Ethnic Studies 101 Ch.12

In 2004, _______ of Asian Americans over age 25 held bachelor’s degrees compared to 29.7% of Whites.
What is meant by the Filipino concept sa pamilya?
devotion to family
There are at least 1.3 million Asian Americans in
The media fuels prejudice against Asian Americans with
inflammatory reporting, ethnic slurs, and mistaken identity
Portraying the problem of racial and ethnic minorities as their fault rather than recognizing society’s responsibilities is referred to as
blaming the victim
One problem faced by Vietnamese refugees to the US was
downward social mobility
Defiance, in the form of gangs, is a sign of
The term yellow peril captured which of the following characterizations of Asian people?
drug addicted, savage, and heathen
Hawaii was initially populated by
The lack of significant Filipino social organization is due to
time consuming obligations to the family and the church
Chinese Americans have bot been active in politics because
the careers the best students pursue tend to be in business and science
Asian Indians see ________ work as most likely to help them make the transition to the US and to give them the money they need to become more self-reliant.
Asian Americans include all of the following groups EXCEPT:
Puerto Ricans
Hawaiians have experienced
none of the above
The case study of a Hmong community takes place in
Through most of the 1980s, Asian Indian immigrants
tended to be urban, educated, and English speaking
The 1.5 generation is another name for
Viet Kieu are
people from Vietnam living abroad
Among Filipino Americans, ________ of the population speak English only.
In 2010 Pacific Islanders numbered around
14.6 million
Asian Indian immigrants call themselves
Mistaken identity by the media occurs when
American citizens of Asian descent are presented as if they are foreigners
In Hawaii in the late 1700s,
plantation operators arrived
Given their relatively long tradition of immigration, it is surprising that Filipino Americans have no significant
social organization representing the general Filipino population
The first person murdered in a racially motivated attack following the events of 9/11 was of _______ ancestry.
Asian Indian
The third wave of Korean immigration, post 1965, brought with it largely
skilled professionals
Which of the following statements is true regarding Asian Americans and income?
on average, they earn more than
Whites; they earn less per year of education than Whites with the same educational attainment; their income is related to school achievement
A small initial wave of immigration came from Korea to the US, via Hawaii, during the
early 1900s
The model or ideal minority image is frequently applied to
Asian Americans
The model minority stereotype of Asian Americans contains an implicit critique of Blacks, Hispanics, and others for failing to succeed as well as the model minority has. This could be viewed as yet another instance of
blaming the victim
Which of the following statements about Filipino Americans is FALSE?
Their primary loyalty is typically to their social organizations and clubs.
A group that despite past perceptions and discrimination, succeeds economically, socially, and educationally without resorting to political or violent confrontations with Whites is known as
the model minority
The gook syndrome refers to negative attitudes held by Americans about
The term boat people was used to describe a stage of immigration from
Korean ethnic churches in Chicago and Los Angeles are the fastest growing segment of