Ethical issues of Chinas one child policy Essay Example
Ethical issues of Chinas one child policy Essay Example

Ethical issues of Chinas one child policy Essay Example

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  • Published: August 25, 2017
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The Chinese ideal of a household follows the Confucian belief that the household should be large and complex. The male parent is to hold every bit many boies as possible so that the boy can carry through his duties to the male parent and their line of descent[ 1 ].

The household is really of import for the Chinese that they even coined the term familism which is `` the footing of a sort of society distinctive from any other sort in the universe ''[ 2 ]. This means that whatever the members of the household are making should be merely for the benefit of their household. Because of familism, a Chinese twosome feels compelled to hold at least one male kid. The Chinese believe that holding a boy will profit them in many ways and one of these is to guarant


ee that their household line would be continued[ 3 ].

The household in the Confucian position stresses the significance of hierarchy. Confucius besides said that in a relationship, one should command and the other should obey. It is now known that the 1 who commands is the adult male or the senior, while the 1 who obeys is the adult female or the younger individual. The Chinese household is really paternalistic in a sense that it favors the work forces of the household more than the adult females[ 4 ].

Unlike in the West, kids in China were non as treasured by their parents. They were more of necessities for the households particularly in the rural countries, so that they could assist their parents with work in the Fieldss. Sons were particularly valued

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because of their ability to supply for their parents and to transport on their household name, something that the adult females can ne'er be capable of making[ 5 ].

The work forces are besides the lone 1s who have direct entree to Heaven and they can execute rites for their ascendants. The 1 who was in charge of the rites is called the descent-line inheritor or the tsung-tzu[ 6 ]. For the Chinese, holding a girl would non be good to them in any manner because girls would finally go forth them to fall in her hubby 's household. She would idolize their ascendants and function his household. Having a boy would be an confidence to a household ; that the boy would care for his parents and remain with them even after he gets married[ 7 ].

The work forces of the household would besides inherit the belongings that is left to them, and there is no manner that a adult female would be allowed to go inheritor to what has been left by the ascendants. An illustration of this would be the resistance of Chu Hsi, one of the most influential leaders of the Learning Way Movement, in his Family Rituals that a girl can non inherit her parents ' estate even when she had no ( more ) brothers. A adult female, without brothers, inheriting the belongings of her parents was a Sung pattern, but Chu Hsi emphasized that the males should be the 1s inheriting the belongingss because if it were adult females, so `` such belongings would be obtained 'inappropriately ' ''[ 8 ].

Everyone knows about how China

is going more developed and as a consequence, the population of China has been turning quickly. China had to make something about the population growing because the authorities was non able to run into the demands of the citizens any longer. To add to that, decease rates were besides worsening. The authorities had different plans to protract a twosome from holding a kid such as promoting them to acquire married tardily. This policy was implemented to reply the jobs of overpopulation. Couples who abided by the policy would have inducements, while those who decide to hold more than one kid would hold to pay the countenances[ 9 ].

China 's one kid policy was launched in the twelvemonth 1979 by former Premier Deng Xiao Pinging[ 10 ]. The chief intent of this policy is to halt the rapid population growing of the state that was clearly apparent during the twelvemonth 1949, when the population was about half a billion, the same clip when the Chinese Communist Party was set uping itself and thought that this concern would impede development[ 11 ]. The policy was non supposed to be lasting but because it was successful, they decided to go on implementing it. It was besides non applied to all topographic points in China. Topographic points that do non pattern the policy are Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and in entire merely about 40 % of the Chinese population pattern the one-child policy[ 12 ]. The policy itself is non to the full unreasonable since it had a practical intent of commanding the population growing which was surely necessary at that minute. The lone

clip it gets out of manus is when the Chinese norm of prefering boies enters the image. The fact that a household has to hold merely one kid is absurd. How can the authorities of China expect to command 1000000s of households in the state? Is this even possible?

In the urban countries, people found it hard to defy this policy because of their societal and economic conditions every bit good as the rigorous opinion of their leaders during that clip. However, this is non the instance in rural countries wherein active opposition could be seen everyplace. This is because of their kids 's part to the typical Chinese agricultural household and `` for their function in continuing the household line '' . Because of the unfairness of this policy, a batch of people resisted in three signifiers: foremost was when the marks confronted the implementers of the policy ; second was the flight from the policy by either `` deceiving rural cells or conspiring with sympathetic 1s '' ; third was to look to be following with what the province wanted but withstanding them at the same clip. This means that the province succeeds when the twosome would obey the province 's policy of holding merely one kid ( even if they want more ) , but the same twosome would `` uncover the influence of a counter-discourse that challenges the province 's ideological claim to rule child-bearing '' when they pattern female infanticide. Couples would so fall back to ultrasound engineering, wherein a rural or urban twosome can `` engineer the sex '' of their babe[ 13 ].

The job of population growing can

be seen largely in rural countries since `` 80 per cent of China 's population is rural and 87.2 per cent of births '' occur at that place. The authorities tried to ground out with the provincials sing the alteration in household size but they were non successful in altering their heads. By the twelvemonth 1970, inducements and punishments were introduced as portion of the two-child policy run. These were even highlighted during 1979, when the one-child policy was eventually launched[ 14 ].

Why the Chinese provincials preferred to hold a big household is due to economic grounds. They felt that holding a big household would convey more advantages for them, as compared to holding merely one kid. The advantage would be that the household would have `` an allotment of grain distributed on a per capita footing '' . The same goes for the allotment of land that is why people in the rural countries can spread out their places when they expand their households[ 15 ]. Sometimes, these kids would assist their parents by garnering stuffs related to the maintaining of the land such as H2O and fuel. They would besides feed the animate beings and weed private secret plans. These undertakings could be done even by kids, therefore it helps the parents prepare for the more strict jobs. Their kids are besides the lone large-scale investings of the provincials because boies join the work force and they finally have to supply for their households[ 16 ].

The penchant for boies is besides apparent in the rural countries because they continue their household line, whereas most of the adult females get married

outside their small town, live with their in-laws and fall in their labour force. This penchant is besides reflected in a study conducted during the twelvemonth 1981. The participants are those twosomes who had a 2nd kid. 42.61 per cent of the 1000 participants had one boy and 57.39 per cent had a girl. When they were asked why they had another kid, 50.5 per cent said that they wanted a male child and merely 11.4 per cent said that they wanted a miss. This clearly indicates that bulk of the respondents prefer a boy over a girl[ 17 ].

Because they had to, the people from the rural countries used different methods to prorogue the creative activity of kids. Some relied on the low cost methods of contraceptive method such as IUD and the 2nd method is sterilisation. However, those with merely one kid have a difficult clip utilizing this method because they would see holding a 2nd kid in replacing of the first 1 merely in instance the first one dies or becomes disabled. They do non take pills that much because it is more expensive and supply could be a job for them. In some rural countries, peculiarly in Sichuan, vasectomy was used. Both work forces and adult females had more ailments sing the side-effects of this method because the work forces claimed to be `` losing their strength '' . However, this method became really effectual because Sichuan was most successful in cut downing its birth rate. There was besides induced abortion, which was originally merely a back up method and was non truly intend to be an independent option for

contraceptive method[ 18 ].

Despite the opposition, people still follow because there would be inducements and punishments enforced merely to do certain that no 1 will travel against the policy. Among the many inducements are a nutrition allowance, a full grownup grain ration and free medical, educational and kindergarten installations for the kid. An illustration of the punishments on the other manus is the tax write-off of the twosome 's income by 20 per cent from the clip the 2nd gestation is discovered but this 20 per cent will be returned to them if they had the kid aborted. There are times when a twosome is allowed to hold a 2nd kid. Among these are if the first kid suffers from a disablement that would impede him from working or if both are abroad Chinese who have merely returned from another state[ 19 ].

The policy was more successful in the urban countries than in the rural countries. This could be due to the purpose of the authorities `` that 95 per cent of the married twosomes in the metropoliss and 90 per cent in the countryside will hold merely one kid '' so that by the terminal of the century, China could restrict their population to about 1.2 billion[ 20 ].

Equally early as 1955, household planning was being enforced in the urban countries of China[ 21 ]. Chen Da, a pioneering demographist, emphasized that people who received instruction overseas would more likely have less kids because they have a background on birth control[ 22 ]. The people from the urban countries were more unfastened and accepting of the one-child policy because

for one, there were attempts to raise the position of the adult females by allowing them enter into the labour force. Child bearing and raising are non the lone things that a adult female is bound to make with all the work that she has[ 23 ]. The Chinese from urban countries besides see kids as more of an `` economic liability '' because it requires a batch of attempt, attending and resources ( like money ) to raise them but these kids contribute small to the lives of their parents[ 24 ].

Different households have assorted patterns or methods to acquire rid of a girl. One of these is female infanticide or `` the knowing violent death of babe misss ''[ 25 ]. The twosome will fall back to female infanticide to seek their fortune once more trusting that they would acquire a male child the 2nd clip around ( or kill the miss when the female parent gets pregnant with a male child )[ 26 ]merely so they could follow with the policy that was being implemented[ 27 ]. There are besides infirmaries in China that have `` prophylactic proficient counsel institutes '' . These institutes have lower degree workers who are trained in the four operations which are `` tubectomy, vasectomy, interpolation and remotion of the IUD, and induced abortion ''[ 28 ]. IUD and sterilisation are widely used in China ; in fact, every bit many as 50 per cent of the Chinese rely on IUDs and sterilisation is the 2nd most widely used signifier of prophylactic method[ 29 ].

Partially because of these methods, it

became possible for China to command its people. Again, the motivation of forestalling overpopulation is non a bad thing. In fact, it would be helpful to the authorities so that it could govern the state better. However, is this inhumane policy the lone option that they had? Is it truly success that they are accomplishing? Would they name this successful when they know that there are guiltless babes killed along the manner?

The Chinese may hold controlled the growing of their population but they are besides meeting jobs as they go along with their one-child policy. This policy has prevented around 4oo million births, harmonizing to Chinese functionaries[ 30 ]. Because there are fewer kids that are born, there is an spread outing population of the aged. This is a job because there would be less figure of immature labourers in the hereafter when the aged dice[ 31 ]. Another job is the ratio of work forces and adult females because work forces have been outnumbering adult females already by about 60 million. This instability between work forces and adult females would do it hard for the former to look for married womans ; therefore they can ensue to human trafficking of adult females and kids[ 32 ].

The policy is even crueler because of the inequality between work forces and adult females. The authorities has been turn toing this issue stating that work forces and adult females must be equal at all costs and that this equality has to be promoted through media. Peoples who commit infanticide, those who neglect or abandon their kids or any act that would harm people particularly female

babes must be punished[ 33 ]. If the authorities truly means this, so they could already halt with the payment of mulcts for holding more than one kid and merely hold a jurisprudence against female infanticide, or better yet merely get rid of the policy.

Unfortunately, the Chinese will still be go oning this policy in the coming decennaries to command the population growing in their state[ 34 ]. Harmonizing to the functionary and curate of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, Zhang Weiqing, China will non do any alterations for about another decennary because it has been effectual in commanding their population growing. Since China 's population is turning by 17 million per twelvemonth ( harmonizing to China Daily as of 2008 ) , abandoning the policy would hold `` major fluctuations in population growing '' . Officials said that the one-child policy was the lone pick that was available and realistic at the clip of the building of the policy, but they are now sing amendments to it, but get rid ofing it would do many jobs[ 35 ].

The Philippines is besides sing an event that is rather similar to the policy that China has implemented on its state for a long clip. There may be many people in the Philippines, but they are still able to populate their lives usually because the resources are prolonging them. There would be no hapless people if merely there was equal distribution of resources to all the Filipino people. The church besides claims that poorness is non because of overpopulation but is due to the irresponsible and corrupt authorities that the state has

class="essay_footnotecitation">[ 36 ], but what precisely is overpopulation? As defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, overpopulation is `` the status of holding a population so heavy as to do environmental impairment, an impaired quality of life, or a population clang ''[ 37 ].

The option that the lawgivers are sing is the Reproductive Health Bill that `` promotes information on and entree to both natural and modern household planning methods, which are medically safe and lawfully allowable ''[ 38 ]. The difference of this from China 's one-child policy is the fluctuation of the Filipino and Chinese outlook ; that the former does non prefer any gender because Southeast Asiatic states tolerate both genders. The cause is the same-which is to command population growing, but the motivation is different because while China intends to merely command their population, the Philippines purposes to extinguish poorness by commanding the population growing.

The cause may be sensible but some parts of the measure are disadvantageous to the lives of the Filipinos, particularly the Filipino adult females. Some establishments are back uping the RH Bill like the National Council of Churches in the Philippines or NCCP, stating that the Reproductive Health Bill does non needfully advance anything illegal such as abortion[ 39 ]. However in the measure, it is said that adult females with post-abortion concerns will non be treated otherwise[ 40 ]. Does this mean that the authorities will still digest abortion even if they mentioned in the measure that abortion is illegal? Is what the NCCP stating about the measure non advancing abortion true?

Another is the compulsory sex instruction for simple pupils[ 41 ]. Some

parents have a hard clip explicating to their kids about how they came to life or even speak about sex with them. Normally parents would wait for the right clip to educate them about these things so that the kid would understand better. If the jurisprudence requires compulsory sex instruction, so these kids will be more funny and seek to experiment things and be exposed at a really immature age.

Merely like China 's one-child policy, the RH Bill may hold a good intent but its executing and some of the policies in it are non good. The measure promotes responsible parentage[ 42 ]-- but does this duty involve the pick between holding the babe and holding the babe aborted?

If there is the belief that the Philippines is overpopulated, so why non utilize this to our advantage? Why non utilize the money for making occupations alternatively of disbursement so much on preventives ( or allowing the corrupt functionaries maintain the money ) that will non convey any benefit to a individual 's life? Our faith is besides different from the Chinese. Filipinos do non see their kids as economic liabilities because Filipinos are more emotionally attached to their kids. The penalties in instance of non-compliance stated in this measure will besides hold a great impact in the lives of the Filipinos who are compelled to follow with the commissariats[ 43 ].

Filipinos must be alarmed that there is so much hapless people because the population is quickly increasing that is why they are presuming that the state is going overpopulated and we need to work out this job. However, the Philippines does non necessitate the

RH Bill because the state is non overpopulated. There is the premise that poorness and overpopulation are connected, and by commanding the population, poorness will be reduced. Harmonizing to Simon Kuznets, a Baronial Prize Winner and writer of Population and Capital Growth, there is no clear connexion between overpopulation and economic development[ 44 ]. Topographic points such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are overpopulated but still flourish. The population denseness of Taiwan is 1,460 per square stat mi but CIA 's `` World Factbook 1999 '' stated that `` Taiwan 's per capita gross domestic merchandise is $ 16,500 ''[ 45 ]

What the Filipinos demand is a better and more capable authorities alternatively of implementing an unneeded jurisprudence. As for China, they are besides get downing to oppugn their ain policy[ 46 ]and because they are already holding uncertainties, so it is best that they reconsider put to deathing it for another decennary. By making this, China would discontinue to harm guiltless human existences and forestall the Philippines from following the footfalls of China in seting something unethical into pattern.

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