Exploration or Reformation Essay Example
Exploration or Reformation Essay Example

Exploration or Reformation Essay Example

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  • Published: July 20, 2017
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Andre Gide once said that discovering new oceans requires the courage to lose sight of the shore, and this was made possible by Johannes Gutenberg's printing press invention in the fifteenth century. This technological breakthrough revolutionized printing, making it easier to produce more maps and explore new routes. Without this innovation, Christopher Columbus would not have been able to share news of his discovery of America with the world. The printing press sparked a growing demand for more maps and increased interest in geography and exploration as evidenced in Document A, fueling adventurers' curiosity to seek out new paths like Ferdinand Magellan who became the first person both to find a westward route from Europe to Asia and circumnavigate the globe. Without Gutenberg's invention, Magellan may never have achieved these accomplishments. Documentation D reveals that without the help of the printing press, Columbus would not have disse


minated his discoveries about America across different nations. It is worth considering what might have happened if America had never been discovered due to this lack of communication channels enabled by Gutenberg's printing press technology. Columbus communicated with various cities such as Lisbon, Valladolid, Barcelona, Paris, Antwerp, Strasbourg, Basel Florence and Rome via letters.Documentation E highlights the role of the printing press in distributing Martin Waldseemuller's inaugural map of the American continents. Without Gutenberg's invention, showcasing and communicating America's geography would have been arduous for explorers. The creation of Johannes Gutenberg is one of history's most momentous innovations with extraordinary impacts. By enabling us to view maps and obtain knowledge about our world, the printing press facilitated geographical exploration. Printed materials were instrumental in disseminating discoveries like the findin

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of America to other regions worldwide.

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