Would I Live Forever Essay Example
Would I Live Forever Essay Example

Would I Live Forever Essay Example

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  • Published: October 22, 2016
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If the opportunity were to present itself, would I live forever? I have contemplated many times on this question before this assignment. Have I found an answer? That is for you to find out, by reading this essay. The question has many interesting points because there are advantages and disadvantages to living forever. Obviously there are some advantages to living forever. With an unlimited amount of time on the Earth, you can discover each place of the world.

You can visit the Bahamas, Mexico, China, the North Pole… You may master every sport and every hobby, read every book and, you can know the real events of history. You would probably find the opportunity to be famous. You could do anything this world has to offer. The


disadvantages of living forever are maybe few but they are very strong points. If I could live forever, I would get bored after maybe 250 or 300 years. That would be plenty of time to do everything this planet has to offer. I would also be curious to know what happens after death.

Near the end of your life, you are going to have to wonder what there is after death. Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation? Emptiness? Personally I would choose not to live forever. Because of my curiosity, I want to know what happens after death. Many people have died and entered fights because of this subject, so I would like to know the truth. To add on my point, living on this Earth too long would bore me. Because of this choice, I would have limited time on this Earth, so I would lik

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to happily and successfully live each minute on this planet so I can leave this world with my goals accomplished.

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