Exponents and Scientific Notation Vocabulary Study Guide

number used as a factor

number used to tell how many times to multiply the base

name given to a base combined with an exponent

exponential form
FORM showing a base and exponent written as a power

expanded form
FORM showing a power written out as base times base

standard form
FORM showing the answer as a regular number

product of powers property
rule that says when multiplying powers of the same base, keep the base and add the exponents

power of 0 rule
rule that says any base raised to the power of 0 equals 1

quotient of powers property
rule that says when dividing powers of the same base, keep the base and subtract the exponents

scientific notation
name given to a way of writing very large or very small numbers in shorthand

factor between 1 and 10
first component of scientific notation

a power of 10
second component of scientific notation

letter or symbol used in place of a number whose value can change

regular number whose value never changes

number in front of a variable that is multiplying times the variable

type of math containing variables

quantity (ex. 2+3, x+5, 13)

math sentences stating that two quantities (expressions) are EQUAL

plug a given value into an expression

find the VALUe of an expression using substitution

find the answer to a math problem

answer to a math problem

one-step equation
easiest type of EQUATION to solve

two-step equation
type of EQUATION requiring a couple of steps to solve

multi-step equation
type of EQUATION requiring several steps to solve

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