Ferre Media Group Case Study Essay Example
Ferre Media Group Case Study Essay Example

Ferre Media Group Case Study Essay Example

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  • Published: August 27, 2017
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Antonio L. Ferre is the Chief executive officer of The Ferre Media Group. This company has been household owned and maintain within the household since 1968. Antonio wants to maintain is company running long after he has been at that place. There are a batch of alterations in the Ferre household and concern. The three things I will be concentrating are Antonio L. Ferre retiring. which kids he will be go throughing certain functions to. and adding in his grandchildren to the household concern. All these things come with complexnesss and will in my point of view demand to be handled in a concern affair and non a household one. Antonio is experiencing pushed out from his CEO place. This is because many of his kids want to take over higher leading places within the company. This is


a job for Antonio because he wants to remain within the concern as a wise man but besides wants to retire shortly. He is holding problem happening balance within the household and concern affairs.

First off is the integrating of grandchildren. In the yesteryear. Antonio’s kids. were required to travel to college and acquire a grade. I feel that the grandchildren should be held to the same criterions. Once they have obtained a college grade they can use for an entry degree or lower degree place within the company. If non. they can acquire experience elsewhere and so use for a more desirable function within the Ferre Media Group if they seem prepared. I feel this is the best manner to near the state of affairs because it’s ethical. If person was educated and had experience but a

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grandchild took a higher place with the company that would be unjust. Merely because they have the last name “Ferre” doesn’t mean they will take the company to its full potency.

Once this has happened. Antonio Ferre needs to concentrate on the hereafter of the company and how the future household members and non-family members will do it successful. Antonio foremost needs to advance leaders to take over what he will be go forthing. Once this has been established. he needs to explicate how he operated a successful company for so many old ages. This is of import because he would be around to assist or set up any regulations or constructs. The leaders of the company demand to get down thought in a manner that will do the full company successful and just. This being said. possibly Antonio should engage on at least one non-family leader for the company. This manner there is person at that place that isn’t internally bound and can do a determinations based on their ain thought and non influenced by other household members. This could besides take to farther successes in different parts of the universe. A household might desire to remain together in the same topographic point where as a non-family member might be interested in the thought of spread outing the company elsewhere.

In decision. I feel like if Antonio makes all of these alterations he will be in a good topographic point to do a passage into retirement. He needs to do certain all the grandchildren get college grades and get down with the concern at entry degree or acquire some experience. He needs to do certain that

he hires the right people to take over his place and take the company to success. Last. he besides needs to do certain his passage from CEO to mentor or retirement go’s swimmingly. If these things happen the Ferre Media Group should be in good custodies.

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