A Study On Unethical Behavior In Sport Sport Essay Example
A Study On Unethical Behavior In Sport Sport Essay Example

A Study On Unethical Behavior In Sport Sport Essay Example

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  • Published: August 14, 2017
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`` The most of import thing in the Olympic Games is non winning but taking portion ; the indispensable thing in life is non suppressing but contending good. '' This phrase was said by the laminitis of the Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin. Where has this Olympic message gone to? Nowadays, it seems like everyone is merely interested in the decorations. Where is the slogan of the Olympics ; `` Citius, altius, fortius '' - `` swifter, higher, stronger '' , which can be interpreted as “striving to crush one 's personal best” ( Introduction: It 's non the, 2010 ) . When I was younger, and still viing, I remember people stating me that it is non of import to win, but to take portion. Nowadays, athletics is all about money. If you have money, you can be better, stronger and more successful. But what about the ethica


l issue?

Is today's athletics with all the money, commercialization, drug maltreatment and bribing still ethical? Can we be certain that the victor is truly the best, non merely the 1 who paid off the referees, or the 1 who has taken public presentation heightening drugs? In my sentiment, athletics, in general, has become more about the money than the true competition within the fair-play and has gone far beyond what was sometimes called jubilation of the fittest, hence unethical behavior in the athletics industry has increased quickly. Competition by itself “is nonunethical” . It is normal that success in the competition be rewarded. Competition is indispensable to feature as a good incentive; it pushes each person to endeavor for his/her best. “Celebrating achievement” is besides nonunethical” either

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“but it can drive some rivals to unethical behavior” ( Introduction: It's non the, 2010 ) .

In the current athletics industry, there are many signifiers of unethical behavior that get downing from participants and referees all the manner to the media and fans. At first, we need to clear up what just drama means, as an equivalent word to morals in athletics. In athletics, just drama “means utilizing merely tactics that are in agreement with the spirit of the sport” . Unfortunately, many jocks do non follow these just drama regulations to accomplish the triumph but use other unjust methods, sometimes “dubious but legal, sometimes illegal.


These years, professional participants, jocks or sportswomen earn mammoth sums of money. They do not merely represent themselves as single, but many times, they are the icons of certain trade names. These trade names create multi-million contracts with jocks in order to link their trade name with a first-class public presentation of the jocks. Therefore, these jocks are put under tremendous force per unit area, non merely from their squads, but besides from their patrons. Besides this fact, many of the professional jocks represent the icons, or are function theoretical accounts to many immature people all over the universe, so the force per unit area is even bigger. This creates fertile conditions for unethical behavior, sometimes accidentally, sometimes on intent.

Bing unjust, does non hold to needfully intend illegal, but it can still be referred to as rip offing. Such signifiers of cheating may be deflecting your oppositions during the game or the race by stating different ill-mannered things to your oppositions, besides “misrepresenting one 's accomplishments is another technique, where

you do your opposition over or undervalue you, which may profit the jock. These illustrations are non against the regulations, but surely could be referred to as unethical behavior. Another illustration of unethical behavior particularly favorite among football participants is called faking or simulation of the foul. This has been incorporated into the regulations of football because of the frequent abuse by participants ( Rules and Regulations, 2010 ) .

The most concerning unethical behavior among participants is utilizing public presentation heightening drugs. This signifier of cheating is illegal, and doping controls cost international federations tonss of money. Performance heightening drugs “are any substance taken to execute better athletically” , or are besides called anabolic steroids ( Performance-Enhancing Drug, n.d. ) . The taking of such drugs non merely enhances your public presentation, but it causes serious wellness jobs. This issue is non merely a job of wellness of the maltreaters, but these jocks are function theoretical accounts for many immature people, so if the instance reveals, immature people can copy their theoretical accounts in order to win. We are populating in a really competitory universe with everyone seeking to force the boundary lines. That is why many people start utilizing drugs ; they are unable to maintain up with the others, who might besides utilize doping. There is a long list of out substances created by anti-doping bureaus, but there is still a large contention. Some of the medically prescribed drugs contain out substances and even this is being misused ( Guler, 2003 ) . Taking drugs is unethical, but besides really questionable, because the usage of “enhancement substances… day of the months back to

Ancient Greek” , where jocks were taking some natural merchandises to heighten their public presentation ( Performance-Enhancing Drug, n.d. ) . There are arguments, to make two classes of athletics, one “clean” and another one where steroids will be allowed.

Cycling is one of the athletics where doping is used. Lance Armstrong has been accused several times for utilizing such drugs, but it has ne'er been confirmed. Many people think he must hold taken something, because of his extraordinary public presentation at The Tour de France.

Another instance with the usage of doping was revealed in 2003, it was “the biggest doping screen up” . In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Ben Johnson, a Canadian sprinter, won a gold decoration in a World record. But subsequently, he was positively tested on an out substance, so the decoration was taken from him and given to Carl Lewis, the American jock. But 15 old ages subsequently, it was revealed that 19 American jocks who had non passed the drug trials “were allowed to vie at Olympic Games” from 1988 to 2000. Among them was Carl Lewis, who was given the gold decoration, after Ben Johnson was disqualified ( 10 Drug dirts, 2003 ) .

As we can see in the tabular array below, the figure of jocks that failed the drug trials has an increased potency. This is non a good mark for athletics, it gives a bad feeling. Many jocks that failed the trials publically claim that the others are utilizing it as good ; they merely have non got caught yet.

I have had a personal experience with the unethical behavior of participants. When I was a transverse state skier,

I heard about some of my co-workers taking some sort of public presentation heightening substances. I refused to be like them, because I believe in clean athletics, and it was against my values and rules, but on the other manus, I was ne'er the best. I think this is the issue of taking such drugs, which some people, even if they prepare, and develop their hardest, ne'er win, so they are frustrated and agree to take these drugs to be to their rivals.


In this group, graft is a really common and unethical pattern. Referees are besides exposed to tremendous force per unit area since there is a batch of money involved in the athletics, hence winning can sometimes be achieved by another manner so merely an affair of opportunity. If the squad is about to fall out of the first conference, or it is a really of import lucifer, referees might be bribed to do determinations in favor of merely one party. Largely this is the instance in states were referees have low wages, therefore they are really vulnerable to accepting a payoff. Referees should be honest, and their top value should non be money, otherwise, they are really likely to be bribed ( Guler, 2003 ) .

The referee can besides act upon the game accidentally, without being bribed. It is because referees are besides merely worlds, and worlds make errors. In some athletics, referees have to do determinations in secs, where engineering is being used to assist the referees out if they are noncertain about the call. In hockey for illustration, there is besides a picture referee, in instances the chief referees on the

ice do non see what happened. Besides in tennis, a new technological characteristic was introduced, a “Hawk-eye” , which is an “electronic line-calling system” . This characteristic is used when a tennis participant challenges the line call. The questioned call is replayed on the screen, and the new call is so made ( TENNIS: Hawk-Eye, 2007 ) . Many people would wish to see such characteristics in football, where a video referee would be included, and at that place would besides be cameras inside the net to demo whether the ball passes the line or non in debatable instances.

Betting is another state of affairs, when referees are being paid off. There was one instance in the NBA, where a referee was pleaded guilty in 2007 for having $ 5000 payoff in a betting instance ( NBA Referee Tim Donaghy, 2007 ) .


Television and the wireless are besides to be blamed for unethical behavior in athletics. These two are the chief signifier of commercializing the full athletics industry. The full force per unit area we talked about earlier is derived from media advertisement and commercializing. It is questionable to what extent does the media tell the truth about the participant or the squad. The ratings from the media can be biased every bit good. A private telecasting can be a spouse of an athletics squad, and they can deliberately make a better image for their viewing audiences about that concrete squad. This is besides really unethical. Sports journalists or observers can prefer one squad or the other, and his rating of this squad can be biased compared to the world, and so the populace may comprehend

it this manner excessively. Media can really easy destruct the whole repute of certain participants or full squad ( Guler, 2003 ) .

On one side, it is good to hold media, because we can watch many different lucifers all over the universe, but on the other side, the force per unit area of the media on the industry is tremendous.

While I was in the United States, I went to American football lucifer. I remember Notre Dame was playing against the Navy. It was a great experience for me, but what surprised me, that the game was interrupted by the referee, for the advertisement in the media. I thought it was sort of annoyance, and besides unfair for both squads of the game because they were interrupted in the center of the action.


This group is besides connected to feature morals, even though fans do non acquire any money from the existent athletics, alternatively, they have to pay to watch it. Some groups think that if they pay for the lucifer, they have the “right to move against the rules” . For some fans, it is difficult to understand that non merely their squad must-win, but besides the opposition has the same opportunity to win. There are fans that ” [ believe ] everything is just for [ their ] squad to win” , which is different from back uping the squad. Such fans are called “hooligans” or “ultras” in Slovakia, and their actions are sometimes really unethical. Such fans are many times really aggressive either towards referees, participants, guiltless fans, or beside to the belongings around ( Guler, 2003 ) .

In Slovakia, it was this twelve

month ice-hockey play-offs between Slovan Bratislava and HC Kosice, where the Slovan fans pulled out a transparent with this header: “Julo, is it true your girlfriend has cheated on you? ” Julo is a Kosice's goalie, and I know personally his girlfriend. I think this was really unethical, really piquing. Such behavior should non be present at featuring events because it is against just drama.

This might be a failure of the organizers, and besides of the jurisprudence, because it is sometimes pathetic, what the bullies are capable of.

As mentioned above, the athletics environment is going more and more affiliated with unethical behavior. Sport as such, should be “creating unity, advancing values and community pride” . It can impact peoples ' lives and hence, everyone involved in athletics from managers, parents, jocks, fans to referees should seek to do it as just and gratifying as possible.

Not merely regulations are of import in athletics but besides values and ethical motives. It is indispensable for the managers to learn their jocks what behavior is good and just, because people have different values, and some of them can non even separate between what is good and what is bad. Harmonizing to Ms. Sandler, these four values are “the most important…in athletics ethics” : equity, unity, regard and equity ( Sandler, 2009 ) . Integrity, harmonizing to Cambridge lexicon, means “having strong moral rules that you refuse to change” . Fairness means handling people reasonably and every bit. Equity in a significance that everyone should be treated every bit, and eventually esteem; jocks should handle others with the award.

In order to be ethical while inscribing in athletics activity, these stairs

should be remembered:

  1. “Glory can non be owned” . Everyone can acquire a clasp of it, but non for of all time.
  2. “Do n't give up after the bad game” . Bad games should merely do us more prepared.
  3. Success does non hold to intend felicity in athletics. If you do non happen self-regard, you will non be happy.
  4. “Successful jocks do non hold enemies” . We should esteem our rivals, instead of looking for ways how to assail them ( Sandler, 2009 ) .

As I suggested in the debut, I think athletics has become unethical. While in the yesteryear, in ancient Greece, when there were Olympic games, no wars were allowed, everyone was observing the beauty and the art of athletics. People were heartening altogether, and when the victor came up, they treated him with regard. Unlike today, when we have Olympic Games, we are disquieted about the terrorist onslaughts and anti-doping controls have to be run to guarantee the fair-play. I am against doping or any other steroid usage, therefore I support clean athletics without any public presentation heightening drugs. I think there should be more serious punishments for mistreating drugs. It should be a portion of our educational system to educate immature kids about the cons of utilizing such substances. Besides the morality in athletics and morals in general demands to be improved. Nowadays people, immature children particularly are being really aggressive towards each other, which leads to similar effects as mentioned. Fans fight against the fans of other nines, people are afraid to travel to football lucifer with their children. I besides think athletics should non be sponsored so much by

corporate concerns, and the wages and reassign fees should be much lower. I think it is incredible, how much money some of the best participants or jocks earn. If we imagine there are people on this planet that do non hold their basic demands satisfied, it is against the logic.

On the other manus, there are people backing uping on doping and the usage of steroids in athletics, claiming that they want to see the boundary lines of human ability to be pushed, and so are supportive. There are even people who would take to decease earlier, from the side effects of the steroids, merely to be the best, to experience the glorification.

Ethical motives in athletics are really of import. Our civilization has created this competitory hatred against each other along with all the money involved in the present signifier of athletics. Sport can hold an immense influence on people therefore we should seek to halt the unethical issues around it. We have to understand that it is non-possible to win every clip. What is of import to learn is how to manage to lose in a manner it can assist us in the hereafter. Even if we lose, it is of import to demo regard to our rivals.

We, the people on Earth have caused this turn-over of what was sometimes a jubilation, to so name “sport” full of hatred, jealousy, and cutoffs, therefore it is up to the world to make up one's mind which manner are we traveling to follow.


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