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How did the feudal system protect a lord as well as his peasants?
The manor had everything needed to live, and was surrounded by those sworn to protect it.
How did the threat of invasion lead to the development of the manor system?
The manor system offered people protection.
If a group of people pillaged a town, what did they do to the town?
They took valuable items from the town.
Where did the Vikings come from?
Where did knights stand in the social hierarchy of a feudal system?
below all nobles and above all peasants
Where did the Magyars live in relation to what was then known as Europe?
to the east
Read this excerpt about an invasion by Vikings in England.

After Easter this year the Viking army we spoke of before came to East Anglia. They landed at Ipswich and marched straight to where they had heard [the lord] was with his local forces. . . . And the East Anglians ran off at once. . . . The Danes held the battlefield. Then they got horses and afterwards took control of East Anglia and plundered and burned the countryside for four months—they even went as far as the wild fens and killed men and beasts and set fires throughout the fens, and burned down Cambridge and then turned south to the Thames River. . . .Then they turned back to their ships with their plunder.

What does this excerpt reveal about the Vikings?

They were raiders and they stole from people.
In the feudal system, a land grant was called a
What type of system was a manor system?

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