inconsistent. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
The ultimate goal of management information and decision
support systems is to help managers at the highest level in the
organization make automated decisions with little or no effort.
(Circle the correct answer.)
Heuristics, also known as “rules of thumb,” are commonly
accepted guidelines or procedures that usually find a good
solution. (Circle the correct answer.)
An MIS provides managers and decision makers with information
to help achieve organizational goals. (Circle the correct answer.)
A key indicator report summarizes the previous day’s critical
activities and is typically available at the beginning of each
workday. (Circle the correct answer.)
Demand reports are produced on a regular schedule, the same
time each day, week, or month. (Circle the correct answer
An MIS can be divided along functional lines to produce reports
tailored to individual functions.
Cost centers are units within the company that do not directly
generate income. (Circle the correct answer.)
The use of computerized systems is emphasized at all levels of
manufacturing-from the shop floor to the executive suite. (Circle
the correct answer.)
CAD is used in the development and design of complex structures
and products. (Circle the correct answer.)
The economic order quantity is calculated to minimize the number
of times an inventory item must be reordered. (Circle the correct
A marketing MIS supports managerial activities in product
development, distribution, pricing, promotions, and sales. (Circle
the correct answer.)
Traditionally, executives simply added a profit margin to total
costs to set prices and guarantee a decent profit. (Circle the
correct answer.)
Computerized sales analysis is important to identify products,
sales personnel, and customers that contribute to profits and
those that do not.
A decision support system includes people, procedures, software,
databases, and devices to help assemble, store, manipulate, and
display geographic information
The Delphi approach is a group decision making approach that
encourages diversity among group members and fosters creativity
and original thinking in decision making. (Circle the correct
b. dialogue manager
A typical DSS includes many components including the ______ which allows decision
makers to easily access and manipulate the DSS and to use common business terms
and phrases. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. model base
b. dialogue manager
c. database
d. external database access
a. inference engine
The ______ is not a component of the typical DSS? (Circle the correct answer.)
a. inference engine
b. user interface
c. model base
d. database
d. All of the above
______ is a common characteristic of an executive support system. (Circle the correct
a. Tailored for use by individual executives
b. Provide drill-down capabilities
c. Can be used in situations with a high degree of uncertainty
d. All of the above
c. intelligence
The first stage in the problem solving process during which one identifies and defines
potential problems or opportunities is the ______ stage. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. design
b. choice
c. intelligence
d. monitoring
d. design
During the ______ stage of the problem solving process, you develop alternative
solutions to the problem and evaluate their feasibility. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. intelligence
b. implementation
c. choice
d. design
c. various TPS and ERP systems and related databases
The most significant internal data sources for an MIS are the organization’s ______.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. various DSS and GSS systems and users
b. Internet Web sites
c. various TPS and ERP systems and related databases
d. data from customers, suppliers, competitors, and stockholders
d. key-indicator
The ______ report summarizes the previous day’s critical activities and is typically
available at the start of each workday. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. demand
b. drill-down
c. exception
d. key-indicator
d. all of the above
The ability to ______ is a characteristic of a financial MIS. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. integrate financial and operational information from multiple sources, including
the Internet
b. provide easy access to financial data through use of a corporate intranet to
access corporate Web pages
c. enable analysis of financial data along multiple dimensions
d. all of the above
b. manufacturing
The ______ MIS subsystems and outputs are used to monitor and control the flow of
materials, products, and services through the organization. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. financial
b. manufacturing
c. human resources
d. marketing
c. flexible manufacturing system
A(n) ______ is an approach that allows manufacturing facilities to rapidly and efficiently
change from making one product to another. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. just in time
b. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
c. flexible manufacturing system
d. all of the above
a. product development
Subsystems for the marketing MIS include ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. product development
b. inventory control
c. use and management of funds
d. all of the above
c. effectiveness
The focus of a DSS is on decision-making ______ when faced with unstructured or
semistructured business problems. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. accuracy
b. efficiency
c. effectiveness
d. timeliness
a. it is straightforward, requiring known facts and relationships
One characteristic of a structured problem is that ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. it is straightforward, requiring known facts and relationships
b. the relationships among the pieces of data are not always clear
c. the data might be difficult to manipulate or obtain
d. the decision maker might not know the information requirements of the decision
in advance
c. MIS
A(n) ______ normally is used with structured problems and usually emphasizes
information only. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. DSS
b. GSS
c. MIS
d. GIS
b. GSS
The ____ system provides for the gathering of anonymous input, allows for the
exchange of information and expertise among people without direct face-to-face
interaction, and support many difference decision-making approaches. (Circle the
correct answer.)
a. DSS
b. GSS
c. GIS
d. MIS
Geographic information system
A(n) ______________________ ______________________ _____________________
is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying data
identified according to its location. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
______________________________ decisions deal with unusual or exceptional
situations. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
The final stage of the problem-solving process during which decision makers evaluate
the implementation is called the ________________________ stage.
In general, computerized decision support systems can either optimize or
________________________. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
A limit on the number of available work hours in a manufacturing facility is an example of
a problem ________________________.
The output of most MIS systems is a collection of ________________________ that are
distributed to managers.
____________________________ reports are produced periodically, such as daily,
weekly, or monthly. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
____________________________ reports are reports that are automatically produced
when a situation is unusual or requires management action
Profit center
A(n) ________________________ ________________________ is any organizational
unit that focuses on generating a profit for the firm. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
A manufacturing or architectural firm uses __________________________________
________________________ software to develop a digital blueprint of its products prior
to building them. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Social Networking
Corporate marketing departments use ________________ _______________________
sites such as Second Life to advertise their products and perform market research.
______________________________ ratings show how ads convert to sales.
A(n) _____________________________ MIS performs a number of important activities,
providing aggregate information on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and
many other applications. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
A(n) ____________________________ DSS handles situations or decisions that occur
more than once, usually several times per year or more. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
In the ________________________________ decision making approach, members of
a group offer suggestions “off the top of their heads.”
Many organizations actively attempt to convert tacit knowledge to
explicit knowledge. (Circle the correct answer.)
Secretaries, administrative assistants, bookkeepers, and similar
data-entry people are often called data workers. (Circle the
correct answer.)
Data mining and business intelligence are seldom used to capture
the knowledge stored in a knowledge management system.
(Circle the correct answer.)
Although computers excel at numerical calculations, they are even
better at dealing with symbols and three-dimensional objects.
(Circle the correct answer.)
A perceptive system allows a machine to approximate the way a
person sees, hears, and feels objects. (Circle the correct
Research is ongoing to directly connect the human brain and have
human thought control computer activities. (Circle the correct
Expert systems, robotics, vision systems, natural language
processing, learning systems, and neural networks are all part of
the broad field of artificial intelligence. (Circle the correct answer.
Research is ongoing to develop a robotic suit to help paraplegics
and stroke victims move so they can perform basic functions.
(Circle the correct answer.)
Neugents are neural intelligence agents that “learn” patterns and
behaviors and predict what will happen next. (Circle the correct
Reinforcement learning is a learning system involving sequential
decisions with learning taking place in between each decision.
(Circle the correct answer.)
A genetic algorithm can be used to search the vast resources of
the Internet to find information on any topic. (Circle the correct
An expert system, using the knowledge acquisition facility, can
indicate all the facts and rules that were used in reaching the
conclusion. (Circle the correct answer.)
The user interface makes an expert system easier to both develop
and use. (Circle the correct answer.)
Analog and older digital formats need not be converted into a
newer digital format before they can be edited and processed by
today’s multimedia software. (Circle the correct answer.)
One limitation of virtual reality systems is that they enable just one
user at a time to move and react in a computer simulated
a. Tacit
______ knowledge is hard to measure and document and typically is not objective or
formalized. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Tacit
b. Explicit
c. Implicit
d. Shared
b. knowledge repository
After knowledge is created, it is typically stored in a ______. (Circle the correct
a. data warehouse
b. knowledge repository
c. traditional data database
d. All of the above
c. dangerous
For many businesses, robots are used to do the three Ds, dull, dirty, and ______.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. dingy
b. dynamic
c. dangerous
d. devastating
b. Neural networks
______ can process many pieces of data at the same time and learn to recognize
patterns. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Voice recognition systems
b. Neural networks
c. Learning systems
d. Natural language processing systems
d. data warehouse
The ______ is NOT a key component of an expert system. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. explanation facility
b. user interface
c. knowledge base acquisition facility
d. data warehouse
d. knowledge base
The ______ stores all relevant information, data, rules, cases, and relationships that the
expert system uses. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. data warehouse
b. inference engine
c. inference engine
d. knowledge base
d. inference engine
In an expert system, the ______ is the component that delivers the expert advice.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. explanation facility
b. knowledge acquisition facility
c. user interface
d. inference engine
d. experts and knowledge base
The expert system knowledge acquisition facility serves as an interface between
______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. the end users and inference engine
b. the system developers and explanation facility
c. the decision makers and the knowledge base
d. experts and knowledge base
c. domain expert
The ______ is the person or group with the expertise or knowledge the expert is trying
to capture. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. knowledge engineer
b. knowledge user
c. domain expert
d. system developer
______ were early programming languages developed for and used in artificial
intelligence applications. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. FORTRAN and Pascal
c. Pascal and PROLOG
b. JPEG and GIF
Graphic images can be stored in a variety of formats including ______. (Circle the
correct answer.)
a. MP3 and MPEG
b. JPEG and GIF
c. ISDB and DVB
d. None of the above
d. WinZip
______ is a file conversion program that can be used to compress multimedia files to
make them easier to download from the Internet or send as an e-mail attachment.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. Apple Quick Time
b. CorelDraw
c. Grass Valley
d. WinZip
b. Augmented reality
______ has the potential to superimpose digital data over real photos so that GPS maps
can be combined with real pictures of stores and streets to help you locate your position.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. Immersive virtual reality
b. Augmented reality
c. Telepresence
d. Location reality
b. assistive technology
Special purpose systems that help overcome disabilities or improve health are called
______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. health systems
b. assistive technology
c. forensics software
d. none of the above
b. Game theory
______ involves the use of information systems to develop competitive strategies for
people, organizations, or even countries. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Informatics
b. Game theory
c. Assistive technology
d. All of the above
___________________ knowledge is objective and can be measured and documented.
Communities of Practice
Some organizations and professions use _____________________________ of
_______________________ to create, store, and share knowledge.
Knowledge Map
Using a knowledge management system begins with locating the organization’s
knowledge often using a _______________________ ___________________ that
points the knowledge worker to the needed knowledge.
artificial intelligence
John McCarthy proposed the use of the term ___________________________
_____________________________ to describe computers with the ability to mimic or
duplicate the functions of the human brain
intelligent behavior
The ability to learn from experiences and apply knowledge acquired from those
experiences, handle complex situations, solve problems when important information is
missing, be creative and imaginative is considered to be _______________________
_______________________. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
For some decisions, people use _______________________ which are rules of thumb
arising from experience. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
A(n) ___________________ system consists of hardware and software that stores
knowledge and makes inferences, similar to those of a human expert.
_______________________ programming is a process where the computer makes a
decision, analyzes the results, and then makes a better decision based on the analysis
___________________ are conditional statements that link conditions to actions or
outcomes; in many instances, they are stored as IF-THEN statements.
An expert system ___________________ is a collection of software packages and tools
used to design, develop, implement, and maintain expert systems.
___________________________ is text, graphics, video, animation, audio, and other
media that can be used to help an organization efficiently and effectively achieve its
goals. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
When audio files are being played while being downloaded from the Internet, it is called
_______________________ audio.
With _______________________ virtual reality, the user becomes fully immersed in an
artificial, 3D world that is completely generated by the computer. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
_______________________________ systems immerse a user in a real world that is
captured by video cameras at a distant locations and allow for remote manipulation of
real objects by robot arms and manipulators
Virtual Reality
CGI or ___________________________________ ____________________ technology
is used to bring realism to the movie screen. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
The systems development team accepts a given set of
information system objectives and delivers a system that meets
those objectives
An individual systems developer is a person that performs all of
the system development roles, including systems analyst,
programmer, and technical specialist
Information systems planning transforms organizational goals
outlined in the strategic plan into specific system development
In general, smaller projects have a higher probability of success
than larger projects.
Proper planning can guarantee that projects will not fall behind
schedule, go over budget, or not meet expectations.
The capability maturity model is a measure of the maturity of the
software development process in an organization.
Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools are used to
plan and schedule a software project.
Technical feasibility is an assessment of the technical, economic,
legal, operational, and schedule feasibility of a project.
The primary outcome of systems investigation is a systems
investigation report, also called a feasibility report.
Data about the problems or needs for the new system can come
from both sources internal and external to the organization.
The overall purpose of requirements analysis is to determine user,
stakeholder, and organizational needs.
Once the new system development process has begun,
management cannot call a stop to the effort.
Because information systems support other business activities, IS
staff and people in other departments need to understand each
other’s responsibilities and tasks.
The sooner an error is detected in the systems development life
cycle, the more expensive it is to correct.
Continuous improvement projects do not require a lot of changes
or retraining of people; thus, they have a higher degree of
success than reengineering projects.
d. systems analyst
A professional who specializes in analyzing and designing business systems is called
a(n) ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. programmer
b. stakeholder
c. end user
d. systems analyst
c. systems investigation
During the ______ phase of the system development process, potential problems and
opportunities are identified and considered in light of the goals of the business. (Circle
the correct answer.)
a. systems design
b. systems analysis
c. systems investigation
d. systems implementation
d. systems analysis
During the ______ phase of the systems development life cycle, people attempt to
answer the questions “What must the information system do to solve the problem?”
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. systems investigation
b. systems implementation
c. systems design
d. systems analysis
c. systems implementation
The training of end users is an important task in the ______ phase of a systems
development project. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. systems design
b. systems maintenance and review
c. systems implementation
d. None of the above
b. agile development
The ______ system development approach requires cooperation and frequent
face-to-face meetings with all project participants as they modify, refine, and test how
the system meets users’ needs and what its capabilities are. (Circle the correct
a. prototyping
b. agile development
c. extreme programming
d. None of the above
d. All of the above
______ is likely to affect the quality of the systems development effort. (Circle the
correct answer.)
a. the degree of change associated with the project
b. whether the project is a continuous change effort or a reengineering effort
c. the ability to manage change associated with the project
d. All of the above
a. repeatable
The second level in the capability maturity model is ______. (Circle the correct
a. repeatable
b. optimized
c. defined
d. managed
d. zero
Activities on the critical path of a project have ______ slack time. (Circle the correct
a. infinite
b. maximum
c. minimum
d. zero
c. Technical feasibility
______ is an assessment of whether the hardware, software, and other system
components can be acquired or developed to solve the problem. (Circle the correct
a. Systems investigation
b. Feasibility analysis
c. Technical feasibility
d. None of the above
d. Schedule feasibility
______ determines whether the project can be completed in a reasonable amount of
time. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Economic feasibility
b. Legal feasibility
c. Operational feasibility
d. Schedule feasibility
a. data modeling
Entity-relationship diagrams are used to perform ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. data modeling
b. process modeling
c. problem analysis
d. activity analysis
c. describe the activities that accomplish a business task
Data flow diagrams ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. are used to model data entities and their relationships
b. are quite complicated and seldom used or understood by nontechnical people
c. describe the activities that accomplish a business task
d. All of the above
d. All of the above
The system analysis concludes with a formal system analysis report that includes
______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system
b. functional requirements for the new system
c. organizational requirements for the new system
d. All of the above
a. Critical analysis
______ requires unbiased and careful questioning of whether system elements are
related in the most effective ways. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Critical analysis
b. Creative analysis
c. Causal analysis
d. Data flow analysis
a. Secure any off-site IS facilities
______ is an effective way to reduce risk and protect an organization’s critical data
resources. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Secure any off-site IS facilities
b. Control access to critical data
c. Encrypt data and files
d. All of the above
system analyst
Like an architect developing blueprints for a new building, a(n) ___________________
___________________ develops detailed plans for the new or modified system.
Like a contractor constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, the
_______________________ takes the plans developed by others and builds or modifies
the necessary software.
Return Investment
___________________ on _______________________________ is a key metric for
technology initiatives, and the business case needs to include both initial development
costs and subsequent maintenance costs
The highest level of the capability maturity level is _______________________.
The project _______________________ is the date the entire project is to be complete
and operational.
slack time
___________________ ___________________ is the amount of time a project activity
can be delayed without delaying the entire project.
critical path
The ___________________ ___________________ consists of all activities that, if
delayed, would delay the entire project
program evaluation review technique PERT
A formalized approach called _____________________ _____________________ and
___________________ ___________________ creates three time estimates for each
project activity.
Gantt chart
A(n) ___________________ ___________________ is a grid that lists activities and
Object-oriented programming languages are designed to allow the programmer to
create ___________________ of objects in the computer system that correspond to the
objects in the actual business process.
economic feasibility
________________________ ________________________ determines whether the
project makes financial sense and whether predicted benefits offset the cost and time
needed to obtain them.
legal feasibility
___________________ ___________________ involves an analysis of existing and
future laws to determine the likelihood of legal action against the systems development
project and possible consequences.
unified modeling
The use case diagram is part of the ____________________ ____________________
language that is used in object-oriented development.
Interviews, direct observation, and questionnaires are tools and techniques used in data
_______________________ analysis involves investigating new approaches to existing
Developing new systems in an environmentally sensitive way is
becoming less and less an important consideration.
Vendor proposals are typically evaluated in a two-phase process
that includes a preliminary evaluation and a final evaluation
The system specifications are documented in a design report,
which is the primary result of systems investigation.
Programming and software acquisition, user preparation, and site
and data preparation are all part of the system design process.
A parallel start-up involves running the new system for one group
of users while the rest of the users still run the old system.
Two advantages of cloud computing are improved security and
increased availability of critical applications.
Security is not an important consideration of logical design but
comes later in the systems development process
During physical design, the characteristics of the hardware,
software, database, telecommunications, personnel, and
procedure and control specifications must be detailed.
When a database fails, failover automatically switches
applications and other programs that use the database to a
redundant or replicated database so these is no interruption of
Leasing of computer hardware has the advantage over
purchasing in that there is no initial investment of funds and no
risk of equipment obsolescence.
Most application software for organizations is developed using
internal resources instead of being purchased.
The Windows Server operating system provides virtualization
tools that allow multiple operating systems to run on a single
Data preparation may involve the conversion of old data files into
a format that can be used by the new system.
During the testing phase, if the system testing is completed
successfully, no further testing is needed.
During unit testing, each program is tested with abnormal data to
determine how it will handle problems
a. “How will the information system solve a problem?”
The purpose of system design is to answer the question ______. (Circle the correct
a. “How will the information system solve a problem?”
b. “What must the information system do to solve the problem?
c. “When can the new system be operational?”
d. None of the above.
d. hardware acquisition
The first of the systems implementation tasks is ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. user acceptance
b. site preparation
c. testing
d. hardware acquisition
c. installation
The process of physically placing the computer equipment on the site and making it
operational is called ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. site preparation
b. user acceptance
c. installation
d. start-up
b. Benchmark test
______ is an evaluation approach that compares systems operating under the same
conditions. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Cost/benefit analysis
b. Benchmark test
c. Point evaluation system
d. Group consensus
d. All of the above.
A good contract for new computer equipment should include ______. (Circle the
correct answer.)
a. a dispute resolution process if something goes wrong
b. ownership and property rights of the new or modified system
c. contingency provisions in case something does not work as expected
d. All of the above.
c. should include details from the RFP specifying what is expected from the vendor
From the purchaser’s perspective, a vendor’s standard contract for purchase of new
computer hardware or software _______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. is preferred over developing a custom contract
b. should not include any vendor penalty clauses
c. should include details from the RFP specifying what is expected from the vendor
d. All of the above.
a. introduces important implementation considerations including security and
backup procedures
Virtualization ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. introduces important implementation considerations including security and
backup procedures
b. lead to increases in power consumption
c. increases hardware space requirements
d. All of the above.
b. pay only for the computer power it uses
Called “on demand” computing, this approach requires an organization to ______.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. pay the service provider periodically as requested by the provider
b. pay only for the computer power it uses
c. request the service provider for services well in advance of needing them
d. None of the above.
c. installing special wiring and air conditioning
Site preparation can include ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. the hiring and training of IS personnel
b. readying users for the new system
c. installing special wiring and air conditioning
d. physically placing the computer system on the site and making it operational
d. integration testing
The testing of all related systems together is called ______. (Circle the correct
a. system testing
b. acceptance testing
c. volume testing
d. integration testing
d. Alpha
______ testing involves testing an incomplete or early version of the system. (Circle
the correct answer.)
a. Beta
b. Unit
c. Volume
d. Alpha
b. pilot start-up
The ______ approach is a form of system start-up that involves running the new system
for one group of users, rather than all users. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. phase-in
b. pilot start-up
c. parallel start-up
d. direct conversion
a. is an old system that may have been patched or modified repeatedly over time
A legacy system ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. is an old system that may have been patched or modified repeatedly over time
b. is usually easy to modify to add new features
c. requires minimal cost to maintain
d. closely matches the current needs of the organization
c. can create entirely new bugs
A slipstream upgrade to a system ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. requires notifying end users well in advance
b. represents a fairly significant change in how the system operates
c. can create entirely new bugs
d. All of the above
c. an integrated development environment (IDE)
A combination of tools needed for programming with a programming language in one
integrated package is called ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. computer-assisted software engineering (CASE)
b. cross-platform development package
c. an integrated development environment (IDE)
d. an object oriented (OO) approach
The design of a new system is broken into two phases, ____________________ design
and physical design. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
When following the object-oriented design approach, you might want to design the
sequence of events for performing some process. The event sequence is also called
a(n) ________________________. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Request for Proposal
The ____________________ ______________ ____________________ is a document
used to communicate an organization’s needs for hardware, software, or database
systems to one or more vendors. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
When start-up is finished, the system is fully ____________________________.
Direct conversion
One system start-up approach, known as ________________________
____________________________ involves stopping the old system and starting the
new system on a given data.
The process of anticipating and planning for disasters is called disaster
hot site
A duplicate, operational hardware system that is ready for use is an example of a
________________ ________________.
image log
Whenever an application is run, an _________________ ________________ is created
that contains all changes to all files. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
System ________________________ are rules and procedures to maintain data
security. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
cost/benefit Analysis
A(n) ______________________________ ______________________ is an evaluation
approach that involves expressing all the costs and benefits of a new system in
monetary terms. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Near the end of the design stage, some organizations prohibit further changes in the
design of the system in an approach called __________________________ design
specifications. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Integrated Development Environment
A(n) ____________________ _______________________ ______________________
combines the tools needed for programming with a programming language into one
integrated package. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Acceptance testing involves conducting any additional testing required by the
____________________. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
User Acceptance
The ________________ ________________________ document is a formal agreement
the user signs stating that a phase of the installation or the complete system is
approved. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
The _________________ software development technique allows programmers to
develop programs that can run on computer systems that have different hardware and
operating systems. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
The CAN-SPAM Act allows the sending of most e-mail spam as
long as it adheres to two basic forms of compliance related to how
receivers can unsubscribe and the content of the e-mail. (Circle
the correct answer.)
Over one-fourth of office workers spend in excess of 90 minutes
per week at work viewing adult pornographic Web sites. (Circle
the correct answer.)
According to the 2009 FBI Internet Crime Report, from 2008 to
2009, there was a decrease in the number of complaints of
Internet crime filed with law enforcement officers and a decrease
in the total dollar loss from these cases. (Circle the correct
The vast majority of computer-related crimes are reported to
authorities. (Circle the correct answer.)
Cyberterrorists are believed to have invaded the U.S. power grid
and planted software that could interrupt the system during a time
of crises or war. (Circle the correct answer.)
While a virus can completely halt the operation of a computer
system, it is incapable of destroying programs or data. (Circle the
correct answer.)
Deleting the contents of the Recycle Bin makes it impossible for
individuals to view the deleted data. (Circle the correct answer.)
Copyright laws protect processes, machines, and compositions of
matter. (Circle the correct answer.)
It is estimated that the global software piracy exceeded 40% and
amounted to more than $50 billion in lost sales. (Circle the
correct answer.)
Fingerprint authentication devices to provide security in the PC
environment are sometimes employed rather than passwords.
(Circle the correct answer.)
Unfortunately, many Intrusion Detection Systems frequently
provide false alarms that result in wasted effort. (Circle the
correct answer.)
The Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998
assigns responsibility to the Department of Homeland Security for
helping identity theft victims to restore their credit and ease the
impact of the imposter.
To protect your PC and prevent it from spreading malware to your
co-workers, some antivirus software scans and cleans both
incoming and outgoing e-mail messages.
Federal law prohibits private employers from monitoring e-mail
sent or received by their employees
Posting information to the Internet using anonymous e-mail
accounts or screen names makes it impossible to identify the
d. All of the above.
Most companies have implemented stringent policies on the acquisition of computer
systems and equipment requiring ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. a formal justification statement before computer equipment is purchased
b. definition of standard computing platforms
c. use of preferred vendors for all acquisitions
d. All of the above.
c. recover stolen property
The Leads Online Web-based service system is used by law enforcement to ______.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. monitor sex offenders
b. provide a quick overview of crime risk at a given address
c. recover stolen property
d. None of the above.
c. hacker
Originally a(n) ______ was a person who enjoyed computer technology and spent time
learning and using computer systems. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. cracker
b. insider
c. hacker
d. script bunny
c. Insiders
______ have extra knowledge that make them especially dangerous — they know logon
ids, passwords, and company procedures that help them evade detection. (Circle the
correct answer.)
a. Crackers
b. Hackers
c. Insiders
d. Script bunnies
c. rootkit
A ______ is a set of programs that enables its user to gain administrator level access to
a computer or network. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. virus
b. Trojan horse
c. rootkit
d. worm
c. three times the amount of damages claimed by the patent holder
If a court determines that a patent infringement is intentional, it can award up to ______
to the patent holder. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. $10 million
b. $250,000 per infringement
c. three times the amount of damages claimed by the patent holder
d. $150,000
d. money laundering
The practice of disguising illegally gained funds so that they seem legal is called
______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. identity theft
b. vishing
c. spoofing
d. money laundering
a. Install antivirus software on all computers
A useful guideline to protect corporate computers from criminal hackers is to ______.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. Install antivirus software on all computers
b. Avoid creating frequent backups of critical data
c. Remove any firewall that may have been installed between your corporate
network and the Internet
d. Enable several guest accounts
c. across national boundaries
The European Union has a data protection directive that requires firms transporting data
______ to have certain privacy procedures in place. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. across a network
b. between servers
c. across national boundaries
d. to anyone outside the company
b. Platform for Privacy Preferences
. ______ is a screening technology that shields users from sites that do not provide the
level of privacy protection they desire. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. filtering software
b. Platform for Privacy Preferences
d. Child Online Protection Act
b. Libel
______ involves publishing an intentionally false written statement that is damaging to a
person’s or an organization’s reputation. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Blogging
b. Libel
c. Slander
d. Unfriending
a. applies only to certain federal agencies
The Privacy Act of 1974 ______. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. applies only to certain federal agencies
b. deals with the protection of communications while in transit from sender to
c. requires all financial institutions to protect and secure customers’ nonpublic data
from unauthorized use or access
d. All of the above.
a. Electronic Communications Privacy Act
The ______ prohibits the government from intercepting electronic messages unless it
obtains a court order based on probable cause. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. Electronic Communications Privacy Act
b. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
c. Freedom of Information Act
d. None of the above.
c. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
The ______ required all financial service institutions to communicate their data privacy
rules and honor customer preferences on sharing of data. (Circle the correct answer.)
a. USA Patriot Act
b. Freedom of Information Act
c. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
d. None of the above.
c. Carpal tunnel syndrome
______ is an aggravation of the pathway for the nerves that travel through the wrist.
(Circle the correct answer.)
a. Chronic idiopathic mylofibrosis
b. Seated immobility thromboembolism
c. Carpal tunnel syndrome
d. None of the above
Spam messages often carry attached files with embedded _______________________
that can cause networks and computers to crash or allow hackers to gain unauthorized
access to systems and files.
Most organizations implement internal ________________________ to measure actual
results against established goals, such as percentage of end-user reports produced on
time. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
social engineering
When computer criminals talk a critical password out of a person, the practice is called
________________________ ______________________________. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
A(n) _________________________________ is someone who intimidates or coerces a
government or organization to advance his political or social objectives by launching a
computer-based attacks. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
identity theft
______________________ ____________________ is a crime in which an imposter
obtains key pieces of personal identification information to impersonate someone else.
A(n) ________________________ is a modified version of a virus. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Software is considered intellectual property and may be protected by copyright or
________________________ law. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
________________________ is the operation of a fake Web site by someone trying to
gain access to customer’s private information. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Specialized hardware and software, such as __________________________ devices,
can be used to encode data and information to help prevent unauthorized use.
A(n) ____________________ is a person paid by a company about how much they’ve
earned and how easy the get-rich-quick plan was to operate. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
John Doe
A libeled party can file what is known as a __________________ __________________
lawsuit to force the ISP to provide whatever information they have about an anonymous
poster. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
Organizations implement ____________________ software to prevent employees from
visiting Web sites not related to work. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
The hazardous activities associated with unfavorable working conditions are collectively
referred to as work ________________________. (Fill-in-the-blank.)
The science of designing machines, products, and systems to maximize the safety,
comfort, and efficiency of the people who use them is called _____________________.
______________________ issues deal with what is generally considered right or wrong.
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