Essay on Birth Control

Contraception in the Philippines

Concluding Paper The ethical job that I’d like to discourse for my concluding paper would be the usage of contraceptive method, specifically the usage of rubbers and birth control pills. Contraception is a heatedly debated moral issue here in the Philippines and although I have heard both sides of the statement I don’t think I […]

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Plan B – College

For more than 6 years not the citizens of Chicago were able to purchase the emergency contraception called Plan B or commonly known as “The Morning after Pill”. The rule first was put in place by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich after state officials received complaints that pharmacists were refusing to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception, […]

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Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger was a very important and influential person of her time. Back then, women were often mistreated and had many unwanted pregnancies. Lacking effective contraceptives, these women resorted to unsafe and cheap abortions. Margaret Sanger wanted to help women gain planned parenthood while using safe and legal birth control methods. She also wanted to […]

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