Essay on Same-Sex Marriage

Fundamental Principles of Family Law

As Lynn Wardle states in “Fundamental Principles of Family Law in the U. S”, ‘Family law is that branch of law consisting of the substantive and procedural rules that regulate the creation, ongoing relations, termination and post-termination consequence of family relationships’1. Her definition of family law is germane to the overall procedural aspect of this […]

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Why Same-Sex Marriage’s Make Sense, A Small Community’s Perspective

The Right-Wing ideology of Christian American has provided barriers to same-sex marriages in this country for long enough. Because of this, religious agendas and political fervor have impeded the rational of law makers for too long. In this article I will demonstrate with conviction why same-sex marriages should not only be legal, but also how […]

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Same-Sex Mariage in Canada

Same-sex marriage in Canada Same-sex marriage can be defined by the union of two men or two women. In most country, this type of union does not exist. Same-sex marriages are accepted in only five countries, which are Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada and South Africa. In many other countries some other type of homosexual unions […]

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Florida and same-sex marriage

The power and will to prevail is what most of us call finding. The world-wide finding environing cheery matrimony will go on to persist through the challenges and favoritism. The regard for matrimony act of 2009 is a measure in the right way. It’s purpose to amend the Defense of Marriage Act ( DOMA ) […]

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Position Paper-Gay Marriage

Marriage. When most people think of an ideal “marriage”, a man and a woman sharing vows and devoting their lives to each other is what is pictured. Well, this is only 100 percent true in most cases. Today’s society has accumulated different types of marriages: a marriage between a man and a woman, between a […]

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Should Homosexuals Be Allowed to Marry?

Should Homosexuals Be Allowed to Marry? Nataria Jackman PHI 103 Instructor Renee Levant January 16, 2012 Should Homosexuals Be Allowed to Marry? Marriage is a very sacred arrangement. It is a lifetime commitment said to be only between man and woman. These two people should love or be in love with each other. Over the […]

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Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized

Same sex marriage should be legalized One of the biggest controversies in the world today is whether gays and lesbians should be able to marry. There are numerous arguments against same sex marriage. These arguments range from religious arguments to social arguments to medical arguments. A lot of the arguments against same sex marriage have […]

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Zach Wahls Speech

Zach Wahls goes before the House of Representatives in support of marriage equality. The nineteen year old University of Iowa student stands before a full room of people to discuss his personal experience of being raised by two women. Zach, a well-spoken young man, explains that he has a full blooded sibling that was conceived […]

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The Modern Family

In today’s society the image of the family structure has drastically evolved from the traditional values of the 20th century in order to adapt to the social and economic influences that are shaping the 21st century. The sitcom on ABC, “Modern Family” satirizes the issues that families in America face in the 21st century. Compared […]

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Same-Sex Marriage Violates Sacrament of Marriage

“There is not a same-sex equivalent to bride and groom. To insist that there are such equivalencies, and to act on this error, not only represents marriage as something it is not but also envisions salvation as something it is not.” Vigen Guroian is a professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia in […]

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