Eulogy on “Deadly Unna” by Phillip Gwynne Essay

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Eulogy for Dumby Red As you all know we are gathered here today to share our last moments with Dumby Red. My name is Gary Black, they call me blackly down at the point. I am extremely honoured to be here amongst all of you to talk about Dumby, however if I wouldn’t have meet Dumby I would not have had the courage to come speak in front of all of you. Dumby was the friend who helped me open my eyes to the most important things in life.

He was and always will be an excellent friend, excellent son, brother, and team player who has influenced my life very much. He was and is a really special part of y life. Dumby was also a great inspiration to not only me but every person standing here today. Dumby had changed my life significantly and I can never forget him. He was someone with a great heart which had touched all of us particularly yours Mr Tommy Red, Clarence and Mrs Red. I still remember the first time where I meet Dumby, in the changing room when he asked me for a coat hanger.

I was so Jealous of him, always wished I had that killer smile, incredible talent, a great sense of style and all the stuff to catch a girl’s attention, which I had trouble with. I can never forget the time when Dumby came for my rescue. Pickles, Dazza, Mark Arks and I had decided to go to the town. On our way back we some of Tangaratta kids came in the way, and before I even knew Mad Dog one of the Tangaratta kids, had me in a headlock and I was about to be smashed into a pole.

Mad Dog was a scrawny, but strong kid who messed with my friends after we beat them in a game. Every time I tried to free my head he’d cackle me and rap me on the top of the head with his knuckles. I was screaming for help, but not one of my team mates came to elp. He soon started spinning me, I was feeling dizzy, and as I spun around Dumby had Mad Dog in a headlock and he was squeezing him really hard, he was fearless. At that moment I realised, I was exceptionally lucky to have a mate like him.

Dumby was a very essential player on our team. The football grand final, is where I become more apparent about Dumby when he showed his talent by scoring half of the goals for the team. He could have easily kicked the last goal through the goalpost but he didn’t, instead he made that pass to Clemboy. That’s Just what Dumby would exactly do; enjoy the victory with his family and friends and that’s why he was a very important player for the team and a great sportsman.

Throughout my friendship with Dumby, I became to be conscious of his character and the kind of attitudes and values he believes in. I became more aware of the differences we have between each other when it was announced that Mark when all of a sudden I remembered that Dumby told me Clemboy was his cousin and he had to let him have a go since he hadn’t touched the ball even once all through he game and this was what I really liked about him, he would consider everyone with appreciation and devotion.

Even though I am different from all of you, I believe that all of us can certainly learn something from Dumby. Dumby has taught us a lot and even though he not with physically with us anymore, he will still remain in our hearts and always look up for us from that peaceful sky to lead us through our life by becoming our role model. Even If we make an attempt to change our differences and accept each other, then I believe no matter how big our ifferences are, maybe we could see them changing for the good.

I will never forget the time me and Dumby have spent together although it was not very much but it was the most priceless time and the time he had spent with all the rest his family, we all will always keep a save place in our hearts for those wonderful memories. May you forever rest in Joyful peace. have meet Dumby I wouldn’t have had the courage to come speak in front of all of Robertson, Ark Robertson’s son was wining the Best on Ground Award

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